Richard Dwayne Blair

Attaining financial freedom is not something that happens overnight. Most people fail to understand why they never achieve financial freedom despite accumulating wealth at over a certain period. Becoming financially free is a conscious decision made by an individual and it requires expert advice as well as active participation with the professionals. Richard Dwayne Blair is one of such financial advisors working with Wealth Solutions. Having been in business for several years, Richard Blair has acquired substantive experience in financial planning and investment.

Richard Blair’s main aim is to arm the people of Austin, Texas with adequate financial knowledge so that they can attain financial independence. To achieve that that purpose, Blair uses a three-pillar approach which enables him to look and assess each client’s current financial status and later come up with a holistic financial plan.

Pillar number one

The first pillar is specially designed to help draw the client’s financial roadmap. Richard Dwayne Blair simply determines the route by identifying his client’s goals, risk tolerance, strengths and opportunities for growth. This financial pillar is also meant to help establish a strong and long-lasting relationship between Richard Blair and his clients. This is important because the close relationship will help him gain a deeper understanding of his client’s specific concerns and goals.

Pillar number two

Unlike the first financial pillar, the second pillar is designed to help the Blair generate an effective and long-term investment strategy that is tailor-made to the unique goals of the client as well as liquidity needs. It is at this point there Richard Dwayne Blair keenly reallocates and manages the assets of his clients for the purposes of ensuring maximum returns and minimizing lose as much as possible.

Pillar number three

This is the last financial pillar and it comes after Richard Blair has determined the financial goals of every client as well as come up with strategies tailor-made to their specific needs. It is basically a financial phase where Richard Dwayne Blair implements and monitors the entire process after a review of the first two phases with every client. He also ensures that the strategy has worked by comparing the results with his client’s expectations.