Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He started the company to bring practitioners together. He wanted to have a place for doctors to grow and learn from each other. At the same time the patients getting the best dental care.

Why MB2

Dr. Chris Villanueva graduated from dental school at a time when the field had only two options. To join other practitioners as a largely shared practice or to start a private practice. Instead, he decided to create a different model infusing both of the practices. He came up with MB2 to bring doctors together. He provided the best working environment for them to deliver. This, in turn, would give the patient the best medical care. They also have a team of experts who handle the legal, payroll, HR, marketing, and compliance challenges.

MB2 as a unique entity

MB2 is a unique entity from the traditional dental practice. It is build to inspire dentists to provide the best output. The patients find the best care with the best output. The company cares for the patient more than the profit margins. They use the best technology and software in the practice. This means they have more time to concentrate on patients than doing other duties like data entry. The company believes in the motivation of practitioners. They focus more on personal growth, autonomy, having fun together and support.

Reasons for success of MB2

DR. Chris Villanueva as an entrepreneur believes in building ideas around people. MB2 has the best doctors in the practice. He also believes in doing only what one does best. He believes that having the right person for the job is what makes the difference. Bringing different specialists together provides a field for learning from the different worlds. Practitioners from the private sector share information with those from the public.

He also believes in learning from other people. He surrounds himself with smart people who get ideas to him. He is a believer in collaboration. He knows that ideas worked on as a group succeeds more.