An Interview with the Internal Medical Practitoner and Entrepreneur, Imran Haque

Imran is a medical expert in North Carolina. He holds a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo and University of Virginia. Doctor Haque did well in his training and got himself a medical license to practice medicine in North Carolina. He mainly specializes in internal medicine. He has been on the field for over 15 years. The many years have equipped him with skills and expertise to handle a variety of ailments. He also works in other hospitals such as Randolph hospital. He is a caring medical practitioner with good reviews from his patients.

Imran Haque had an interview where he talked about his work, businesses, and principles among other things. He stated that he chose to practice internal medicine because it was not available in the region. This inspired him to practice it for the benefit of his community. He attributes his successes to the qualities he has and continues to uphold. These skills include; hard work and commitment, thorough research, great organization, networking and having significant relationships with other professionals. He believes in giving the best services as expected by his profession and humanity. He further adds that he has built in him the multitasking skill to ensure he maximizes his achievements. In the interview, he advises people to treat every person equally regardless of their statuses. He says that his business has grown very well because he gives his patients the best services he can. People like his work and recommend others to him. He admires how technology has revolutionized medicine by making sure the services are even better. He says it has helped in patient care by keeping patients records and easing follow-ups.

However, his life has not been all roses; he has had his own set of failures such as the one of his textile business. He attributes this failure to having no safeguards and also his growing medical practice. He opted to focus on his medical expertise, the area he knows best. He adds that he admires the former US president for his calm nature when under pressure.


Restoring the functionality of your brain through Neurocore

How best is your brain functioning? Are you experiencing any disorder that makes you feel uncomfortable? Using advanced technology, Brain specialists from Neurocore can help retain a powerful brain. The Health Center works closely with brain coaches and client advocates all aimed at restoring a healthy brain.

The health center that was founded in 2004 has now significantly expanded to more than seven centers. Its centers are based in Michigan, with two more in Southern Florida. Among the few brain performance centers across the globe, Neurocore has gained recognition as one of the best.

Among the key challenges that many brain performance centers meet is reading one’s brain through symptoms. This is a challenge that Neurocore has managed to escape through the utilization of technology. Neurocore specialists make use of sensors they attach to one’s brain and read out the information through your brains electrical activity.

Through the technological diagnosis, they later analyze the data and identify the symptoms affecting your brain. The results from your problems help them in developing a specific program to identify your challenges. This technique has recorded significant success of over 99% in all of the cases they have ever handled. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Part of their key treatment technique is through Neurofeedback training. For maximized results, the specialists have always ensured the technique is full of fun and particularly engaging the brain. All that one has to do with the process is watch a movie. The 40 minutes program is usually designed with an EEG biofeedback equipment. Follow Neurocore on

This is what has been bringing the accuracy of their treatment procedures as it only plays ones the brain functionality is within a therapeutic range. In case the brain goes out of range, the movie stops stating an imbalance. Through the complete step by step procedure, there is much that the brain learns making it even stronger and healthier.

Part of the key improvements that the brain makes through the neurofeedback training is an improved focus and attention. It also improves the quality of sleep, energy levels, improves mood as well as reduce stress and anxiety. To learn more about the discoveries made by neuroscientists for more than a decade, you can always visit them for both an empowerment and powerful results of your brain.


Enhancement of Technology Banking By Artificial Intelligence

The new face of commerce is considered inhuman since artificial intelligence forms the most significant part of everyday occurrences. Transactions are made able by the improved levels of technology as banking systems have advanced as individuals can monitor their accounts closely as any discrepancies can be corrected just communication to the appropriate authorities. Therefore, the computers decode the data into informed, reliable responses about protection of the accounts.

Importance of Technology Baking

Customers are better served by the extraordinary computing power as artificial intelligence is profoundly addressed through the distinctly human personal touch of the systems processed. Artificial intelligence enhances commerce in various ways such as improving on the personalized involvements by enabling merchants to draft product approvals regarding purchase. Advertisements made are targeted to arrive at customers in the right manner and appropriate season as digital assistants guide bankers on the proper preferences to consider while purchasing.

