An Exciting Career Path: Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries

It was in 1991 that Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries as their Chief Operating Officer, and has enjoyed much success with the firm. Nabors Industries excels in the oil and gas industry and has continuously grown through many boom and bust cycles. Their clients rely on their industry knowledge and business acumen to succeed in the oil and gas drilling market segment.

Nabors Industries recognized the true leadership abilities that Tony Petrello possesses and were quick to recognize his talents. Nabors first worked with Petrello when he was employed by the New York City law firm of Baker & McKenzie. During this time, he was a lawyer assigned to their account and they were very impressed with his performance. It was at this time that Nabors hired Petrello away from Baker & McKenzie and brought him over to Nabors Industries as their COO.

From his strat at Nabors in 1991 Petrello enjoyed a strong upward trajectory with the firm and was eventually named Chief Executive Officer in 2011, a position he still holds today. Nabors is known as a leader in the oil and gas drilling industry and has a presence in 20 countries. The firm work with both on land rigs as well as those off-shore. Due to these interest across the globe, the firm of Nabors Industries is considered one of the largest and most successful oil and gas drilling companies across the globe.

Nabors Industries also provide consultation services to their clients as well as software programs.