Roberto Santiago Is The Owner Of Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is the promoter behind Manaira Shopping. This is one of the most prestigious and popular places in this area. Roberto Santiago has made it into a landmark where people come to relax and enjoy.


There are a number of shops here. These are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. This is where people can get a good bargain. This depends on what they are planning to buy and the area they belong to. The shopping complex has nearly 180 stores. Thus practically everything is available here. This would include apparel, toys, footwear, kitchen, decoration items and much more. Hence whatever anyone needs, it will be available at this shopping mall. This is why it has become such a popular shopping destination for all. Most of the big brands are available here. In this way, it is a one-stop destination. Once here, there is no need to visit any other shopping destination.


Manaira Shopping Mall provides much more. Roberto Santiago is well aware how people are keen to get into fitness now. This is why it is home to a brand like Smart Fit Fitness. This is a network of gyms that that 250 units which are spread across 11 states in Brazil. This way there is top quality exercise gym equipment available here. Besides, these are available at highly affordable rates for exercising. This way Roberto Santiago is trying to keep people fit too.


Due to the gym, people are visiting Manaira Shopping on a regular basis. Hence this way Roberto Santiago has managed to increase the footfall here. This is a very smart move. Once people come here regularly, they would also be visiting the other facilities at this shopping mall. This way the sales will increase at the shops as well as the food courts and other entertainment points.


Another feature at Manaira Shopping Mall is the Space Lounge. This is the bar where people can unwind. It is the perfect place to come with friends or work colleagues. There are happy hours where people can get their favorite drink or cocktail. This is the place to chill after a hard day at work. Besides, it is the place for a friends’ reunion kind too. It has a bowling alley attached to it. This means that people can come and enjoy their game while they have a drink too. This is another attractive feature here that has made the place so popular. This way Roberto Santiago has made sure that people visit the place on a regular basis.


All this indicates that Roberto Santiago has put a lot of thought while making this place. He has ensured that there is something for everybody over here.