Handy Has Completely Changed My Opinion About Cleaning Services

I never in a million years thought that a cleaning service would steal from me, but it happened to me. I only stuck with one cleaning service after I had moved to a different town, and they had done very well for several years. Only after hiring a new employee to their service did the incident happened, and even though the employee was fired, I fired the company from my home. I hired Handy, but I have to be honest, I was very skeptical about getting another cleaning service. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was always busy, I’d clean my home myself.

I made sure to do some reading about Handy and went through several reviews on Bigcitylittleblog.com before I decided to accept their services. I also like that I wasn’t getting different prices, which was something that I had to struggle with in the past. My former cleaning company would give me a different price almost every time they came out clean for me, even though they were cleaning the same home and the same rooms. Handy gave me a specific price for the rooms that I requested to be cleaned, and I got to pay for the services right away.

What I also like about Handy is that they are very straightforward about what it will cost for the service, and I like knowing that my cleaner will be tipped and paid very well. I crossed my fingers when the worker came to my home, and I was just hoping that the cleaning would be done properly and that no one would steal anything. I know that Handy insures my stuff in case one of their employees get itchy fingers, but I couldn’t help but to be nervous because of my past experience. I’ve now had Handy workers out to my home ten times already.

I’ve never once had a bad experience with Handy, and I take back everything that I said about cleaning services because Handy has proven me wrong. With the background checks that they give each and every employee as well as the insurance to customers for their items, I have no reason not to hire Handy for their great services. I also like that I can create an appointment from my cell phone, which makes it very easy and convenient to set up my next cleaning service, even if I leave home and forget to do it on my computer.