Securus Technologies Challenges GTL into a Professional Comparison Battle

Securus Technologies the number one provider of civil as well as criminal justice technologies solutions that is targeted toward public safety, corrections, investigation as well as monitoring stated that it was offering its main competitor, GTL a challenge so that an independent judge can decide which company between the two has variety and best products categories, the products that have recent technologies in their telephone calling platform, the most costly and cost efficient platform, and the highest quality customer services and the common metrics.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith said that the claims made by the GTL are baseless, GTL claimed that their technologies, as well as their customer services, can be compared to that of Securus Technologies. These baseless claims prompted Securus Technologies to give an opportunity to an independent judge so that he/she can evaluate both product sets which are all calling platforms as well as customer service models. Smith says that this comparison of Securus and GTL products isn’t fair since secures has invested a lot of money in the last 4 years. Smith says that they have reinvested over $700 million again into the business, some of the transaction include the acquisition of company’s technologies as well as product development together with another state of the art technology center and the US customer service center while on the other had GTL has invested just a fraction of what Securus Technologies have.


According to Smith, there are customers who have converted from GTL to Securus Technologies, he says that these customers prefer Securus’ technology, economics as well as excellent customer service. Smith questions what GTL has done, he says that one has to look in details of the both platforms, the technologies, scalability, the investment made as well as the product capabilities. Smith concluded by saying that if both platforms are compared they will prevail on the factors that matter Securus would prevail.


How Companies Are Using Video To Enhance Online Reputation

Every company wants to maintain a positive reputation but this is not always possible due to challenges along the way. The presence of bad press could damage the performance of a company since most customers don’t have the time to verify whether allegations are true or just a scheme to bring your business to its toes. Good news is that you can use video to work on online reputation.

When you explore search engines, you will find many blogs with the kind of information you may be looking. Most of these websites promote businesses and to engage customers better, they have turned to the use of videos. If you don’t believed video is the best way to deal with online reputation, the statistics you will find depending on the quality of video made will edify you.

Up to 62% of viewers will leave negative remarks if the video uploaded is of low quality or represents something they think does not add much value to them. However, for a high-quality video, more than 74% percent of viewers will leave good remarks and will want to learn more about the company, cites a Business2Community article. These are the facts most companies are exploiting to boost their online reputation.

How to boost reputation using videos

Good content, contrary to what most people believe, does not mean making in-depth and long videos. In fact, the opposite is true since most people want to get the message without necessarily having to search for the meaning or dealing with technical jargon. According to, most people also don’t want to wait for a long time before you summarize your presentation, so the clearer and shorter you make it, the better the reception.

Distributing the videos

When it comes to marketing, distributing video content is similar to sharing other kinds of content, so you can easily use the same channels. The most effective platforms where you can share your message to reach target audience include email, social media and on a website or blog. Updating your subscribers relevant information that answers their problems allows you to achieve your goal in marketing.


Igor Cornelsen: Investor, Blogger, And Financial Adviser

Igor Cornelsen is someone who can be listened to when it comes to financial advice. He is someone who has achieved a lot in his lifetime when it comes to finances. As an investor, he has used strategies that have made him one of the most successful businessmen and investors in his industry. Among the steps he has taken before making an investment in any company is doing a lot of research. He has also achieved a successful investing career by keeping a diverse portfolio on Tumblr. This ensures that he has something to fall back on in the case one of his investments fail.

Igor Cornelsen is also a blogger and a financial adviser. As a matter of fact, a lot of his financial advice is featured on his blogs. He has quite a few blogs with WordPress, Tumbler and plenty of other platforms. One of the reasons that he writes blogs is because he wants people to have some form of information when it comes to stock markets in Brazil. Among the different topics that Igor touches on is passive income on Twitter. This is in fact the best type of income for people to have because it requires very minimal involvement for it to work.

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Igor Cornelsen is someone who has mastered his finances. He is therefore willing and able to give advice to people on how they could move forward with what they are doing. A lot of people who are trying to break into the finance industry will have an easier time when they listen to the advice of Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen’s wisdom will bring forth a lot of success for people who are willing to listen to him. While the markets do promise a lot of income, it is important for people to exercise careful money management so that they don’t lose all of their money into the wrong investments.

