Technology is bringing the fun to learning

The first question for many parents when their kids come home from school is, “how was your day?”, or “how did you do today?”. Unfortunately not every child is very forthcoming with an answer, especially if they got in trouble. No parent wants to contact the teacher every day to get a honest answer, and that is where today’s technology comes in handy. Educational apps or apps that help teachers communicate with parents are on the rise, and part of a $1.4 billion industry.

One of those apps that lets teachers and parents easily communicate with each other is called ClassDojo. This app has been around since 2011, though it’s only been starting to become more popular over the last few years. One of the best parts about ClassDojo is that you don’t necessarily need a smartphone, you can also just log in on the computer and check progress there or make changes. It can also be used to upload pictures or easy messaging between teacher and parents. Teachers can also give students points, that way parents can see what good their child has done, or what type of behavior may need some improvement. However, ClassDojo isn’t just for teacher and parents, because students are able to create their own unique avatar. You also don’t have to worry about any subscriptions fees for a great service, because ClassDojo is free to use, and it’s already used by many teachers in about 85.000 schools in the United Sates.

ClassDojo isn’t the only education technology entrepreneur that’s on the rise, also littleBits, a coding tool, or Nearpod, a tool that let’s teachers make interactive presentations and assessments, are looking towards a brighter future.

While in the past children often found learning boring today’s technology is bringing the fun and children are much more eager to learn.