Whitney Wolfe Builds Women Empowerment Brand

Imagine walking into a technology company, a startup specifically that is taking over a billion dollar industry. Green juices and coffee are available on demand. Not something you commonly see you will absolutely see here-not a man in sight. This technology company is Bumble located in Austin, Texas. This company is more than a technology startup but a women empowerment revolution waiting to spark. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at vanityfair.com

The day to day operations at the Bumble headquarters may surprise you. This sixty person team is not interested in discussing the norm. Instead, these female thought leaders like to spend time ghosting. These ghosting meetings include ending contact with a partner who does not offer explanation or meaning to a relationship. They also work to outlaw the legality of men sending unwanted photographs of their male genitalia. This company is so passionate about their cause, they even meet with lawmakers to discuss legislatures.

Whitney Wolfe has created a brand that only promotes women empowerment. She has conquered this by creating the first dating app that lets women be in control. Nudity is banned. Kindness is the only thing accepted. Her app offers a breath of fresh air and overall newness to the world of dating apps. She is a twenty nine year old female CEO and wants Bumble to be the brand that breakthrough female stereotypes in romantic and professional relationships.

Whitney Wolfe is no rookie to the worlds of technology or dating apps. She is co founder of Tinder, which just happens to be a rather popular dating app. She walked away from the company and sued them for gender discrimination. The case never made it to court. But Whitney Wolfe still took home stock in Tinder and one million dollars.

This discrimination issue did not stop the means of Whitney Wolfe. She pulled herself together and created what is now Bumble. Bumble has a membership of thirty million people. These members live in Australia, the United States, Europe and other places throughout the world. She plans to expand Bumble to being a platform where women can network and create work relationships with others.

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