The Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group didn’t become one of the largest food providers in the world overnight. Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois in 1909. Toward the end of WWI, he expanded the business by selling meat wholesale; then in 1928, the shop was called Otto and Sons to rebrand itself as a family business.

Otto and Sons agreed to supply ground beef for Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s, during 1940. This partnership with McDonald’s put Otto and Sons on the path to becoming the global supplier it is today. Since the McDonald’s franchise was growing, Kroc wanted a consistent and affordable product; to achieve this, the beef needed to stay fresh during long trips to other McDonald’s restaurants.

The solution was to flash freeze the patties in liquid nitrogen. Otto and Sons had this capability, and the relationship between the two companies was strengthened; when McDonald’s consolidated its supply chain, Otto and Sons became one of its main suppliers. Meanwhile, the supplier still served local restaurants and retail markets.

Since the business was evolving, Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975; also during this time, Sheldon Lavin became a business partner with the supplier. OSI and McDonald’s continued to flourish. The supplier opened more facilities in America in the late 70s’ and early 80s’ and then internationally in Spain and Germany.

In the early 1980s, Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group because his investing skills were needed for the company’s global growth. Lavin helped the company break into other areas of the food industry. Overall, OSI became one of the most important food suppliers in the world by opening facilities in countries such as Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, and Poland. However, OSI’s partnership with China is what launched OSI’s international growth.

At the dawn of the 21st century, China’s economy grew quickly, and consumers became more affluent and desired a variety of products. Because of this, OSI Group gained new clients such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway.

Research and Development also played a crucial role in OSI Group’s growth. The company has two Culinary Innovation Centers in Aurora, Illinois and one in Shanghai, China. These research facilities work with clients in order to improve and create new products. Working closely with clients keeps OSI informed of what consumers need and want. OSI Group is also mindful of its impact on the environment by using R&D to sustainably make its products.

OSI International Foods Merge with Turi Foods

OSI International merged with Turi Foods on May 4th, 2018. The two will now be called Turosi Pty Ltd. Turi Foods processes poultry in Australia and supplies it to butcher shops, markets, and restaurants; also it’s one of the largest poultry suppliers in Australia.

Grant Thornton arranged the business details of the merge on behalf of Turi Foods. The merger will enable Turi Foods to distribute its products on a larger scale, and OSI Group will benefit from Turi Foods poultry farming and processing capabilities.

The two suppliers will equally share ownership of the company. The chairman of Turi Foods, Sam Cuteri thinks that shared ownership will allow both companies to share their skills and knowledge in order to build a “world-class food solution group.”

David McDonald, the director of OSI, also believes the merger will be beneficial. McDonald sees this merger as an opportunity to serve customers in more innovative ways.


Sheldon Lavin: CEO of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin Is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, an established meat supply company with operations in several nations. He has served the company for over forty three years. Sheldon has been involved with OSI Group since 1970s, a time the company was looking for funds to develop the meat processing industry and increase the meat products they supplied to McDonald’s. All through his tenure at the company, he has been able to convert OSI Group into an international food products supplier, currently operating in seventeen countries. The company has more than eighty facilities and offers employment to more than 20000 people.

While beginning his career at the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin served the company as a consultant. He later on partnered with the company at a time the company was extending its operations to South America Europe and Asia. Sheldon took over the company in the early 1980s. Under his leadership, the company’s employees have been considered as an international family. This has resulted to the employees working hard to deliver for the company and achieve its goals.

Prior to working with OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was involved in the field of financial and banking services. His wide experience in the accounting and financing sector has been the main source of his spontaneous success. Sheldon is a very compassionate man as he contributes to a number of charities including Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, United Negra College Fund, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and National Multiple Sclerosis Society among others.

With Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of the OSI Group, the company has received a variety of prestigious awards. The Awards include the Global Visionary award and the Globe of Honor award that the company received in 2013, 2015 and 2016. He has received other awards for his participation in other services including Trustee of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Rush University Medical Center and the Board member of Goodman Theatre. These awards are clear indicators of Sheldon’s success in the company.

Currently, Sheldon is working towards further development for the OSI Group especially in Europe and Asia. According to him, he is proud of the company having gone international as the best and the largest protein supplier under his leadership. Sheldon Lavin is a family man with three grown up children, who they brought up together with his late wife in their marriage of five and a half decades.


OSI Industries, A Great Company

The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Industries is a meat processing company that was founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909. This company started off as a small community meat market. The company grew significantly when they began to supply meat for the large fast food chain, McDonalds. Working with the McDonalds franchise grew OSI quickly.

