Real Estate Investment is Not as Scary as it Looks: Todd Lubar’s Journey and How it Helps

Real estate is a good place to invest, but knowing where to start is hard. With the housing crash so clearly in our rearview, mustering up the courage to dip toes in the wild waters of real estate is hard. Fortunately, there are many qualified experts in the field who knows where to point potential investors. One of those people is Todd Lubar, who was recently interviewed by Inspirery. In this interview, Todd Lubar reveals some of what allowed him to separate himself from the crowd and ascend to professional excellence in a relatively short span of time.




The Inspirery interview begins with Todd Lubar being asked about how he got started in the business, and he responded in a way that made his passion for other peoples’ success clear: “I’ve worked in the credit and finance space for the last 20 years, but my biggest passion is helping people in need.” He elaborated further, specifically citing the barriers that prevent many investors from taking loans as one of his main targets. When asked how he makes money, Lubar responded by saying that he always tries to seek out individuals who truly want to take action on their goals and aspirations. In other words, Todd Lubar looks for winners, as he believes that surrounding yourself with the best is the quickest way to success. Visit Medium to see more.



Todd Lubar isn’t just a good advice giver, though. He has the background to back up his claims and prove his expertise. Earlier in his career, Todd Lubar spend time working a significant role in two corporations: Crester Mortgage and Legacy Financial. After this, he went on to become the president of TDL Global Ventures, a company which has quickly risen to the top of its field. It’s no surprise that Lubar has reached the point he has, however. He began this journey while attending Syracuse University in the mid-90s, and afterwards immediately combined his work ethic, education, and opportunity to be where he is today. Anyone interested in real estate investment owes it to themselves to check out the work of Todd Lubar. After all, Lubar himself believes that being around success is the quickest way to reach it yourself, so doing so is likely a worthy endeavor. You can follow their Twitter page.