The sales team determines the best prospects to sell as the customers are enticed by the best-presented information to consider while purchasing offers tabled by the recommendations from the bank. Various sales opportunities are also identified through comments by customers on the firm’s portal. Customers get appropriately answered by use of artificial intelligence on the advanced technologies since the calls are customarily diverted to favorable individuals to provide reliable information that in return promotes the development of the bank. Customers play more prominent roles to banks by entrusting their property to the bank as they expect conveyance of professional and quality services. Artificial intelligence has also promoted to development of security on individualized accounts by creating platforms creation of passwords and pins that deter accessibility of bankers’ property. Fraud can also be detected if attempted as the network remains protected thus business automatically occurs in the financial institutions.

Endorsements on Artificial Intelligence in Technology Advancement

IT teams in banks are customarily held liable for any discrepancies as they have to be thorough in conducting their work. An intelligence management should be developed t ensure that all data processed is synthesized into the profile of the customer as additional elements are designed to enhance the definition of intelligence. Actionable insights are unlocked since the customers are made to understand the systems broader thus data on technologies are leveraged. Therefore, records are privately stored for future references and ensuring that conformity is achieved while the figure is balanced to retaliate the existing information on the systems. Learn more about Sentient at

Rocketship Educaton is One Of The Best Schools In The Nation

Charter schools are those that are able to take in funding from both governmental and private sources. However, another characteristic of this nuance that more firmly sets them apart is the ability for charter schools to not adhere to rules and guidelines set forth by local school boards. Many low-income schools are represented unfairly by school boards when they make rules that best serve the larger, more well-established schools in the area.

Rocketship Education is a line of public charter schools that has nearly twenty locations in the United States – as far west as its home state of California, all the way east to the nation’s capital, Washington DC. The nonprofit organization has partnered with the likes of Andre Agassi, even, to start a school in the Washington DC area.

Many people know Rocketship Education – or RSED, for short – as the sole pioneer in personalized learning, in which the time spent at school by students is chunked up approximately five-sixths’ day to one-sixths’ day, referring to the proportion of time spent in general classrooms to that of personalized learning time, respectively.

While it’s no secret that public schools are often not as prestigious as their private counterparts, parents and students that attend public schools should be truly proud of their public school enrollment. Rocketship Education has proven that it’s more than possible for a public school – or eighteen of them – to perform more effectively than nearby private schools. This should be enough fuel for everyone involved to publicly display their love for public systems.

Teachers should be willing to put in more hours at Rocketship Education than they would at any other school. It’s entirely acceptable to not be willing to put in more than a full work week, every week, at a school like Rocketship Education. However, RSED wants its students to perform well on tests and retain knowledge. A great way to ensure teachers are of “RSED material” is to have the parents of students or former students interview teachers. This helps ensure no bad apples make their rounds within Rocketship Education, ensuring only the most dedicated gain entry.

How Modern Technology is Helping Solve and Prevent Crime in Jails

On Oct 21, 2016, Securus Technologies – a leading provider of inmate communications and government information management solutions, published a copy of customer comments on how the use of technology helps to solve and prevent crimes in correctional facilities. These comments were obtained through email communications and formal letters the company received from jail officials across USA. These officials are security personnel entitled to solve and prevent crimes, and to make the incarceration environment safe and better.

Richard A. Smith; the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the company develops a new product or service once a week on average. This is to help law enforcement and corrections officials curb criminal activities. He also added that they receive thousands of emails and letters in regards to how their technology helps to keep the society, inmates and their families safe.

Most of the customer comments praised the company and how it has helped keep track of prison communications. Some of the major issues addressed include; exposing corrupt officials, arresting contraband, drug trafficking, threats and suspicious conversations. In addition, investigative tools have helped prison official conduction investigations in case of a harassment complaint or potential threat.

Securus Technologies serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states in USA. It also provides its services in Canada, Mexico and District of Columbia, and caters for over 1 million inmates nationwide. It has expanded to become a recognized leader in providing innovative technical solutions and interactive customer services with its main focus on specialized needs of the law enforcement authorities.

