Darius Fisher Has Good Advice On Avoiding Document Dumps

Darius Fisher doesn’t want people’s personal information to go public and he gave some reliable insights to theĀ  subject. Fisher is in charge of Status Labs, a reputation management company based out of Austin, TX. (The company has offices in New York and San Paulo as well) Through the article, Fisher emphatically points out that personal information is not always private. People make mistakes and expose personal content online. A reputation crisis can result.


To avoid a crisis from exploding, people have to be extremely careful about the revealing personal information. Making the mistake of leaving social media privacy settings off means anything posted on a profile ends up being indexed. By properly engaging those privacy setting, the search engines are unable to list what has been published.


Enhancing privacy requires being very proactive and aggressive with preventive measures. The article suggests changing passwords consistently, searching the internet for any data broker sites currently publishing personal information, and checking out all the mentions of a particular name found in a Google. At the very least, these steps will aid in finding out what confidential information is really not all that confidential.


An unfortunate possibility may arise when performing a Google search. A host of bad content related to a name may end up being revealed. As bad as this sounds, it is better to learn about the situation than never know anything.


Upon discovering online results are potentially harmful to a reputation, calling on a reputation management firm for help is advised. Darius Fisher has long since been warning people (and businesses) that the search engines do not change on their own. New content has to be produced to bury the disastrous material. Fisher spoke at length about this at the Innovation 50 event and has also written articles about the seriousness of “cleaning up” search engine results.


Taking Fisher’s advice in the Daily Beast article is a good start. Document dumps may lead to frightening consequences. This is why steps have to be taken to prevent their occurrence. If something does happen, then working with professionals who can solve the problem is definitely advisable.

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