Makari Offers Luxurious Beauty Products To People Of Color

Makari skincare is filling a gap in the beauty industry by addressing the specific skin-related needs of men and women of color. The brand has already established itself as a leader in the skincare industry thanks to its luxurious formulas that use high-end ingredients to deliver results.

Makari is especially known for their skin brightening products which are currently gaining a cult following by beauty bloggers and skincare experts alike. Makari’s Caviar Face Cream is a fan favorite thanks to its antioxidant properties as well as its unique formula that brightens pigmentation in a safe and effective way.

Another unique product is the 24K Gold Lightening Serum which slows down collagen depletion to prevent the physical signs of aging. The real gold flakes added to the serum smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of pores.

Needless to say, Makari’s skincare line uses only the most luxurious ingredients such as gold, caviar and botanical extracts that are extremely high in quality. Manufactured in Switzerland, a country synonymous with high-end beauty practices, the company prides itself on intensely testing its formulas to deliver real results to men and women of color.

Makari’s skincare speaks for itself as its reputation continues to expand. With its luxury appeal combined with its unique ability to safely brighten the appearance of skin, men and women are delighted at the transformation of their complexions. Visit for full product list.


WEN Hair Care – Bringing Hair to Life

Whatever reason you have for using a cleansing conditioner, whether it is damaged, fine, or if you’re simply looking to switch up your beauty routine, it will definitely be a change for the better.

Hair conditioners actually strengthen your hair and normally after two weeks of use, you will already start to notice a healthy difference.

When using cleansing conditioners, it is best to start with damp hair, so be sure to rinse your hair before you begin applying product. Next, apply your cleansing conditioner into your palms so you can rub your hands together. For best results, use between 10-16 pumps if you have short hair and 16-24 pumps if you have medium length hair. If you have long hair, use 24-32 pumps. If you have really thick or really long hair, you may need to use more to get the proper coverage.

Next, apply your cleansing conditioner to your hair and scalp, adding water to help make it easier to distribute better and more evenly throughout your hair. WEN Cleansing Conditioners contain no harsh sulfates, so it won’t lather as easily. Just massage into your scalp and hair and leave on for the duration of your shower. This will give the product chance to work its magic. Lastly, rinse your hair thoroughly. When using Wen Cleansing Conditioner, it a good idea to apply a small amount of product to the ends of your hair after you have finished rinsing. It’s also recommended to cleanse and rinse, at least twice, applying half the amount of product the second time around.

The amazing Wen products have were created by hair designer and stylist Chaz Dean. Wen Cleansing Conditioners are an advanced way to hydrate hair while cleansing it. Chaz is continuously developing all-natural products and helping clients to obtain the seemingly unattainable hair that they have always dreamed of having.

WEN products were developed to replace shampoos that contain harsh and damaging sulfates. WEN products provide many benefits to hair such as nourishment, soothing and taming effects, and conditioning benefits. WEN products are designed to strengthen and restore lost resilience for more manageable, healthy and attractive hair. WEN products are great for all types of hair and they won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. WEN Cleansing Conditioner actually has five products in just one-shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in-conditioner.


Lung Institute Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Lung Diseases

The main purpose of Lung Institute is to reduce the suffering of those living with the chronic lung disease. The quality of life both mentally and physically can be reduced significantly for those patients who have been diagnosed with a respiratory illness, illness such as interstitial lung disease, or pulmonary fibrosis. Lung Institute came in to offer a solution on treatment for chronic lung diseases this is because in the past the traditional treatment options were addressing the symptoms rather than tackling the disease itself. Therefore the Lung Institute came up with a solution, it developed a Stem Cell Therapy.

The aim for the Lung Institute in developing the stem Cell Therapy is to offer patient with chronic lung diseases treatments that will address more than just symptoms. The lung institute’s purpose is shown in everything that they do. Apart from developing Stem Cell Therapy they also write informative and empowering and informative articles that can be found on The institution mission is to improve the lives of those suffering chronic diseases by conducting stem cell research.

At the Lung Institute health center, the physician’s screens each patient meticulously, they check the medical history and current medical condition to ensure that they get the best result possible. This done before Stem Cell Therapy.