The company later introduced a 220 seat in-house call center to enhance and improve on customer service delivery. This was directed towards handling the need for communication from over 25 million friends and families with the inmates. In return, this gave the company more control over the handling of customer services, and helped the company attain the required BBB standards to be accredited. More details can be found here.


What You Need to Know About Agora Financial

If you’ve been in your profession for years and want to know how to save for retirement, Agora Financial can help. The Agora Financial team is qualified to teach professionals how to invest their money, in order to grow wealth once they are no longer working. There are several publications offered to help customers find the right resources for generating income and protecting their assets and investments, even when the market is uncertain. There are write-ups and summaries for companies in a number of industries, so that potential investors can choose the companies that are best fitted to their interests and financial goals.

Agora Financial advisors will travel to see investment opportunities up close, instead of simply reading about them online. This means that the team can provide customers with accurate information concerning investments. Ideas for making money are presented to customers before they hit the world market, so that investors can get in on the deal before large amounts of investors know about it and reduce overall profits for all investors. Financial analysts can also predict which investments are heading for failure, so that customers can save their money and prevent financial hassles.

Agora Financial is a private publishing company and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company is completely independent and is not biased, so investors will get the best marketing tips for investment from a reliable source. The company has also been featured in several reputable publications for its quality and services. For additional information on what Agora Financial has to offer when it comes to your financial future, visit

For more information follow Agora Financial on Facebook.

Why MB2 Dental is the Best Dental Service Partner

MB Dental Solutions is a firm that has helped many dental practices to get on their feet. The dental service provider works as a partner to their affiliate dentists. The firm offers support services which help their affiliates retain a level of control over their patients. What MB2 Dental does is to help their partners to effectively run their practice without paying too much attention to management aspects.


Here are some of the services which affiliates of the firm can benefit from.


Human Resource Support


Most dental practices are successful because of the composition of their staff. For most practice owners, finding the right team can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with services such as those offered by MB Dental, dental practices can have their talent acquisition and recruitment services handled for them. Some of the other services offered under human resource support include payroll, safety, compliance and labor relations.


Finance and Accounting


Most professionals do not like accounting and finance aspects of their businesses. This is why they employ others to handle that aspect for them. MB Dental Solutions will help you take care of your accounts so that you focus on your practice. Services which fall under this category include filing of tax returns and anything to do with compliance.


Marketing and Branding


For most dental practices, marketing and branding is usually overlooked. With a proper marketing team and strategy, your dental practice can bring in more patients. Whether you offer general dental services or you also provide cosmetic dentistry options, marketing will help your business grow. At MB2 Dental, this task will be done by an experienced team of marketers in the dental sector.


Training and Capacity Building


Running a dental practice is not as easy as it may look on the outside. For most practice owners, it is a challenge to keep employees abreast with changes in the sector. This is where the services offered by MB2 University come in handy. The program is aimed at training the staff of affiliate dentists on various issues. Training may be on areas such as patient care, etiquette and sexual harassment.


With a partner such as MB2 Dental on your side, you can never go wrong as a practice. The firm has not only helped their affiliates, but also job seekers in the dental services sector.

OSI Industries, A Great Company

The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Industries is a meat processing company that was founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909. This company started off as a small community meat market. The company grew significantly when they began to supply meat for the large fast food chain, McDonalds. Working with the McDonalds franchise grew OSI quickly.

As of today OSI Industries is a global corporation. The company has locations located in Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Riverside. They also have locations in over 16 different countries, including regions like North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. Forbes has named the OSI Group the 58 largest privately owned company in the United States. The company also has over 20,000 employees on staff. They are doing extremely amazing as a company, over time, OSI has received multiple awards, including the multiple safety, environment, and health awards.

OSI Industries recently purchased Flagship, which is what bought their business to Europe. The purchase of Flagship brought even more diversity to the company, because Flagship is a company that sales sauces, pies, marinades,and different kinds of dressings. The president of OSI, David G. McDonald, was very excited about their new addition to the company.

