Shiraz Boghani Makes Headlines For Winning A Prestigious Award

In life it is always awesome when your noble work is recognized by someone especially when makes impact in the community. Shiraz Boghani has received this award severally in his life. Over thirty years he has been fulltime entrepreneur, hotelier and an investor. Here he has been assisting people from all class. Learn more about Shiraz Boghani at Crunchbase.

Humble Beginning

After being born in Kenya in late 60s Shiraz Boghani relocated to England where he grew up. Being a young man, many inequalities which dominated some sectors in life disturbed him. He had hope that one day there would be light and he will help to people live a fair life. He has lived to his vision. After working in hospitality and Hotel sector for more than thirty years he can offer his finance and time to the ones in need of his assistance. He has achieved this via donations and contributions to philanthropic organizations and other humanitarian institutions in Europe and United Kingdom. The Aga Khan Foundation being one of the institutions that have benefited from his charitable donations

Shiraz Boghani is a talented chartered accountant. This clearly describes the reasons why he has been successful in his activities. He has received many rewards for his achievements. The most recent award came in 2016 when he was named the Hotelier of the Year in the Asian Business Award. When he was being awarded, the panel discovered that his achievements in the Splendid Hospitality Hospital Group is crucial

Shiraz Boghani embraces other spots of influence that have allowed him to visit many places in the world. He is the founder member of the Sussex Health Care. The nursing and health care facility which has grown to own over nineteen homes in numerous parts of the United Kingdom. The facility bids healthcare amenities to the young and old patients that suffer from Dementia and Alzheime diseases. The other individuals who are not closer to these facilities receive the services when the firm goes for outreach plans He is the co-founder partner and chair of the Sojourn Hotels. The Sojourn Hotel is the chain of high-end hotels which delivers hospitality services to the best across the United Kingdom.

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Felipe Montoro Jens on Unfinished Projects in Brazil

Every country needs infrastructure. It is one of the primary stimuli of any economy. However, the other reality on infrastructure is stagnation of the projects. Felipe Montoro Jens is one expert that has researched widely on the area. As an expert, he is always concerned with the effect of stagnation and lack of completion of infrastructure projects. However, the research by National Confederation (of Industry) is one of the studies that according to him have revolutionized how people view abandonment of infrastructure projects. The survey by this body indicates the sad reality that nearly 20% of the infrastructure projects in Brazil in the last 24 months are currently stagnant.

Felipe Montoro Jens specifically points out some of the areas affected by the stagnation of projects. Some of the projects affect airports projects, highways, urban mobility, waterways in Brazil and ports. Apart from the projects suffering from less than 5% of the budget allocation by the Brazilian government, abandoning the underfunded plans does more harm than good.

Nevertheless, why are there such a significant number of abandoned projects? Felipe Montoro Jens points out that there many reasons for this sad reality. According to him, many projects are incomplete, especially in Brazil, because of funding, technicalities in constructions and sometimes-administrative issues. Felipe Montoro Jens acknowledges that for a government to work on an infrastructure project there must be land compensation and this can attract legal proceedings and therefore incomplete projects. More about of Felipe at

Besides, Felipe Montoro Jens points out that poor technology to some project is also a significant contributor to stagnation and abandoned projects. The poor technique according to him stems out of the company in charge being small and lacking the necessary technology to drive the project to completion. Felipe Montoro Jens advocate for smooth partnership between all the parties in ensuring completion of the projects.

As part of the players in the infrastructure and finance sector in the fast-growing Brazilian economy, Felipe Montoro Jens is so hopeful of the future. It is important to note that all this exposure, especially on the significant stimulus of economies, is based on his educational background and experience. He is one of the widely read people in the consultation sector.

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Adam Milstein Helps Pro-Israeli Non-Profit Businesses

Adam Milstein and his wife have long since been a part of the charitable contributions that the American Jewish and Israeli-American communities have received. There was a massive and impressively generous donation of $13 million dollars that was made to the Israeli-American Council. The donation was made by the Pro-Israeli philanthropists Sheldon Adelson and Miriam Adelson. This huge donation took place during the 10th annual gala located at the Beverly Hilton.