The stem cell Therapy works by means of autologous stem cell that if sprung from the patient’s own body, the stem cell therapy heals the body by harnessing the body’s natural healing capabilities. The capability for this treatment to reduce the symptoms of the chronic lung disease and to tackle the progress is remarkable, this is done little aggressive technique with demonstrated effectiveness.

There is one specific reason that makes stem cell to be preferred by the Lung Institute, the reason is based on a study done by the National Institute of Health. According to that study, when stem cells or medication are introduced to the body via IV the cells are pushed straight to the lungs within a heartbeat or two, the items are distributed throughout the body, however, the case of stem cell is different. The stem cells go through the same mechanism but they are trapped when arrives in the lungs. This makes Stem cell therapy best alternative for the chronic lung diseases. Visit the website @, and Facebook page for more information.



How Securus Technologies is Bringing Joy to Families

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. It is among the biggest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and management solutions for government information. The company serves around 2600 correctional facilities in 45 countries including Canada, the District of Columbia, Mexico, and over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. The company is known as a leader in offering complete, innovative technical solutions, and responsive customer service. Securus is committed to specialized needs of the communities of corrections and law enforcement. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has four regional offices in Atlanta and Dallas metro area.


We get to see how Securus is connecting families on Christmas by using their video visitation technology on a video that it posted on YouTube about communication during Christmas. I believe that this is such an excellent opportunity for inmates to be able to communicate with their families through a video. Christmas is a period to come together as families and connect. This is technically impossible for inmates who are locked up in prison. Securus Technology comes in to assist. They arrange for video calls for prisoners with their families. Children are able to talk to their parents who are in prison during Christmas and get the feeling of togetherness. This takes away the loneliness of inmates who feel that they are far away from their family members. The best thing about this video visitation technology is that it is different from the usual phone calls. One can only hear the other person’s voice on a phone call. The inmates can physically see their family members and also show them the gifts that they prepared for them for Christmas through the video visitation. Securus company ensure that all prisoners get to spend time with their families at such special season of the year.


We see a young girl conversing with her father who is in prison on this YouTube video. It is obvious that the kid is jubilant to see her father. She shows him what she prepared for him for Christmas. The Father gets the opportunity to wish her a happy merry Christmas. Securus is making the impossible to be possible and bringing families together. It brings joy to them during the Christmas time. They believe that the inmates are important people in the society and they should also enjoy the privileges that ordinary people enjoy including having a Good Merry Christmas.


The Need to Know on George Soros and The New Group he is Funding

Have you ever thought that you could make a difference in the would if you had some money? While George Soros has money and is trying to do just that. He just recently decided that he should invest $2 million for a cause and did it. What was this cause? There is a group of people who are trying to make the justice system a little better by taking someone out of it who is damaging it and this campaign is the one that George Soros donated his money to. This group is going directly against Joe Arpaio. Who is this man? He is a Sheriff in Arizona that has made a big splash in the department in a really bad way. Not only has Soros made it his goal to see that this campaign gets all the money that they need but he also has made sure to give a lot of his money to campaigns that are trying to protect the decency of law enforcement.

If ever there was someone who had wanted to make their money count in terms of spending it, George Soros would definitely fit the bill with a lot of money having been spent on the measures put into practice for justice. By the standards of this year though he has spent more of his money with this campaign than any other campaign he has funded all through the year for the race. The passion that George Soros feels in terms of the two most important types of reform is very visible in his actions and this passion has obviously been the reason for his spending so much in terms of money.

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George Soros rises again

The Polls and The Problems With Them

If there has ever been an individual who could have won an award for not caring about their responsibilities or what happens to everyone around them because of their negligence, that award would go to Arpaio. His own personal problems to do with illegal immigration have cause many decisions that were bad to be made by him. These decisions have effect many different people all over. The problem is Mr. Arpaio no longer cares about his job. When it comes to being a Sheriff you not only just focus on one matter and call it a day. Your job as a Sheriff is to protect the people and make sure that everyone gets what they need. It is unfortunate when people go this way and put lives at risk and that is exactly what Arpaio has done.

