OSI Industries Conquering New Heights With Each Dawn

Headquartered in Illinois, Chicago, OSI industries is a food company that for the past fifty years has been continuously taking over the food industry. The company started as a simple food market serving the German immigrant community in Chicago. It was established by Otto Kochowsky, an immigrant of German descent who had come to the United States in search of greener pastures.

At the time of its establishment, Illinois was a national industrial center, a factor that attracted hordes of immigrants in search of job opportunities, and also those who on their way to the west of Chicago to set up their farms. This made it the ideal location for a meat market, and soon after its establishment, OSI industries foods was already riding high on success. By the ending of the First World War, Otto Kochowsky had turned it into a wholesale business. To achieve this, Otto moved its operations from Illinois to Maywood.

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After a decade of success as a wholesale business, Otto invited his two sons on board and renamed the business Otto & Sons. It continued to operate as a local instrumental business until it got its big break in the advent of the postwar economic expansion. It is during this period that Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant and invited Otto & Sons to be its sole supplier of fresh beef. After a few years, Ray Kroc officially purchased McDonald’s becoming its sole owner and chief executive officer. This change saw Otto & Sons become symbiotically joined to McDonald’s as a sole supplier of its fresh ground beef. To meet the demands of the ever-growing McDonalds, Otto & Sons opened a separate branch which was specifically dedicated to preparing and supplying meat products to the franchise.

This was the big break that most businesses wait for and since then, Otto & Sons, now OSI Industries has never looked back. However, all the success we see today could not have been achieved were it not for the impressive leadership panel it had, and the foundations laid by Otto and his sons. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin who had been part of the company since its early years was asked by the Otto Sons who were now nearing their golden years to take over the leadership. He was the best leader for the job because, under his belt, OSI industries has done nothing but to achieve remarkable growth, and now ranks 58th on Forbes list of the largest private companies.

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