The Chainsmokers Pays Tribute to Avicii

The Chainsmokers is an American music band made up of a DJ and a producer. The duo is Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Electronic dance music pop duo made their debut in 2014 with their first breakthrough song, “Selfie”. The single made it to the top twenty single tracks in many countries all over the world. Their other single, “Roses”, also made to the top position on the US Billboard Hot 100. The duo won Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording during the 59th Grammy Awards for their “Don’t Let Me Down” single. The band has also won other awards including the American Music Award as well as the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Originally, The Chainsmokers was made up of Alex Pall and his producer Rhett Bixler who was also a former Disk Jockey. The band was then restructured in 2012 and became an EDM DJ duo under the management of Adam Alpert in the city of New York. During the restructuring, Alex was working at an art gallery in New York while Andrew Taggart was a student at Syracuse University and was doing his internship at Interscope Records.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey recently honored Avicii at the Billboard Music Awards. Avicii was a Swedish producer and disk jockey. The artists acknowledged the efforts of Avicii in revolutionizing the EDM domain before presenting Luis Fonzi with the award for Top Hot 100 song of 2018 for his track, “Despacito”. Avicii passed away at the age of 28 years on April 20.

The Chainsmokers recently topped the Billboard’s New Dance 100 list in 2018. The band is the first EDM group to be acknowledged for their efforts and talents in the EDM Pop industry. The band released a new song “Sick Boy” in January 2018. The new single integrates live instrumentation as well as the vocals of Drew Taggart. Unlike their other singles, the new song is more capturing, interesting, and catchy and it has attracted the attention of old and new fans. The duo then released the video to the song that currently has more than 136 million views on YouTube. The duo also released another single called “You Owe Me” in February.

Lovaganza Launches Campaign New Leading To The 2020 Celebrations

As an entertainment franchise, Lovaganza has organized events that will help to bring the world together. Following the announcement of the dates the highly anticipated 2020 celebrations will be held, Lovaganza has set on a mission to prepare for the event and create awareness across the world. The company has come up with measures that will see the world receive a message that will bring about togetherness and understanding.

Lovaganza has prepared teams that will organize the preparations before the event kicks off. However, this is not the only cause they are after since the company has also come up with plans to establish the Lovaganza Foundation in 2018. The role of the foundation will go beyond entertainment as this will focus on human rights and access to basic amenities that can eliminate suffering among human beings. Through the Lovaganza Foundation, children will be supported to access all the rights they need like education, clean water, food and medication to mention a few.

Before Lovaganza decided to push the celebrations to 2020, the company had chosen 2015 but after some considerations they decided to push the events to 2020. One of the arguments they held against choosing 2015 is that they would not have adequate time to prepare, and the kind of technology included in the event was not superior. With the event pushed to 2020, the company has sufficient time to gather all the materials that will make the presentations impressive. Additionally, they will easily manage to integrate new technology that will work to make the events memorable and unique.

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The traveling show
Before the main celebrations, there are many other events in between that will create awareness about the celebrations. The Traveling Show is one of the events that are meant to market the 2020 celebrations and offer information about what people should expect come 2020. It is a marketing effort that will see Lovaganza tour several places across the world in a bid to create awareness and share a preview of what people should expect during the main event in 2020.

In most countries, shooting of the trilogies that will be used during the Traveling Show has begun and they are hoping to compile the files before 2017, when the show should kick off. Lovaganza is committed to seeing unity and love spread across the world and this explains the reason the company has organized for an event that will feature all cultures across the world.

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