Richard Mishaan Design- best interior designer in New York

Richard Mishaan is an architect and an interior designer. Richard Mishaan was born in Bogota Colombia. He was however partly raised up in Italy. Currently, he lives in New York together with his family. He is popular for his ability to blend modern designs with vintage or antiques. He is among the A-list of interior designers in the world today. Richard Mishaan is highly talented and normally comes up with designs which no other designer in New York can deliver. Richard Mishaan believes that it is better to spend money once for something that you will see in many years to come than go something simplistic that will demands replacement in a short time.

Richard Mishaan is a graduate of architecture from the University of Columbia. He had earlier attended New York University for a degree in arts. Mishaan has spent most of his career designing commercial as well as residential buildings. His work as one of the best interior designers in the world today has been recognized all over the world. He has been featured in magazines such as the Elle Décor, Interior Design Magazine, and Architectural Digest. Given the publicity that he enjoys in a global platform, it goes without saying that, he is a great professional in the interior design world.

The textural designs of Richard Mishaan are very unique. They are full of sophistication and décor that cannot be matched by any other interior designer. His uniqueness has placed him on a pedestal of the king of modern design. Mishaan explores all the options available in textural designs, window treatments and wallpapers in a way that is impressive. These are the major battlegrounds for the best interior designers in the world today. For anyone interested in unique modern designs the Richard Mishaan is the designer to go to.