The campaign that is being run to protect Arpaio is attempting the impossible of making it so that the campaign that Soros funded stops. The group that is not for Arpaio is going to stop at nothing in order to make sure that the Sheriff who has neglected his duties is not able to become Sheriff ever again. The systems that have already been put into place by the government are being corrupted at every turn by all of the things that Arpaio does and it is time to put his reign of terror to an end and put someone in who will actually protect the people, not endanger them just to fullfil a horrid agenda.

The world within Arizona is in need of a big change. The change that it needs can be fixed with one simple race and the campaign will make sure that everything goes right in order to make it happen. George Soros loves this country and wants to make sure that everyone in it stays safe and follows by the system that is put in place for a reason. He is doing a great job at making a difference in the world and while he and the campaign that George Soros funded may have a bit of time to go before they can beat Joe Arpaio, they most certainly are doing an amazing job at getting it done.

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Bruce Levenson Head to Head over Ferry Deal

New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the former ownership of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entrepreneurship LLC (AHBE) for breach of contract that involved settlement claims made by Danny Ferry, a former Manager. This lawsuit doesn’t include the present ownership of AHBE led by Tony Ressler.


The lawsuits seeks to address the insurance bad faith coupled with breach of contract. Through the lawsuit AHBE insists that it was covered for certain employment related losses such as wrong termination among other losses. On April AHBE submits that it notified AIG, the insurance, that the claims made by Ferry were covered.

In June 2015, Hawks had signed a secret buyout contract with Ferry. Accordingly, they terminated the relation that started in 2012 agreeing to an $18 million contract that was to last six years. Days after the termination of the relationship the franchise was sold to the group led by Ressler. See,

Policy Triggered or Not

According to, the current ownership has distanced itself from the suit and the claims therein. The lawsuit asserted that AIG failed to acknowledge there was a claim made triggering the policy. AHBE is also disgruntled that AIG failed to accept coverage or participate in defense of the claims when Ferry’s counsel met Hawks. The claim simply accuses AIG of failing to pay for covered losses.

In bad faith AIG has failed to pay Mr. Ferry, yet it had acknowledged that certain of the claims made by Mr. Ferry had triggered the policy. AHBE submits that AIG did not have any reasonable basis to refute the argument. The representation for AHBE, James J. Leonard & Thornburg LLP, points out that claim was clear for all to see.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, 67 years old and father of three, is a husband to Karen. He is an American business personality. He once owned an NBA team and is a renowned philanthropist. He once was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. He attended Law School at American University. To read more about Levenson’s philanthropic works, visit


Handy Is The Company To Turn To For Assembly Services

Everyone likes to go to the store to buy products, even if the products need to be assembled, but assembling these products can really be a big pain for those who are not very good at putting things together. Everything that is purchased and has to be assembled will come with instructions, but the instructions may be foreign to those who don’t understand the assembly process. Handy is here for anyone who wants their products assembled, especially if it’s furniture. Handy even has a service that allows a customer to buy furniture, have the furniture delivered, and the furniture will also be assembled by the company.

Assembly services are one of the great services ( that Handy performs, on top of moving services, cleaning services, plumbing services and more. The assembly services are something that almost anyone can use, especially with the holidays coming up. Many will go out to make purchases on items at rock-bottom prices, but they have the hardest time assembling the products, which makes them put the item down and maybe never use it. Instead of worrying about putting together the item that was just purchased, have a Handy employee do it because it’s what they’re good at.

Entertainment centers are something that can make a home look absolutely beautiful, especially when a large HDTV is placed in the center of it. The problem with entertainment centers is that they may not come fully assembled and have a lot of parts and screws that need to be put together. No matter how big an assembly job is, Handy can have their professional workers do it. Any work that a Handy employee performs will have a price quote when the customer goes to make an appointment, so the customer can also make payment for the services.

Once an appointment is made, a Handy employee will be dispatched out to the home by the assigned date and time that the customer requested. also has a policy that guarantees a customer will be satisfied with any job that a Handy employee performs, or the customer can expect to get their money back. With so many satisfied customers that have worked with the Handy company, there’s no surprise that many customers continue to repeat their service with Handy. All assembly services that are needed in a home or a business setting, Handy can take care of it.