As of today OSI Industries is a global corporation. The company has locations located in Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Riverside. They also have locations in over 16 different countries, including regions like North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. Forbes has named the OSI Group the 58 largest privately owned company in the United States. The company also has over 20,000 employees on staff. They are doing extremely amazing as a company, over time, OSI has received multiple awards, including the multiple safety, environment, and health awards.

OSI Industries recently purchased Flagship, which is what bought their business to Europe. The purchase of Flagship brought even more diversity to the company, because Flagship is a company that sales sauces, pies, marinades,and different kinds of dressings. The president of OSI, David G. McDonald, was very excited about their new addition to the company.

Since doing business in the U.K, OSI has received on of their most honorable awards. In November of 2016 they received the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. This was big for the company because in order to receive the award, they had to undergo an audit from August of 2015-July of 2016. The British Safety Council’s environmental management has very strict guidelines to ensure health and safety of potential customers. Not only did OSI Industries undergo this audit, but they were extraordinary with how clean and efficient the company was ran. This lead to OSI winning one of the most legendary awards in the U.K!

OSI Industries is not only diverse when it comes to their locations, but they are also diverse when it comes to product. OSI Industries produces products like fish, meat patties, hot dogs, and bacon. They also produce poultry and pizza. OSI is also known for their fresh vegetables. OSI produces meat for companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza. The company has over 6 billion dollars in sales, they are doing extremely well! OSI Group is a top-of-the-line company!


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Hands On With Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Laving is legendary in the meat and food processing industry. Even though he is at the upper echelon of the industry as CEO of OSI International Foods Ltd, he still remains in firm control of every aspect of the global company. Never one to rest on his laurels, he has collected numerous awards and honors, all while maintaining his sense of humility and civility.

Since his days as a young man, he states that he always envisioned working for a business that he owned. To that end, he studied finance and accounting while in school. His foray into the meat processing industry began when he helped the Kolschowsky family obtain the financing to build the very first meat processing plant in West Chicago.

While the plant was initially named after the family, it was later changed to the more formal OSI International Foods after many years, where Lavin continued his work with the company and eventually became owner.He affirms that the unique family culture still present at OSI is crucial to the innovation which occurs there on a regular basis.

While the goal of OSI is obviously to continue to grow as much as possible, the company and its executives have never forgotten where they have come from and their beginnings. The company takes great pride in its charitable giving as a whole and encourage each and every employee to have that same attitude, no matter what level of the company they are currently in.

Lavin has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to the company which has stayed since his arrival. Unlike a typical corporation which is operated from the top down, there is no employee to big or too small to give their input as to how things may be done or as to what changed may be implemented. It is with this attitude that Sheldon Lavin continues to forge ahead in the global meat and food processing industry. With no signs of slowing down, it is a safe bet that OSI will a powerhouse for many years to come.


The Global Visionary, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is currently the President of OSI Group which is a Global Food processing company. Mr. Lavin has worked in the business for over forty years. OSI Group can trace its origin in 1909, and it was formerly called Otto and Sons. Sheldon has worked for the company for over forty years. He set off as its finance officer, having owned a financial firm that managing Otto and Sons accounts.

Years later Mr. Sheldon became part of the company in management and finally made it to an owner of the business whose name changed to OSI Group in 1975.Over the years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has played significant role into steering the company’s growth from a local company to a prominent Global Food processing company in 17 countries across the world. Since the year 2002 Sheldon has seen the company expand its production by making acquisitions in fresh, meat and poultry production. This had a great impact as they acquired fresh and wider markets besides MacDonalds major customers.

All acquisitions under Sheldon Lavin were strategically planned and had contributed largely to the growth of OSI Group. In all his experience Mr. Sheldon Lavin has emphasized the importance of green innovation, maintenance of the best levels of food safety and their sustainability. His passion for green innovation among other humanitarian qualities saw to his being awarded the Global Visionary Award in the year 2016.Lavine was recognized for his dedication perseverance for working his all to have a small meat factory grow to a Global Food processing Company.

OSI Group has received many awards under the leadership of Sheldon Lavine. The Globe of Honor is one such award presented to them by the British Safety Council for an outstanding treatment of environmental hazards IN 2016.The environmental award which is a very prestigious award presented to the company on 25th November 2016.Other awards include membership to boards of the Goodman Theater, Rush University Medical center, Presidency and directorship of The Sheba Foundation and a Trustee for MacDonald House Charities.