It Is Time To Get Your Slice Of The Freedom Checks Investment Program

If you have consistently been remitting your monthly savings to the infamous Freedom Checks, it is time to get a slice of your savings. Throughout the month of June, investors of the program will each receive their own fair share. What each will receive will depend on what they contributed many months and years prior to June 2018. Although these Checks has clearly announced that it will be giving contributors an upwards of $34.6 billion in the month of June alone, there are those who have opposed it saying that it is simply a scheme. It is a shame that critics are making such an argument at a time members are chanting praises to the Congress that enacted a legislation in 1987 that for a long time has been streamlining the Freedom Checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


Hitherto, nobody can dare compare Freedom Checks with either the Social Security or the Medicare program. A number of people have come out saying they are happy for the scheme because they will now live to their dreams. Some examples of these people who have not been able to hide their joy include Lisa Luhrman, a 57-year-old female a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lisa, who will receive $66, 570 in savings says that she never lost the hope of receiving the payment in spite of fierce criticism. Mike Reed a resident of Golden, Colorado is another example. The 53-year-old Mike will receive a whopping $160, 923. Mr. Reed is so far the highest paid investor of the Freedom Checks scheme. Mike says, “It is historically, unbelievable. I am a happy man that I invested. I will now retire a happy man. The third example is Doug Smith who lives in Joplin, Missouri. This 46-year-old Joplin resident will receive a share of $24, 075. Read this article at


While critics argue that the money may not be much thus not worth of the praise people are giving it, there is no doubt that the three examples show that there is a substantive amount of money for those that diligently and consistently invested in the Checks program. Matt Badiali, a man who has for a long time has been championing for the program say that although investors can now put a smile on their face, there is a lot that needs to be done. Matt argues that individual investors need to fully understand the law that runs behind programs such as Freedom Checks. He says that there are other investors that may not benefit from the program because they either did not understand the Revised 1987 Statute 26-F or simply ignored the details of the legislation.