OSI Industries – A True Corporate Success Story

OSI Industries is one of the world’s largest food providers. The company employs 20,000 employees in 17 countries. The company also operates a total of 65 facilities. OSI Industries has an increasing presence on the world stage. The company has a humble beginning. It started out as a butcher shop on a corner. Today, the company leads the world as a multinational food provider. The company also has deep roots in America’s immigration history.

As the 20th century approached, Chicago was a destination point for immigrants, many German. Many immigrants touched down in Chicago and migrated further west to work the nation’s farms on the plains. In 1909, Otto Kolshowsky opened his small meat market on Chicago’s west side. By the end of World War I, his company had expanded into the wholesale market. He also expanded operations into another suburb within the city. Within ten years, Kolshowsky renamed his business Otto & Sons. He and his sons ran the business as a vital part of the economy up to and through the Second World War. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

Suburbs begin to spring up around the nation, and the drive to be inventive took the nation by storm. Both McDonald’s and Otto Kolshowsky’s business were about to experience the same phenomenon. Before Ray Kroc opened the original McDonalds he had entered into a handshake agreement with Otto’s sons who would be the ones to supply McDonald’s with fresh ground beef. Anyone can see that would end up being an amazing, fateful, development.

McDonald’s, under the oversight of Ray Kroc, would become the modern-day corporation that it is today. Otto & Sons joined with the powerful franchise to supply the ever-expanding restaurant chain. Otto’s company was riding shotgun with a company that would establish one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Today, OSI Industries continues to innovate and transform the industry of food processing. It is all about technology on the cutting-edge. The core element of OSI Industries was to provide affordable products, consumer driven, they could transport over long distances. Technologies like flash freezing made this possible. This technology allows foods to quickly freeze by liquid nitrogen. This process, alone, created innumerable opportunities to expand the company’s product offerings. It also helped reduce food industry costs. OSI Industries is a corporate success story worth mentioning.

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