Bury Bad Articles Without Delay

Among the worst things to deal with is a ruined reputation. No matter how hard you work in life to make sure your reputation is pristine, things can go wrong. In business, slurs and bad reviews published online can ruin the enterprise in the eyes of new – or even steady – customers. Even those not engaged in commerce may find themselves in a difficult situation upon dealing with private information being thrown out into the public online arena.

The most annoying thing about this damaging content is it seems to never go away. The reason is never seems to go away is because, well, nothing is being done to move the bad content down into the dark abyss of the search engine results. Working with Bury Bad Articles can help achieve this very necessary goal.

Bury Bad Articles has developed a reliable and comprehensive way to bury bad articles and other content. Through producing new, more positive material, Bury Bad Articles eliminates the troubles third-parties are able to cause with their malicious content. The new content could proactively help the marketing of a business. After all, positive content is going to have an equally positive effect.

Taking steps to deal with disastrous material online should never be delayed. Doing so is only going to cause problems that could be avoided. Google does not alter the results in its listings unless something proactively leads to such action. Taking steps to work with someone who is capable of diminishing bad press is one way to go.

The Importance of Pushing Harmful Articles Down In Search Results

Online reviews and testimonials are powerful, easy and inexpensive marketing tools that are sought after by everyone with a web presence. Why? It’s simple, positive reviews and testimonials sell. Telling people you’re great is perceived as bragging and isn’t very effective. But, when real people say good things about you, your company, your service or product, it becomes a recommendation. Other people can say great things about you that you can’t say about yourself.

The downside to encouraging online reviews and testimonials is that people can say negative things about you. Negative, critical posts can be very damaging to your reputation and your sales. Bad news travels fast and so, doing nothing about online slurs is not prudent and will be detrimental to your online reputation.

There are a lot of quick fixes for pushing bad articles down in search engine results, but many of them are considered disreputable and if you are caught using them, it can end up doing more harm than good, further damaging your reputation. Protecting your online reputation has become a serious business, Online Reputation Management, or ORM, has become a necessary component of any serious SEO strategy.

If you want to eliminate the inherent risks of trying to manage your online reputation yourself, there are companies you can work with who have perfected the techniques of pushing bad articles down and improving your online reputation. One such company, www.BuryBadArticles.com, is quickly becoming a popular newcomer in the online reputation management industry, probably because their services carry a 100% guarantee.

The results of their research are stunning, one negative article showing up in your search results can result in a loss of up to 22% of your customers, three bad articles increases your loss to 59.2%, and four or more harmful articles can be devastating, causing you to lose up to 70% of your valuable customers.

Managing your online reputation has become a routine part of doing business today. No matter how pristine your reputation is, it can be tarnished or even destroyed by a few angry individuals. Damage control and crisis management are critical to anyone’s online presence. As billionaire Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Protect your reputation by making Online Reputation Management part of your SEO strategy.