Even though the donation was impressive, it was not the biggest. The largest donation of the event was estimated to be $16.5 million dollars. Other similar donations were made by other generous pro-Israeli philanthropists such as Haim Saban.

The Israeli-American Council is a non-profit organization that was co-founded by Adam Milstein and his wife Gila Milstein. Since its inception it has been able to achieve extraordinary leaps in its selfless purpose. One of the most notable donors stated that he was deeply invested in the long-term success of the organization because of its vision of a nation wide community with Israel in its heart. His investment is not only in the organization but in the future of the Jewish and Israeli Americans to come.

Adam Milstein came to the United States in 1981 with his family. Since then he has been able to earn an MBA from UCLA. He was also able to climb the corporate ladder of the commercial real estate business and become managing partner for the Hager Pacific Properties firm. Some of the other non-profit organizations that Adam Milstein and his wife were successfully able to co-found are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. These organizations are for the sole purpose of promoting the unity of the Israeli-American and the American Jewish communities.

Adam Milstein and his wife have been praised as being among the great Jewish leaders of our time. They have also been commended for their bold vision and passionate leadership while maintaining their unmatched generosity. Adam Milstein is the Chairman of the IAC and the organization has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing Jewish organizations in the country.

Dr. Mark McKenna Focuses on His Clients for OVME

Many people struggle to find that perfect job and be happy at what they are doing for life. Dr. Mark McKenna does not have that problem. Mark has many passions and he has learned how to put them all together to form his latest business, OVME, pronounced ‘of me’.

OVME connects consumers with the proper and best healthcare professionals. Mark’s father was a doctor and he encouraged Mark to go to medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna finished medical school at Tulane University Medical school.

Mark choose business over medical practice in New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna bought up real estate and established a portfolio of businesses that would help people in low income housing. Mark McKenna grew a strong business, but Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and wiped his business out. He stuck around to help rebuild New Orleans, but he knew the mortgage market was failing. He sold the business and ventured out to satisfy his love for medicine.

More and more people are having elective cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME, so people could be connected up to the proper professional to do those surgeries. Finding the time to discuss their situation and needs is something that Mark is trying to handle with his teams. Mark has a great repour with his clients and wants to make sure each client’s needs are met with the proper professional. Innovations through technology is allowing qualified professionals to offer remote consultations. At this point, if any clients want to go through with any of the services, they must come to OVME in Atlanta, Ga.

Dr. McKenna wants to make this step easier. He is looking into an app that would allow the patients to see the professionals in their own home when they have the time. Everything is centered around making it right for the patient.

With everything that Dr. Mark McKenna has accomplished in his earlier years, it has all lead him to make OVME successful in meeting the needs of his patients. All around the country there are health conscious people who want help for a number of aesthetic and medical services. Dr. Mark McKenna wants OVME to meet those challenges and service everyone’s needs.

The Renowned Short Seller Sahm Adrangi

Little did Sahm Adrangi knew that launching Kerrisdale Capital Management will be such an eventful journey in his career. The hedge fund has turned out to be a historic bull market that has defied all odds and has helped the 36 years old build a reputation as the best short-seller to bet against stocks successfully. And things are getting better for the Yale alumni after managing to get a 20% gain by the end of last year.

Sahm Adrangi is of Tehran origin but has spent a significant part of his life in Canada. He is now living the American dream after making a name for himself as a hedge fund manager. He intensively participates in the Hamptons organized social events that the elites find homage and indulge in enjoying various activities into late night.

His uniqueness in staying focus even when undergoing an intense financial crisis makes him stand out from other hedge fund managers. He has an incredible strength of recollecting himself and set new targets that he works hard to achieve as a way of leaving poor performance in the past and also as an effort of balancing the past ordeal.

Sahm Adrangi breakthrough and fame came about from his activism when he published a report on some Chinese companies that were conducting fraudulent activities. That activist approach alone made him gain a 180 percent returns that exponentially raised the stakes of Kerrisdale in the global market. Since the inception of Kerrisdale, most of its high returns have come from the short side even though Sahm Adrangi once said that the firm would never run net shot as the strategy is very fluid and risky, and shorting long term neither an ideal nor optimal position. Having said that Adrangi does not use Kerrisdale to make public research of quite a number of its names and neither does most of its portfolios invest in any Chinese affiliated companies.

