Stephen M. Hicks and Southridge Capital Provide Excellent Financial Services to Clients

Southridge Capital is based out of Connecticut, and it is a stellar comprehensive financial solutions company that goes above and beyond to ensure that its clients’ needs are truly and fully met. This company’s clients benefit from a variety of financial services, including legal counsel, corporate advice, restructuring analysis, investment advice and balance sheet optimization. Additionally, Southridge Capital is has been involved in the financing of many companies that needed to take the next step in growing their businesses, and these companies were able to reach even higher levels of success as a result.


Southridge Capital is unique in that their services come at much more reasonable costs than many other competing financial service providers, and they are still able to deliver incredibly high-quality service to clients. Elite Data Services is another company with which Southridge Capital has recently made a strategic equity purchase agreement. As a result, Southridge will be able to better aid their clients in their business goals through the use of technology for better marketing and advertising.


This equity purchase agreement that Southridge Capital recently made with Elite Data Services was announced by Southridge Capital Chief Executive Officer Stephen M. Hicks. In addition to being the company’s CEO, Mr. Hicks is also the principal who founded the organization. His strategic vision has lead the company to the level of success that it enjoys today, and he has done an excellent job in continuously developing the organization since its inception in 1996. For decades now, the company has been diligently serving its clients in a multitude of different tasks related to finance and investment. ┬áTo see more visit


Stephen Hicks received his university education in New York at a school called King’s College, and he holds a B.S. in the field of Business Administration. After receiving this degree, he then furthered his education by studying at Fordham University and earning an MBA. Mr. Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge Capital while he was still working for a relatively small hedge fund that was based out of New York. Years later, he is heading his own company and doing quite well in the financial industry. For more details you can checkout