How Modern Technology is Helping Solve and Prevent Crime in Jails

On Oct 21, 2016, Securus Technologies – a leading provider of inmate communications and government information management solutions, published a copy of customer comments on how the use of technology helps to solve and prevent crimes in correctional facilities. These comments were obtained through email communications and formal letters the company received from jail officials across USA. These officials are security personnel entitled to solve and prevent crimes, and to make the incarceration environment safe and better.

Richard A. Smith; the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the company develops a new product or service once a week on average. This is to help law enforcement and corrections officials curb criminal activities. He also added that they receive thousands of emails and letters in regards to how their technology helps to keep the society, inmates and their families safe.

Most of the customer comments praised the company and how it has helped keep track of prison communications. Some of the major issues addressed include; exposing corrupt officials, arresting contraband, drug trafficking, threats and suspicious conversations. In addition, investigative tools have helped prison official conduction investigations in case of a harassment complaint or potential threat.

Securus Technologies serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states in USA. It also provides its services in Canada, Mexico and District of Columbia, and caters for over 1 million inmates nationwide. It has expanded to become a recognized leader in providing innovative technical solutions and interactive customer services with its main focus on specialized needs of the law enforcement authorities.

The company later introduced a 220 seat in-house call center to enhance and improve on customer service delivery. This was directed towards handling the need for communication from over 25 million friends and families with the inmates. In return, this gave the company more control over the handling of customer services, and helped the company attain the required BBB standards to be accredited. More details can be found here.


Securus Technologies Challenges GTL into a Professional Comparison Battle

Securus Technologies the number one provider of civil as well as criminal justice technologies solutions that is targeted toward public safety, corrections, investigation as well as monitoring stated that it was offering its main competitor, GTL a challenge so that an independent judge can decide which company between the two has variety and best products categories, the products that have recent technologies in their telephone calling platform, the most costly and cost efficient platform, and the highest quality customer services and the common metrics.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith said that the claims made by the GTL are baseless, GTL claimed that their technologies, as well as their customer services, can be compared to that of Securus Technologies. These baseless claims prompted Securus Technologies to give an opportunity to an independent judge so that he/she can evaluate both product sets which are all calling platforms as well as customer service models. Smith says that this comparison of Securus and GTL products isn’t fair since secures has invested a lot of money in the last 4 years. Smith says that they have reinvested over $700 million again into the business, some of the transaction include the acquisition of company’s technologies as well as product development together with another state of the art technology center and the US customer service center while on the other had GTL has invested just a fraction of what Securus Technologies have.


According to Smith, there are customers who have converted from GTL to Securus Technologies, he says that these customers prefer Securus’ technology, economics as well as excellent customer service. Smith questions what GTL has done, he says that one has to look in details of the both platforms, the technologies, scalability, the investment made as well as the product capabilities. Smith concluded by saying that if both platforms are compared they will prevail on the factors that matter Securus would prevail.