How Gregory Aziz Is A Leader In The Railroad Industry

Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer, chairman, and president of National Steel Car headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a graduate of Western University where he earned his degree in economics. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has developed into one of the premier railroad freight car manufacturers and engineers in the world. The company he leads is over 100 years old having been established in 1912.

Greg Aziz is originally from London, Ontario. He was born on April 30, 1949. Before attending Western University he was a student at Ridley College. After graduating he joined his family-owned business which was involved in the wholesale food industry. Eventually, the company, which he joined in 1971, grew to one that imported food from across Europe as well as both South and Central America. The food was supplied to wholesale markets located in both the U.S. and across Eastern Canada.

In the latter half of the 1980’s Gregory J Aziz moved to New York and became involved in the financial industry. After having a great deal of success he was able to buy National Steel Car in 1994 along with some business partners. After he took over he revitalized the company and managed to return it to being one of the leading manufacturers of freight cars in the industry. When he first arrived at National Steel Car they were producing 3,500 freight cars per year. By 1999 his company was producing 12,000 freight cars each year. Greg Aziz’s focus on expansion also led to the company increasing its employee count from about 600 to nearly 3,000.

Due to Greg Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car has become the only manufacturer of railroad freight cars throughout North America to be certified ISO 9001:2008. His company first attained this certification in 1999 and has held it every year since.

As a philanthropist, Greg Aziz has contributed to a variety of nonprofits. They have supported non-profits such as the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. Additionally, they have supported a variety of local charities helping out in the Hamilton region. Greg Aziz and his wife, Irene, are also financial sponsors to the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair which is one of Canada’s most well-known agricultural fairs held each year.