Sahm Adrangi is an economist by profession and the way he publishes his research and findings makes him unique. He has invested heavily in hiring talented writers and skilled analysts who assist in developing articulate and detailed reports that he publishes as per his order of priority.

Jason Hope Is Excited To Be A Part Of The True Future Of Treating Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who loves being a part of the solution to age-related diseases. While there are many different health issues that people have to deal with, on a daily basis, aging is the one thing that no one can avoid. There are certain diseases that are associated with aging that many people end up with, and these diseases can reduce quality of life or, sometimes, end it. Some of the health conditions and disease that the aging population faces includes cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis, but instead of stopping these before they occur, our medical system just treats them as they happen.

Jason Hope doesn’t believe this is how it has to be, and he has found another man who works for a foundation who agrees with him. That man is Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and the foundation is the SENS Foundation, which is in existence to conduct biotechnology research that can combat age-related diseases. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and its mission, which has gone to help the foundation build a new research laboratory. The foundation is working to get to the root cause of what causes age-related diseases, and Hope supports their efforts. He believes that the public will one day be able to look at aging differently and is glad to be a part of the transformation that gets the world there.

Jason Hope’s contributions helped the SENS Foundation to build a laboratory that is uncovering the compounds that can break up the end-products of glycation. He has also done quite a bit in the way of getting the word out to the public. As a philanthropist, he is hoping that the medical establishment will move beyond conventional thinking and that it will get started with working on a future where disease is treated before it ever takes place. Jason Hope has always encouraged others to become involved with philanthropy no matter how rich or poor they are and believes that anyone can lend a hand, one way or another. He uses what he learned while earning his degree in Finance from Arizona State University as well as his other assets to make the world a better place.

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Jose Hawilla Is A Knowledgeable Entrepreneur



If you are researching successful people and want to emulate them, you need to find out what traits they have in common. Perhaps you are interested in learning about Jose Hawilla and his companies.


There are many successful entrepreneurs you can research. These individuals have certain

Characteristics in common and you need to know what they are so you can apply them in your own situation. Knowing how Hawilla deals with various business situations will certainly help you to take the right steps on your way to entrepreneurial success.


According to, before you ultimately get into any business, it is crucial that you study Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs to know how they accomplish great things. Jose Hawilla has a wealth of knowledge to provide to those who want to pursue entrepreneurship.


The path to business success is riddled with ups and downs. Entrepreneurs encounter desirable and unfavorable situations. How an entrepreneur deals with failure or obstacles will determine whether or not he or she will become successful. To become successful need to be focused so you can stay on track when the going gets tough.


Jose Hawilla knows what it’s like to encounter obstacles and he is always prepared to develop an alternative route to reach his goal. Perseverance is an important quality required to attain success in any endeavor. When a setback occurs, Jose Hawilla learns his lesson and gets back on track.


Jose Hawilla is a good businessman and highly respected entrepreneur, reveals esporte.ig . Jose Hawilla has been establishing successful companies and organizations for decades and is one of the leaders in the business world. He has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and professionals, and he makes it a top priority to address the needs of his clients and customers. He takes appropriate steps to ensure that his business partners and associates are completely satisfied with the way he handles issues.


Jose Hawilla emphasizes on the importance of immersing yourself in positive, inspiring environments and staying away from pessimists. He advises ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs to avoid negative environments and stay focused on their goal.

Jason Hope Supports SENS Research Foundation

Jason hope is a prominent philanthropist in the state of Arizona. He is most well-known for his support of research organizations that target antiaging medical techniques. In 2010 he donated $500,000 to a research foundation known as Strategies for Negligible Senescence. The foundation used these funds to make a new laboratory at Cambridge. At this laboratory, a proliferation of understanding of aging has occurred.Jason hope has a strong bond with the leader of the research foundation. Together they have decided to focus on several key areas in aging. One of the most important areas in the treatment of aging is advanced glycation end products. These are the metabolic byproducts created by cells which cause a reduction in the elasticity of human tissue.

