Matt Badiali Believes In The Energy Shift

Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with a degree in our Sciences. He went on to pursue a master’s degree in geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt made his way to the University of North Carolina where he was introduced to the world of finance. A friend with a PhD in the industry noticed that Matt had a particular talent for the subject matter. He suggested that Matt take a look at advising the common investor on building solid investment advice plans. Matt took this advice and has gone on to help many people with their financial strategies. Matt Badiali’s clients have seen double and triple gains on their returns. Matt later launched a newsletter that he calls Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill publishing in 2017. Real Wealth Strategist provides a variety of information on the subject of finance. It is intended to be easy to interpret for those without a lot of investment experience.

Matt Badiali immediately recognized that he had the type of education that would be very beneficial in the natural resources market. This market behaves in a very cyclical manner. It is based on a large degree of speculation. Investors must understand the science while knowing the finance. This is how success is sustained over a long period of time.

Matt Badiali studies the energy consumption industry very closely. He is convinced that there is a major change going to happen in this area. The energy shift will no longer be based on fossil fuels. The lack of development of powerful batteries is the only element slowing down the movement to electricity. When a battery comes along that is powerful enough to support a city the shift to electricity as a primary energy source will happen. Investors must be ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

Infinity Group Australia Leading Financial Services Provider in Australia

Established in 2012 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm, Infinity Group Australia was formed with the dream to rid the Australians of their debt and help them with wealth creation and retirement planning. The company has been able to earn an exceptional reputation in the field of financial advisory and debt consolidation in a fairly short period. The primary reason the company has been able to earn such a stellar reputation is that they offer a personalized and honest service backed by fast and responsive customer service. Moreover, the services provided by Infinity Group Australia are much more affordable than the competitors.



Infinity Group Australia understands the pain that the Australians have to go through when more than half of their earnings are taken away by the bank and the financial companies for various debt related payments. Whether it is a mortgage, home loan, personal loan, or any other kind of credit purchases, the debt you are in can be reduced drastically and can be paid off much sooner than you imagined. With years of experience in the business, the representatives of the Infinity Group Australia would work with the bank as well as the financial companies you have purchased credit from. They would renegotiate the terms and conditions of your purchase and help you get a better deal with the lower rate of interest. The vast network and connections of the Infinity Group Australia in the field of finance would come to your advantage as well to get the deal you are looking for. Learn more:



Infinity Group Australia believes that it is necessary that people look into their financial purchases and see for the scope of potential reductions in their debt. Many times, the people buy loans and other credit products that are highly overpriced and then have to bear the burden of the repayment for a long time. However, with the help of the Infinity Group Australia, you would be able to get rid of the financial burden you are in much sooner. Infinity Group Australia would also help you with retirement planning, which is one of the most important parts of any individual financial planning. The retirement planning by Infinity Group is research-based as well as personalized and helps you achieve the goals you wanted to achieve financially. It would secure your financial future and help you lead a post-retirement life free of any financial worries. If you have doubts, checking with the Infinity Group Australia reviews online would help you get rid of any doubts you may have about the company’s services.


Fortress Investment Group and Credit Knowledge

Fortress Investment Group, LLC has been a big player in the universe of alternative asset management since its creation in 1998. It’s a massive company that doesn’t have much competition around the globe. It has a main office in the center of New York, New York. Its staff is made up of a minimum of 900 workers as well. The Principals who work for Fortress Investment Group are Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Edens. Two of these individuals run out of New York City. Briger, however, runs out of San Francisco, California. Clients can lean on Fortress Investment Group for all kinds of needs. They can lean on the firm for insight that pertains to in-depth capital markets, business mergers, operations management and much more.

Fortress Investment Group is a company that’s highly international in approach. Its primary office is in New York.It has another major office all the way across the nation in San Francisco. It even has a couple of Asian presences. These are in Singapore and Shanghai, China.Fortress is a sector of Softbank. It was purchased by the Japanese corporation in 2007. Softbank’s primary office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Fortress now is attempting to move into the corporate lending realm. Its trying to gather money as a means of getting into this area. The Fortress team is working tirelessly to get roughly $2 billion. This is for its debut direct lending fund. It’s even trying to get $5 billion for components that are part of the credit world.