Since doing business in the U.K, OSI has received on of their most honorable awards. In November of 2016 they received the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. This was big for the company because in order to receive the award, they had to undergo an audit from August of 2015-July of 2016. The British Safety Council’s environmental management has very strict guidelines to ensure health and safety of potential customers. Not only did OSI Industries undergo this audit, but they were extraordinary with how clean and efficient the company was ran. This lead to OSI winning one of the most legendary awards in the U.K!

OSI Industries is not only diverse when it comes to their locations, but they are also diverse when it comes to product. OSI Industries produces products like fish, meat patties, hot dogs, and bacon. They also produce poultry and pizza. OSI is also known for their fresh vegetables. OSI produces meat for companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza. The company has over 6 billion dollars in sales, they are doing extremely well! OSI Group is a top-of-the-line company!

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Why Jose Auriemo Neto Is Considered to be a Cornerstone in JHSF’s Progressive Development in Brazil

JHSF is widely considered to be the pinnacle of affluent real estate development in Brazil. With large interests in commercial market purchases and residential construction, the company has proved to be a formidable player in the industry based on its rapidly growing portfolio. The enterprise has become synonymous with identifying profitable marketing opportunities in which they can grow.

In essence, JHSF operates on the principle of innovation, unwavering commitment to quality assurance and boldness to provide reliable solutions to projects that have become synonymous with the company. With key operations emanating from Salvador, Manaus, and Sao Paulo, the company has undoubtedly discovered an excellent niche.


Since its inception, JHSF has progressively honed its skills in developing high-end malls that meet the needs of the public as well as signaling their intention to dominate the market for years to come. Shopping centers such as Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Bela Vista, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Shopping Cidade Jardim have become iconic symbols of development and customer attraction in Brazil. For instance, the Shopping Cidade Jardim incorporates elegance beyond most buildings in Brazil. At face value, the center consists of several shops coupled with lush gardens that speak volumes about the level of tastes incorporated.

Alternatively, customers opt to shop in the center thanks to its unique ability to offer gastronomy and leisure through the assortment of shops on offer. Brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada have quickly grabbed several spots to appeal to both Brazilian and international customers. Aside from the unforgettable shopping experience, customers are also free to indulge in culinary cuisines on offer from both local and international chefs guaranteed to captivate your taste buds.


Residential and commercial properties also dominate large sections of the company’s portfolio based on the numerous projects available for sale or rent. Properties such as the Benedito Lapin, town garden townhouses, and Horto Bela Vista are proven to be excellent accommodation destinations. More importantly, each property commands a different fee based on customers’ purchasing power which revolves around affordability.

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Richard Mishaan Design- best interior designer in New York

Richard Mishaan is an architect and an interior designer. Richard Mishaan was born in Bogota Colombia. He was however partly raised up in Italy. Currently, he lives in New York together with his family. He is popular for his ability to blend modern designs with vintage or antiques. He is among the A-list of interior designers in the world today. Richard Mishaan is highly talented and normally comes up with designs which no other designer in New York can deliver. Richard Mishaan believes that it is better to spend money once for something that you will see in many years to come than go something simplistic that will demands replacement in a short time.

Richard Mishaan is a graduate of architecture from the University of Columbia. He had earlier attended New York University for a degree in arts. Mishaan has spent most of his career designing commercial as well as residential buildings. His work as one of the best interior designers in the world today has been recognized all over the world. He has been featured in magazines such as the Elle Décor, Interior Design Magazine, and Architectural Digest. Given the publicity that he enjoys in a global platform, it goes without saying that, he is a great professional in the interior design world.

The textural designs of Richard Mishaan are very unique. They are full of sophistication and décor that cannot be matched by any other interior designer. His uniqueness has placed him on a pedestal of the king of modern design. Mishaan explores all the options available in textural designs, window treatments and wallpapers in a way that is impressive. These are the major battlegrounds for the best interior designers in the world today. For anyone interested in unique modern designs the Richard Mishaan is the designer to go to.