Is Wen Right for Your Hair?

If you have ever suffered through a sleepless night watching  QVC infomercials, you are almost certainly familiar with Wen hair products by Chaz Dean, the deep-cleaning conditioner meant to replace your entire morning haircare routine. If you’ve seen these infomercials, you have almost certainly wondered about the efficacy of the product and how true-to life they are, or simply whether it would be appropriate for your hair type. Well, if you have fine hair like Emily McClure, her article on may help answer these questions for you!
Ms. McClure used Wen exclusively for a week and reported her results, with pictures! If you do not want to read the article, here is what she found:

When she used Wen, Ms. McClure’s hair had shine and volume comparable to a full shampoo, condition and style treatment. Not only did she notice this herself, but her hair’s shine was commented on by her friends! She even noticed that, after using Wen hair in the mornings, the shine and volume would continue into the night. These results were consistent, as long as she remembered to wash her hair in the morning, it would stay voluminous and bright throughout the day.

Wen advertises itself as being suitable for all types of hair, and this testimonial seems to back that up! The routine required by Wen might take some getting used to if you do not normally wash in the morning, but it seems to live up to its claims of being able to replace the entire daily routine that many people–men and women– go through to get their hair looking the way that they want it to. Whether your hair is fine or thick, greasy or dry, it can not hurt to give Wen a try, and doing so just may change the way you approach hair care

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Wen Provides Awesome Hair Conditioning Products

The strength of any hair is often defined by the hair care products that a person is using. Bustle contributor Emily McClure decided to go on a mission to see just how effective WEN hair was helping people strengthen their hair and give it that shine and luster that they desire so much.
Emily has been able to give her honest opinion about Wen products, and this has made many people take interest in her findings. The Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner that was used by McClure was something that was designed to help with fine hair and thick hair. It is all about using the right amount that is specified for the type of hair that you have. That is what Emily McClure has stated in her findings on

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Wen has made products for all types of hair, and women and men have the ability to pick the products that will address the type of problems that they are going through. The Wen collection is very diverse, and the ingredients are bound to appeal to a number of different people. Some people are going to favor the Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing products. Others are going to be interested in the Wen Lavender Cleansing products. A lot of people pick products based on the way that they want their hair to feel and smell.

What Wen by Chaz Dean does is get rid of the traditional lathering of shampoos in the past and focus more on conditioners that people can leave in their hair. This allows many people to strength their hair. That is why Emily McClure wanted to try it and comment on it. That is why many other people see the infomercials and go out to buy it. It has become the hair product that women and men trust the most.