The company is introducing brand new talent to its crew at the moment.Drew McKnight and Josh Pack have both gotten position updates. They’re now credit managing partners. They’re collaborating with Briger. Briger handles the firm’s credit department. He also is one of the business’ main figures in the first place. Fortress Investment Group’s functioning is split up into a handful of sectors. These sectors are permanent capital vehicles, private equity and, last but not least, credit. The firm’s credit sector has been around since 2002. Briger is the individual who guides the way for it.

Jason Hope Is Excited To Be A Part Of The True Future Of Treating Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who loves being a part of the solution to age-related diseases. While there are many different health issues that people have to deal with, on a daily basis, aging is the one thing that no one can avoid. There are certain diseases that are associated with aging that many people end up with, and these diseases can reduce quality of life or, sometimes, end it. Some of the health conditions and disease that the aging population faces includes cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis, but instead of stopping these before they occur, our medical system just treats them as they happen.

Jason Hope doesn’t believe this is how it has to be, and he has found another man who works for a foundation who agrees with him. That man is Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and the foundation is the SENS Foundation, which is in existence to conduct biotechnology research that can combat age-related diseases. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and its mission, which has gone to help the foundation build a new research laboratory. The foundation is working to get to the root cause of what causes age-related diseases, and Hope supports their efforts. He believes that the public will one day be able to look at aging differently and is glad to be a part of the transformation that gets the world there.

Jason Hope’s contributions helped the SENS Foundation to build a laboratory that is uncovering the compounds that can break up the end-products of glycation. He has also done quite a bit in the way of getting the word out to the public. As a philanthropist, he is hoping that the medical establishment will move beyond conventional thinking and that it will get started with working on a future where disease is treated before it ever takes place. Jason Hope has always encouraged others to become involved with philanthropy no matter how rich or poor they are and believes that anyone can lend a hand, one way or another. He uses what he learned while earning his degree in Finance from Arizona State University as well as his other assets to make the world a better place.

Contact  Jason Hope:

Financial Fitness in Australia: 3 Ways to Success

Although Australia is considered one of the largest mixed-market economies in the world, it still may be difficult for many others who reside in this country to budget their expenses due to high standards of living. Australia is considered the second wealthiest nation in terms of wealth to adult, next to Switzerland. However, many Australians still face the problems of debt and difficulty to balance their income and expenditure.


As an individual who wants to thrive in the Australian economy, how can you budget your finances? In this article, we will be looking into great ways to keep yourself financially fit in this country.



How To Be Financially Fit In Australia



  1. Do the numbers


The first step in regaining your financial fitness is being exact on the numbers. You can’t simply be estimating your income and your expenses, as this would always result to miscalculations and even overspending. Compute how much you earn and how much you are exactly spending in a month in order to see the breakdown of your income and expenses. This would help you have a keen eye on how much you really spend, and would hopefully help you eliminate the unnecessary purchases that you can.


  1. Hire a mentor


If you don’t have time to do all the calculations and initial planning, you can consult an expert such as Infinity Group Australia. According to Infinity Group Australia Reviews, the company has been steadily serving clients and giving them options to have investments or how to reduce their debt. If you feel overwhelmed by the challenges that budgeting may give you, or if you have a business that you want to plan well on, a financial coach may be a fitting choice for you.


  1. Be smart on investments


The third way to be financially fit on Australia is to be wise on your investments. Invest in assets that increase with value over time. It could be in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals or real estate. Financial advisors will provide you with the most current strategies on how to invest wisely. Do not continually spend on things that don’t bring in high-value returns over time–always think of the long-term consequences of your spending habits.


Earning money is one thing, but being able to invest it wisely is another. As you carefully consider these steps, you are one step closer to achieving financial fitness in Australia. Learn more:

Feeding the World with the OSI Industries

The strong corporate structure of OSI Industries has allowed it to grow tremendously since its establishment. The company has become a global supplier of value-added protein products such as sausage links, sandwiches, pizza, and beef patties to leading food companies. Its headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. It has established outlets in 17 countries with 65 facilities. Major renowned brands served by the company include McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, and Yum. Currently, the company is on a growth trajectory. The two new facilities that are underway will make OSI Industries the largest poultry producer in America.

David McDonald, the president, and Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Industries have transformed it into an international company. This has helped the company to grow its revenue at a tremendous rate. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $6.2 billion according to Forbes. To ensure its expansion around the world, the company employed mergers and acquisitions tactic. For instance, OSI Industries recently bought Baho Food, a food company that is located in Europe. The process of acquisition enables the company to expand its global operations.

