Malcom CasSelle – Entrepreneur and Disrupter of Technology

Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. The company positions itself as a global leader of virtual and in-game assets. The company also happens to be the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. Users from around the world make payments that cross borders. Of course, there are challenges to the company’s technological capabilities as there is always demand for a system that offers protected and centralized protocols.

WAX offers a solution, and is a blockchain platform that addresses trading of virtual assets. WAX address P2P trading of virtual assets, and will easily allow sellers and buyers to trade with confidence. As such, the technology offered by WAX addresses fraud and fragmentation, which happen to be two of the biggest concerns within virtual markets. Users, engaged in gaming, can buy and sell without ever having to click off their game. A simple blockchain widget can facilitate this task.

With the WAX platform, users are able to transfer their assets to tokens to buy and sell their gaming assets. The WAX system will also allow users to solve the problem of geographical fragmentation. This happens when users attempt to transact and are using different cryptocurrencies.Malcom CasSelle’s company WAX provides a common currency for gamers that will eliminate FOREX challenges. WAX runs on the power of DPOS. At present, it represents the fastest and most efficient model that allows for decentralization.

Malcom CasSelle may very well be a genius. He certainly understands the technology of his time and ways to apply it in disruptive ways. Much of his creative thrust comes from being able to quiet his mind and body along with an effective diet. This gives him a ton of energy to work through the day. He also sets clear goals on a daily basis. He spends the day communicating with his colleagues to plan the day ahead.