Securus Technologies Challenges GTL into a Professional Comparison Battle

Securus Technologies the number one provider of civil as well as criminal justice technologies solutions that is targeted toward public safety, corrections, investigation as well as monitoring stated that it was offering its main competitor, GTL a challenge so that an independent judge can decide which company between the two has variety and best products categories, the products that have recent technologies in their telephone calling platform, the most costly and cost efficient platform, and the highest quality customer services and the common metrics.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith said that the claims made by the GTL are baseless, GTL claimed that their technologies, as well as their customer services, can be compared to that of Securus Technologies. These baseless claims prompted Securus Technologies to give an opportunity to an independent judge so that he/she can evaluate both product sets which are all calling platforms as well as customer service models. Smith says that this comparison of Securus and GTL products isn’t fair since secures has invested a lot of money in the last 4 years. Smith says that they have reinvested over $700 million again into the business, some of the transaction include the acquisition of company’s technologies as well as product development together with another state of the art technology center and the US customer service center while on the other had GTL has invested just a fraction of what Securus Technologies have.


According to Smith, there are customers who have converted from GTL to Securus Technologies, he says that these customers prefer Securus’ technology, economics as well as excellent customer service. Smith questions what GTL has done, he says that one has to look in details of the both platforms, the technologies, scalability, the investment made as well as the product capabilities. Smith concluded by saying that if both platforms are compared they will prevail on the factors that matter Securus would prevail.


How Securus Technologies is Bringing Joy to Families

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. It is among the biggest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and management solutions for government information. The company serves around 2600 correctional facilities in 45 countries including Canada, the District of Columbia, Mexico, and over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. The company is known as a leader in offering complete, innovative technical solutions, and responsive customer service. Securus is committed to specialized needs of the communities of corrections and law enforcement. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has four regional offices in Atlanta and Dallas metro area.


We get to see how Securus is connecting families on Christmas by using their video visitation technology on a video that it posted on YouTube about communication during Christmas. I believe that this is such an excellent opportunity for inmates to be able to communicate with their families through a video. Christmas is a period to come together as families and connect. This is technically impossible for inmates who are locked up in prison. Securus Technology comes in to assist. They arrange for video calls for prisoners with their families. Children are able to talk to their parents who are in prison during Christmas and get the feeling of togetherness. This takes away the loneliness of inmates who feel that they are far away from their family members. The best thing about this video visitation technology is that it is different from the usual phone calls. One can only hear the other person’s voice on a phone call. The inmates can physically see their family members and also show them the gifts that they prepared for them for Christmas through the video visitation. Securus company ensure that all prisoners get to spend time with their families at such special season of the year.


We see a young girl conversing with her father who is in prison on this YouTube video. It is obvious that the kid is jubilant to see her father. She shows him what she prepared for him for Christmas. The Father gets the opportunity to wish her a happy merry Christmas. Securus is making the impossible to be possible and bringing families together. It brings joy to them during the Christmas time. They believe that the inmates are important people in the society and they should also enjoy the privileges that ordinary people enjoy including having a Good Merry Christmas.


Securus Technologies Releases THREADS 3.1

THREADS 3.1 is here and the United States corrections industry can take advantage of this big data analytical tool. THREADS 3.1 has been developed by Dallas, TX’s Securus Technologies, a company known for producing incredible software and programming solutions for correctional facilities. THREADS 3.1 reveals a number of major upgrades to the earlier version of the released software program. The new enhancements present on this release display a variety of incredible improvements.

With the new upgrade, the interface is going to be easier navigate and a host of cumbersome actions have been deleted. The current version features scores of enhancements that previous customers have long clamored for. Securus has listened to the words of those customers and met their requests. Additionally, those who own previous versions of the software may upgrade for free.

Since the customers in question are correctional facility staff members tasked with monitoring suspicious calls, it is critical the software program works with maximum efficiency. Securus put a lot of work into advancing the previous release. The work and effort has yielded a solid new program.

Devices for prison/jail staff are not the only impressive releases bearing this company’s name. Securus Technologies has also developed programs and apps for inmates and their families. Securus has designed solid Youtube like app for video, email, and voicemail systems to better help communications between those incarcerated [watch it here:] and their friends and loved ones.