Lung Institute Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Lung Diseases

The main purpose of Lung Institute is to reduce the suffering of those living with the chronic lung disease. The quality of life both mentally and physically can be reduced significantly for those patients who have been diagnosed with a respiratory illness, illness such as interstitial lung disease, or pulmonary fibrosis. Lung Institute came in to offer a solution on treatment for chronic lung diseases this is because in the past the traditional treatment options were addressing the symptoms rather than tackling the disease itself. Therefore the Lung Institute came up with a solution, it developed a Stem Cell Therapy.

The aim for the Lung Institute in developing the stem Cell Therapy is to offer patient with chronic lung diseases treatments that will address more than just symptoms. The lung institute’s purpose is shown in everything that they do. Apart from developing Stem Cell Therapy they also write informative and empowering and informative articles that can be found on The institution mission is to improve the lives of those suffering chronic diseases by conducting stem cell research.

At the Lung Institute health center, the physician’s screens each patient meticulously, they check the medical history and current medical condition to ensure that they get the best result possible. This done before Stem Cell Therapy.

The stem cell Therapy works by means of autologous stem cell that if sprung from the patient’s own body, the stem cell therapy heals the body by harnessing the body’s natural healing capabilities. The capability for this treatment to reduce the symptoms of the chronic lung disease and to tackle the progress is remarkable, this is done little aggressive technique with demonstrated effectiveness.

There is one specific reason that makes stem cell to be preferred by the Lung Institute, the reason is based on a study done by the National Institute of Health. According to that study, when stem cells or medication are introduced to the body via IV the cells are pushed straight to the lungs within a heartbeat or two, the items are distributed throughout the body, however, the case of stem cell is different. The stem cells go through the same mechanism but they are trapped when arrives in the lungs. This makes Stem cell therapy best alternative for the chronic lung diseases. Visit the website @, and Facebook page for more information.



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