How Fabletics Thrives Selling Affordable Workout Clothing

Breaking through in the fashion industry is not an easy task. In today’s market its nearly impossible for a new brand to make an impact, but Fabletics has shattered expectations and ha grown to a $250 million business since it was created three years ago. Kate Hudson has built a business on providing affordable and high-quality workout clothing for people who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort or effectiveness.


Breaking into the industry was not easy and in order to do it, Kate Hudson had to implement new ideas in order to make it in the industry. Fablectics has applied reverse showrooming to their company’s model. Showrooming is when a customer goes and tries something on in-store and then purchase the item for a cheaper cost online. Because Fabeltics has an online store first it was able to grow relationships with its customers. Now when someone goes into one of their stores there is up to %50 chance they are already a member and if they aren’t %25 become one before leaving. Fabletics does not focus on making in-store of online purchases, to them a sale is a sale and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Using this model has allowed them to grow into the successful business that they have become.


Customers of Fabletics enjoy their high-quality clothing that rivals expensive workout brands. Their leggings have gained notoriety as being similar in quality, if not better, than leggings retailing over $80. At Fabletics you can get an entire outfit for almost have of that, making it pretty obvious why people love the clothing so much. It’s hard to find affordable clothing that is also good quality, but Fabletics offers just that. Not only have their leggings made a strong impact on customers but their shirts have been a favorite too. Customers love how soft and well fitting the shirts are.


With a wide range of styles and sizes, Fabletics has something that will fit everyone’s needs. They carry different patterns and colors, so whether you want a bold and fun pattern, or are in need of a classic color, they have options for everyone. One of the best parts is the wide selection of sizes and lengths. No longer will pants be too long or too short, because with Fabeltics you can get the perfect length for your body.


Fabletics has made an impact on the fashion industry with its business model and high-quality never-boring workout clothing.