Over time this is linked to a number of diseases including hardened arteries. With the help of Jason Hope, the organization has been able to develop several compounds that target these metabolic byproducts. Monoclonal antibodies are capable of reducing the level of glycation byproducts in the cells. This causes a reduction in the number of proteins accumulated between living cells and enhances a human’s lifespan.Mitochondria are an organelle within the cell that is responsible for the production of energy. Inside of the mitochondria, a molecule known as adenosine triphosphate is produced. This is used as fuel for all metabolic processes in the cell. These enzymes enhance restoration. Compounds are being tested that can help rejuvenate the image mitochondria and eliminate mitochondria that are incapable of being repaired. Cellular atrophy can cause the bioaccumulation of inflammatory compounds.

Chronic inflammation in the human brain is known to be associated with the risk of dementia. By reducing the level of inflammatory compounds, it is possible to reduce the risk of dementia in many related diseases. Compounds have been developed that can reduce the number of senescent cells. By reducing the number of senescent cells, there is a reduction in the production of inflammatory compounds. This causes an increase in the nutrition of healthy living cells and a decrease in the prevalence of age-related diseases within an organism. Finally, telomeres are one of the most important topics in antiaging. As an individual ages their telomeres are broken down however now compounds are being developed which can augment telomeres. By enhancing telomerase an enzyme which is capable of changing telomeres, it is possible to lengthen an individual’s lifespan and decrease the effects of age-related diseases.

OSI Industries, A Great Company

The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Industries is a meat processing company that was founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909. This company started off as a small community meat market. The company grew significantly when they began to supply meat for the large fast food chain, McDonalds. Working with the McDonalds franchise grew OSI quickly.

As of today OSI Industries is a global corporation. The company has locations located in Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Riverside. They also have locations in over 16 different countries, including regions like North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. Forbes has named the OSI Group the 58 largest privately owned company in the United States. The company also has over 20,000 employees on staff. They are doing extremely amazing as a company, over time, OSI has received multiple awards, including the multiple safety, environment, and health awards.

OSI Industries recently purchased Flagship, which is what bought their business to Europe. The purchase of Flagship brought even more diversity to the company, because Flagship is a company that sales sauces, pies, marinades,and different kinds of dressings. The president of OSI, David G. McDonald, was very excited about their new addition to the company.

Since doing business in the U.K, OSI has received on of their most honorable awards. In November of 2016 they received the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. This was big for the company because in order to receive the award, they had to undergo an audit from August of 2015-July of 2016. The British Safety Council’s environmental management has very strict guidelines to ensure health and safety of potential customers. Not only did OSI Industries undergo this audit, but they were extraordinary with how clean and efficient the company was ran. This lead to OSI winning one of the most legendary awards in the U.K!

OSI Industries is not only diverse when it comes to their locations, but they are also diverse when it comes to product. OSI Industries produces products like fish, meat patties, hot dogs, and bacon. They also produce poultry and pizza. OSI is also known for their fresh vegetables. OSI produces meat for companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza. The company has over 6 billion dollars in sales, they are doing extremely well! OSI Group is a top-of-the-line company!


ID Life Uses Science To Create Great Products

There are companies that take what has been discovered about the world and that use that to the benefit of consumers. IDLife is a company that takes what has been discovered in the scientific world and that uses that to create nutritional products that help to support a healthy lifestyle. IDLife is a company that uses the best kinds of ingredients to put out personalized products that special and that offer consumers just what they need in their life. IDLife is a company that was created to meet the needs of those who have not found the right products for their health through other companies.

IDLife has created a Kids Shake product that is something that was made with children in mind and that has the nutrients that children need inside of it. This product was created out of nutrients that will help children to live healthy lives, and it was made in a way that makes it appealing to children. IDLife cares about the young, and they have worked hard to create a product that is appealing to children and that is customized to meet the unique needs that young people have.

IDLife has created a Post Workout product that is meant to replenish the body. This product is something that gives the body all of those things that it needs to stay healthy after exercise. This is a product that is available in two flavor options and it is something that a variety of people can find helpful in their lives. The Post Workout Jar features protein and electrolytes to help a body grow strong after a person has pushed that body and worked hard to exercise it.

The brand IDLife is one that is always putting out products that meet a need for consumers who are looking to be healthy. This brand seeks to create products that are unique and that fill a need.

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