Cassio Audi is the 80’s Rock Artist You Just Can’t Forget

Cassio Audi may have been prominent as the drummer of the popular 80’s Brazilian band Vipers many years back, but the spell of his music remains unabated among his die-hard fans to this day. He had the unique distinction of having been the drummer for the classic Projeto and Killera in 1985. Apart from that, he played the drums for the iconic Soldiers of Sunrise as well in 1987.

Any picture of his from the time showing him in his rock star avatar complete with long hair and jackets would bring a smile on the faces of those who are of his generation for indeed they don’t make people like that anymore! The music these days may sound good to today’s generation, but if you ask the lads and lasses from the mid-eighties and early nineties, they would beg to disagree. For them the best times of music have come and gone with the passing of an era when Audi would be banging away at the drums, as only he can;, leaving his devotees in thrall.

Even today if he were to announce a gig, his army of fans from those days and possibly a few from contemporary times would give an arm or leg to be there. One only has to listen to the anthems from back then to realize what an icon Audi was back then. Watching him play the drums in front of a large, frenzied crowd which kept yelling for encores was an experience that is going to be savored by all those present till the end of their days.
What Audi did was pure and unadulterated music and nothing else, besides. Is it any surprise therefore that he is the permanent hero of the generation of Brazilians who were in their prime in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

Bruce Bent And Money Market Funds

Bruce Bent II is one of the most prominent businessmen and financial gurus based in the United States. He has many years of professional experience in the world of investment and finance. Bent II has helped many businesses at various financial levels. His father was the  founder and inventor of the Money Market Fund. This has given Bent II an inside view of the financial industry.

The money market fund was also recognized to be beneficial in the industry of finance by the American Museum of Financial History in 1972. For this reason, it was adopted as a beneficial fund that will lead to its integration in the national financial history. It  introduce a discipline that would be adopted on a massive scale in the industry. The result of the money market fund has taken over the financial world to become worth more than $3.0 trillion.

Bruce Bent II  has become a great leader in the financial sector following closely in his fathers footsteps. He attended Northeastern University where he studied philosophy and eventually graduated with his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. From there he went on to help many companies and people with his creative financial techniques and solutions. Bruce Bent II has  achieved some of the best solutions in the world of business and finance.

Bruce Bent II  is now at the Double Rock Corporation where he is a top executive. In fact, he holds the postions of Vice Chairman of the board and president at Double Rock. Double Rock Corporation helps banks, broker-dealers and retail marketers with innovative solutions and qualified plans.

Jordan A. Thomas Provides Insight on the Growth of the SEC Whistleblower Program

Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC whistleblower attorney at Labaton Sucharow, LLC has seen an increase of whistleblower participants, since 2012. He provides insight on the consistent growth of the SEC Whistleblower program and its impact on recent rulings for whistleblowers. Thomas has represented and is presently representing clients who provided inside tips to the SEC for corporations’ unethical securities practices. In June, the law firm announced a client was awarded $17 million for providing valid tips of a financial institution wrongdoings. It is one of multiple whistleblowing cases the firm’s clients were awarded monetary incentives from 2012 until 2016.


After carefully examining the steady increase of the U.S. SEC Whistleblower Program over the last five years, Thomas says the tips provided by whistleblowers have an impact on SEC rulings. Recent rulings in 2016 are favorable for the whistleblowers who are contributing to protecting consumers and national and international economies. According to Jordan, a fiscal report to Congress revealed the Office of the Whistleblower received approximately 4,000 tips in 2015, which is a 30 percent increase since 2012. Participants in the SEC Whistleblower Program are accountants, attorneys, officers, and other internal executives. Jordan Thomas also noticed a growth in the awareness of the program in the United States and over 60 foreign countries.


Various corporations believe the whistleblower program may cause frivolous claims of misconduct against innocent entities. Provisions in the SEC program clearly encourages internal employees to report wrongdoings to their superiors before filing a tip with the commission. Employees who are fearful of losing their jobs or unwanted harassment should seek legal advice and representation of a reputable SEC Whistleblower attorney. In a National Business Ethics Survey conducted by Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative estimated 92 percent of whistleblowers report misconduct to the employers first. Most of those reporters were ignored or retaliated against.


Labaton Sucharow LLC is a recognizable law firm practicing SEC Whistleblower international and national laws with offices in Delaware and New York. To learn about the whistleblower program, visit the firm’s SEC Whistleblower Advocate website. The site is filled with informative resources pertaining to the types of protection provided to whistleblowers before actually scheduling an appointment. Jordan A. Thomas has led the SEC Whistleblower team since the program was developed in 2011. He helped with the development process of the program while serving as Assistant Director and Litigation Counsel for SEC’s Enforcement Division.