Southridge Capital –An Outstanding Leader in Financial Services

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been offering structured finance solutions for public corporations. The company is entirely committed to helping its clients meet the ever-growing financial needs. Southridge Capital serves a diverse group of customers. Through a team of experts in structured finance, the firm has become a formidable team player in today’s financial services industry, for it has consistently offered its customers with multiple innovative financial solutions. Its executive team has an in-depth understanding of the market. The team also has impeachable expertise in curating highly effective financing plans. Today, the Connecticut –based firm has invested over $1.8 billion directly into growth firms across the world.



The firm’s financial services cover almost all areas, ranging from financial analysis to balance sheet optimization. Its team of financial services expert has helped corporations and global businesses make the wise decisions that can guarantee the best restructuring results. It offers bankruptcy advice, which entails making decisions on behalf of companies that are slowly emerging from bankruptcy. Above all, it prides its legal settlement services which are primarily focused on helping clients with settling litigation. The firm’s management team is largely made up of five people. Stephen Hicks is the firm’s CEO and founder, while Lawrence Ditkoff is Director of Research. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Southridge Capital was launched in 1996. It has invested more than $1.8 billion in growth companies worldwide. Besides offering structured financial solutions to clients, the Connecticut-based firm has also partnered with several brands in contributing to the public. For instance, it recently entered into an equity purchase with the Giant technology firm, Adama Technologies, where these two companies will work jointly in eliminating hazardous waste. Since its launch, Southridge Capital has positioned itself as a reputable financial solution provider. Its financing solutions are tailored at providing a solution to any circumstances at hand. Its products include EPA(Equity Purchase Agreement), which largely allows firms to generate capital at any given time. Other products include convertible preferred stock, common stock and convertible debentures.





Southridge is a leader in the world of financial services. Its team that is equipped with a perfect understanding of structured finance has helped the firm become a formidable player in today’s financial services sector. You can visit their Facebook page.




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