Anil Chaturvedi: Not Many Can Be Him, Lead Like Him and Help Companies Like Him

It’s a bit justifiable to say that only few people can succeed in banking. There are many bank managers who go bankrupt or go bust in their leadership. There are bankers who get fired because of the failures that they cause in their work. It’s also hard to imagine a world where bankers cannot be affected by the volatile changes in the global economy. However, there are exceptions. We still have bankers like Anil Chaturvedi who is able to both build a reputable name, career and contribution in banking, but also has helped grow many banks and companies under his leadership.


One important aspect of the career of Mr. Chaturvedi that not many people know about is the fact that he had an impeccable educational foundation. He attended Meerut University, India, in 1971, and from there he learned every theoretical foundation for private banking, investment banking and commercial banking.


His professional pursuits have also resulted to a lot of formative changes and growth to the companies that he’s been running. After attending Delhi School of Economics, finishing his M.B.A. there, Mr. Chaturvedi held leadership positions as the Branch Manager of the State Bank of India. It was there that he found all the real-world financial situations that he could apply the formal training that he gained in his Masters. It was in the position that he was able to hone his skills in undergoing stressful administrative situations that would test his resolve.


It might be more important to note here, too, that Mr. Chaturvedi also became the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, under its Private Banking division. Being part of the economy of Switzerland means that he has the acumen and superb diverse skillset that could understand the unique financial set-up in Switzerland that’s different from his place of origin.


The main responsibilities of Mr. Chaturvedi at Hinduja Bank include facilitating cross-border alliances and networks that would build a financially healthy environment for all the parties involved, including the banks in USA, Asia and Europe. The mergers and acquisitions under the guidance of Mr. Chaturvedi have also resulted to resolving many companies’ distressed assets and sustaining their credit syndication back into the most ideal shape.

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