Robert Ivy’s Outstanding Architect Achievement

The renowned architect Robert Ivy comes from Columbus, Mississipi. He has a master’s degree in the field of architecture. He was in charge of overseeing about 33 publications, which were presented in both print and digital forms. He currently holds the position of EVP/CEO of American Institute of Architects. Ivy lives in Washington, DC. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.


In a press release, Carl Elefante the AIA president said that Robert Ivy is an ambassador of the profession. He added that the award given to Ivy was for both personal and professional successes.


Earlier in 2011, before working for AIA, Robert Ivy was the chief editor for Architectural Record. He as well received many awards for outstanding performance, such as National Magazine Award. The growth of the institute to the global impression is attributed to Robert Ivy’s leadership. The growth pushed the AIA to the highest membership ever since its inception. He became the ‘Master Architect’ to the Alpha Rho Chi, that honorary title was only accorded few renowned architects in the world. He got that for his effectiveness in explaining to teams on the value of design. In addition to that, he got the Dean’s Medal from Jones School of Architecture. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.


It is evident that Robert Ivy made architecture accessible to all. He has a position in the acclaimed list of honorees- authors, writers, and commentators of Noel Polk Award.


Architects are generally few in any given region but their influence is strong. The executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy, once said that the architects’ advocacy institution affects the tax bill. Influencing the policymakers to end up benefiting the members of the association.


The AIA president and Mr. Ivy, released a statement in March 2018, responding to the United States’ plan to force import tariffs related to metals like steel and aluminum. They added that the move will cause a drastic rise in building materials prices. The metal materials are the major inputs when constructing buildings.


Institutions such as AIA have a distinct code of ethics that enhance harmony with clients and recruiting managers. According to Ivy, the members of the AIA are well informed of the organization’s values; they remain accountable. Belonging to associations may boost your credibility; mention them in your resume or any related profile.