Over the last decade, the company has grown into a global leader of value-added protein products. The global expansion, especially in Asia and Europe, has continued at an impressive rate. The company expanded its Asia-Pacific operations through opening a new facility for beef production in Japan. The main focus is to ensure the company controls its supply chain, and this helps to enhance its efficiency in its global operations.

The high quality and food safety standards maintained by OSI Industries are facilitated through integration of the latest technology. The efforts are based on sustainability and impacting environmental modern food production. Due to its efforts to conserve the environment, the company has won various awards. For instance, in 2016 it won California Green Business Award and a Globe of Honour from British Safety Council. The company has shown outstanding management of environmental risks. In over a century, the company has feed America and the rest of the world. It has achieved this milestone due to its outstanding client relations and technological innovations. OSI Group acquires Baho Food


Fortress Investment Group 20 years later

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was found 20 years ago in 1998, by Wes Eden, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. The three founders sought to create an investment firm, who would take a unique approach to investment. Fortress Investment Group would take investment funds from private investors and reinvest the funding into technology-based investment opportunities. Fortress now has a highly diversified portfolio including investment management, special services, property management insurance and risk management and consulting.In 2006 Fortress acquired in shares Canadian Ski Resort and RailAmerica at $ 16.35 per share.

The very next year Kauffman, Nordone, and Eden on February 9th, 2007 took Fortress public, making the investment firm the first ever buyout firm to go public.The initial public offering of Fortress stock was $ 35 and the company was only valued at $ 18.50 per share. In the same year, FIG bought Florida East Coast Industries (FECI), for $ 3.5 billion.In 2010 FIG was named “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” and again the following year in 2011. In 2012 FIG was named Discretionary Macro Focused Hedge Fund of the Year. In 2014, HFMWeek, named FIG both Hedge Fund Manager of the Year and Management Firm of the Year.

By this time, FIG focused on four areas of investment: liquid markets, private equities, asset management, and credit markets.December 28th, 2017, the Japanese investment firm, Softbank Group Corp purchased Fortress Investment Group for $ 3.3 billion. The acquisition came 10 years after FIG’s IPO. Softbank Group purchased Fortress Investment Group for $ 8.08 per share. While FIG was acquired by Softbank, it will still operate as an independent company working in New York City within SoftBank’s headquarters.Wes Eden and Randy Nardone are still actively running the day to day affairs of FIG, Rob Kauffman retired to pursue his dream of car racing.

How Neurocore Brain Training Boosts Performance

As human beings, we are conditioned to operate off of reward based training. It’s just how the world has worked for so long, that we don’t know of any other way to operate. Good habits and good behavior should equal good results. So, what happens if these don’t work together or balance out? The chemicals in the brain may not always work the way we want them to, but that no longer needs to be an issue. Plasticity is the ability to change, and it’s difficult to understand how mental and physical performance can fluctuate. We may not want them to or expect them to, but they do. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Take another example; when we believe what we can see, but yet we cannot believe in the things that we don’t see. It’s our nature, and it’s just the way things work. Our actions often ride off of our subconscious. We may not always be aware of what is impacting us, but it happens without a thought. Sports is yet another example, in which mental preparation makes a big difference. If we don’t perform up to par, it may be all in our minds. Everything that goes through our mind can impact how our day goes, as well as how we think about other things.


Neurocore Brain Training exists for this very reason. Kirk Cousins, playing football for Michigan State in 2011, had been working with Dr. Tim Royer prior to holding the highest passing records, and ranking as a top athlete in the Big Ten, top 10 percent. This is a prestigious honor, and it’s one that doesn’t come along easily. At the time, Neurocore had only been in existence for about ten years. When it first started, it was designed to help adults and children that had challenges with learning and attention-deficits. Additional areas of opportunity included concentration and helping those with sleeping problems.

While some call it visualization, there are some interesting components of how the brain works and the role it plays in sports. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is changing lives, one session at a time. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group didn’t become one of the largest food providers in the world overnight. Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois in 1909. Toward the end of WWI, he expanded the business by selling meat wholesale; then in 1928, the shop was called Otto and Sons to rebrand itself as a family business.

