Why You Should Ask the Experts at JHM Development

JMH Development, a sophisticated builder of sorts has been leading the industry in full-service real estate across the country. The founder and managing partner, Jason Halpern has been building his reputation as well, as the premier builder for the finest locations in the country. Working on both residential and commercial properties, Halpern has been highly regarded as the expert in his industry.


Halpern’s first love is building developments in high-end areas, only to leave these cities with the best in luxury living and business. Major cities like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach are home to many of the developments put together by Halpern and his crew. Halpern has done a fine job of selecting only the very best to help see him through each and every process, as well as to help him strategically formulate a plan for marketing and design for each property.

His construction has been promoted greatly, along with his business and design acumen, and his knowledge of these unique marketplaces is second to none. Halpern can only relate to the greatness in his field that he exemplifies, as he continues to look for new places to give the economy a boost. Choosing only the most desirable markets, Halpern has been a sought after developer for many years.


Additionally, Halpern’s development skills are focused on preservation and how he can assist in the building of new buildings by helping to restore older buildings. Using modern designs in cities that have a high-energy lifestyle, lofts are the name of the game. Brooklyn is now home to the 184 Kent development, and it’s thriving. The building was known as the home for a grocer in the early 1900’s and today it has been converted into a modern, turn-of-the-century development for individuals seeking a new home to rent in Brooklyn, New York.


While this building is featured as the first luxury rental in the Williamsburg area, there are many more buildings to come from Halpern and his teams at JMH Development. The structure, details, and the landscaping make this one of the most desirable places to live in the city of Brooklyn, and Halpern is still in the process of building more strategies for new properties. Halpern continues to dedicate himself to building the very best, and breathing life into each new project as it comes about.