How Is Wen Different Than My Shampoo?

The only problem with our hair care regime is that most of the time we are our own worst enemy. Washing our hair, especially daily, strips it of all the built in conditioners that come with our bodies, our natural oils. Because we get our hair so “squeaky clean” our body responds by secreting more oils to our scalp. Our hair strands themselves are so dry that we have to re-moisturize them with conditioner. The end result can be a mess, damaged fragile hair and an oily scalp.

Then we jump to the styling product that coat and build up on our hair, we iron, blow dry, twist, pull, and prod these weakened strands of hair causing breakage. What is our answer to that? More conditioner. And we haven’t even talked about all the nasty chemicals!

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The answer to this dilemma is to our hair to do what it does best, if treated properly. Wen, all natural ingredients, conditioning cleanser is one of the right ways to start getting our hair back to its most natural state. It is a non-stripping cleanser that conditions the hair. No soapy bubbles, no squeaky clean, just hydrated hair with the natural oils still there and in the right amounts.

The switch over may take some time to regulate oil production. You may need to begin by cleaning your hair with Wen Hair less often than stripping shampoo and you might even experience some added oiliness for a few day. Your hair will be stronger and healthier.

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