Fortress Investment Group Recently Acquired by Softbank Group Corporation Seeks New 2 Billion Dollar Direct Lending Capital

When an investment corporation raises capital for a direct lending fund it allows for that corporation have more money managers, more clientele, more partners, more assets, and more banks to operate with regulating funds and opening up a pool of possible investors that are looking to find lending strategies that will help them raise more capital. Fortress Investment Group has just recently been purchased by Softbank Group Corporation for approximately 3.3 billion dollars. and with this company that are many assets and IPO or initial public offering, Fortress Investment Group now has the supplemented finances and credibility to make bigger pushes and bigger moves with their investment ventures.Fortress is setting off to make a large push into corporate lending and is currently time raising money for their first fund now as a part of the ownership of Softbank Group Corp which again is a direct lending fund.

This will allow them to work with not just investors, but large companies as well and some that they’re looking to expand into managing are Ares Management LP, Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC, HPS Investment Partners LLC and are continually looking for other areas to directly invest as well. Fortress Investment Group promoted Drew McKnight and Josh Pack to help manage different areas of the organization such as becoming managing partners over its credit group and working class closely with the firm’s credit head and co-CEO Pete Briger as they joined both the management committee and the group’s investment committee as they have their as they had their first senior executive Joel Holsinger leave the firm post the sale to Softbank Group Corp as he believes in the ability and the teamwork there will come from the work and management of Pack and McKnight.

The direct lending fund is not the only new fund that Fortress Investment Group is seeking to apply to their portfolio, however, they also have other funds such as the special opportunities fund and also the flagship credit opportunities fund and both of these Softbank is reaching extremely high approximately 5 billion dollars specifically for the flagship credit opportunities fund. For this New York based private equity firm they have continued to grow and escalate greatly in their business propositions and credibility in the investment realm. Fortress Investment Group is definitely a firm that will continue to be taken seriously as they grow more influence and power in the investment world.

Equities First Holdins – Austrailia

Equities First Holdings, or EFH, has decided to relocate their office in Australia to the accessible location of the middle of the city. That’s right folks, they are dead smack in the middle of Melbourne now, which gives them better and easier access for the many business people around the area. This new location is more prominent and provides them with more room to grow and accommodate more clients. This new place of business is just one of three places Equities First Holdings has in Australia.

They also have offices in Sydney and Perth, which are also booming cities for this company to thrive. The address of the new address in Melbourne is (Australia) Pty Ltd., Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, telephone: +61 3 8688 7191. This is considered to be their regional office. Equities First Holdings has offices scattered all over the world. From The United States of America to Singapore, to Switzerland, they have your financial needs covered. Learn More.

It All Starts with Peter Briger of the Fortress Investment Group

A company is nothing without a stable leadership. Fortress Investment Group, an incredibly diversified global asset manager is more than lucky to have Peter Briger on board. Briger currently serves the investment corporation as its Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.Briger, since the beginning of time, has invested his all in the company, and that is why the Credit and Real Estate segment that Peter runs is more than successful. Briger, who joined Fortress in 2002, has had a hell of a run during his tenure. Peter a self-made billionaire, is now at the top of the company despite stating small. Indeed, humble beginnings count. Briger also works for Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. Peter, before his arrival, used to work for Goldman, Sachs & Co., a corporation he served for more than one decade diligently.

It is beyond doubt that the alumnus of the Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania has done it all.Recall, Peter Briger is not your average billionaire.Briger has made it is his responsibility to help others, especially the less fortunate. Today, Briger is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, the Global Fund for Children, and the Grace Wilsey Foundation. Peter Briger, through The Council of Foreign Relations, has given all American citizens more than a chance to understand the world in its entirety. Today, America is more than a thriving populace all thanks to the efforts that men like Peter have put in its development. As you are aware, Peter Briger is a board member of the Tipping Point and Caliber Schools.

Peter, using his fortune and connections, has worked hard to ensure that Tipping Point is able to help children from low-income families find a footing in life.Mr. Peter, who is also a member of the Grace Wilsey Foundation, has used his deep pockets to finance the affairs of the organization. The Grace Wilsey Foundation has then gone ahead to use the money received to finance research drives meant to find a cure for many of the diseases that plague our world.In a nutshell, Peter has proved his worth in and out of the workplace. Briger has been able to help the less fortunate build their lives despite amassing a fortune, something that only a few billionaires in history have done. Thus, it is without saying that Peter Briger is a God-sent, a man of the people.