Otto and Sons agreed to supply ground beef for Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s, during 1940. This partnership with McDonald’s put Otto and Sons on the path to becoming the global supplier it is today. Since the McDonald’s franchise was growing, Kroc wanted a consistent and affordable product; to achieve this, the beef needed to stay fresh during long trips to other McDonald’s restaurants.

The solution was to flash freeze the patties in liquid nitrogen. Otto and Sons had this capability, and the relationship between the two companies was strengthened; when McDonald’s consolidated its supply chain, Otto and Sons became one of its main suppliers. Meanwhile, the supplier still served local restaurants and retail markets.

Since the business was evolving, Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975; also during this time, Sheldon Lavin became a business partner with the supplier. OSI and McDonald’s continued to flourish. The supplier opened more facilities in America in the late 70s’ and early 80s’ and then internationally in Spain and Germany.

In the early 1980s, Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group because his investing skills were needed for the company’s global growth. Lavin helped the company break into other areas of the food industry. Overall, OSI became one of the most important food suppliers in the world by opening facilities in countries such as Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, and Poland. However, OSI’s partnership with China is what launched OSI’s international growth.

At the dawn of the 21st century, China’s economy grew quickly, and consumers became more affluent and desired a variety of products. Because of this, OSI Group gained new clients such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway.

Research and Development also played a crucial role in OSI Group’s growth. The company has two Culinary Innovation Centers in Aurora, Illinois and one in Shanghai, China. These research facilities work with clients in order to improve and create new products. Working closely with clients keeps OSI informed of what consumers need and want. OSI Group is also mindful of its impact on the environment by using R&D to sustainably make its products.

OSI International Foods Merge with Turi Foods

OSI International merged with Turi Foods on May 4th, 2018. The two will now be called Turosi Pty Ltd. Turi Foods processes poultry in Australia and supplies it to butcher shops, markets, and restaurants; also it’s one of the largest poultry suppliers in Australia.

Grant Thornton arranged the business details of the merge on behalf of Turi Foods. The merger will enable Turi Foods to distribute its products on a larger scale, and OSI Group will benefit from Turi Foods poultry farming and processing capabilities.

The two suppliers will equally share ownership of the company. The chairman of Turi Foods, Sam Cuteri thinks that shared ownership will allow both companies to share their skills and knowledge in order to build a “world-class food solution group.”

David McDonald, the director of OSI, also believes the merger will be beneficial. McDonald sees this merger as an opportunity to serve customers in more innovative ways.


It Is Time To Get Your Slice Of The Freedom Checks Investment Program

If you have consistently been remitting your monthly savings to the infamous Freedom Checks, it is time to get a slice of your savings. Throughout the month of June, investors of the program will each receive their own fair share. What each will receive will depend on what they contributed many months and years prior to June 2018. Although these Checks has clearly announced that it will be giving contributors an upwards of $34.6 billion in the month of June alone, there are those who have opposed it saying that it is simply a scheme. It is a shame that critics are making such an argument at a time members are chanting praises to the Congress that enacted a legislation in 1987 that for a long time has been streamlining the Freedom Checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


Hitherto, nobody can dare compare Freedom Checks with either the Social Security or the Medicare program. A number of people have come out saying they are happy for the scheme because they will now live to their dreams. Some examples of these people who have not been able to hide their joy include Lisa Luhrman, a 57-year-old female a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lisa, who will receive $66, 570 in savings says that she never lost the hope of receiving the payment in spite of fierce criticism. Mike Reed a resident of Golden, Colorado is another example. The 53-year-old Mike will receive a whopping $160, 923. Mr. Reed is so far the highest paid investor of the Freedom Checks scheme. Mike says, “It is historically, unbelievable. I am a happy man that I invested. I will now retire a happy man. The third example is Doug Smith who lives in Joplin, Missouri. This 46-year-old Joplin resident will receive a share of $24, 075. Read this article at


While critics argue that the money may not be much thus not worth of the praise people are giving it, there is no doubt that the three examples show that there is a substantive amount of money for those that diligently and consistently invested in the Checks program. Matt Badiali, a man who has for a long time has been championing for the program say that although investors can now put a smile on their face, there is a lot that needs to be done. Matt argues that individual investors need to fully understand the law that runs behind programs such as Freedom Checks. He says that there are other investors that may not benefit from the program because they either did not understand the Revised 1987 Statute 26-F or simply ignored the details of the legislation.