Bruce Levenson Head to Head over Ferry Deal

New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the former ownership of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entrepreneurship LLC (AHBE) for breach of contract that involved settlement claims made by Danny Ferry, a former Manager. This lawsuit doesn’t include the present ownership of AHBE led by Tony Ressler.


The lawsuits seeks to address the insurance bad faith coupled with breach of contract. Through the lawsuit AHBE insists that it was covered for certain employment related losses such as wrong termination among other losses. On April AHBE submits that it notified AIG, the insurance, that the claims made by Ferry were covered.

In June 2015, Hawks had signed a secret buyout contract with Ferry. Accordingly, they terminated the relation that started in 2012 agreeing to an $18 million contract that was to last six years. Days after the termination of the relationship the franchise was sold to the group led by Ressler. See,

Policy Triggered or Not

According to, the current ownership has distanced itself from the suit and the claims therein. The lawsuit asserted that AIG failed to acknowledge there was a claim made triggering the policy. AHBE is also disgruntled that AIG failed to accept coverage or participate in defense of the claims when Ferry’s counsel met Hawks. The claim simply accuses AIG of failing to pay for covered losses.

In bad faith AIG has failed to pay Mr. Ferry, yet it had acknowledged that certain of the claims made by Mr. Ferry had triggered the policy. AHBE submits that AIG did not have any reasonable basis to refute the argument. The representation for AHBE, James J. Leonard & Thornburg LLP, points out that claim was clear for all to see.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, 67 years old and father of three, is a husband to Karen. He is an American business personality. He once owned an NBA team and is a renowned philanthropist. He once was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. He attended Law School at American University. To read more about Levenson’s philanthropic works, visit


The American Dream Under Fire: Glenn Beck’s Anti-Semitic Assault on George Soros

The well-known philanthropist and investor, George Soros, embodies, and perhaps emboldens, the spirit of the American dream. His journey from a young Jewish teen in Nazi-occupied Hungary, to ranking among the richest investors in the world, certainly dares one to dream.

George Soros was born into a Jewish family in Budapest in 1930. As a 13-year-old boy, Soros witnessed the occupation of Hungry by Nazi Germany in March 1944. With the help of counterfeit documents falsifying his family’s identity, Soros’s family escaped the tragic fate that took the lives of millions during the Holocaust. After the war ended, Soros left Hungary to study at the London School of Economics. In 1956, George Soros came to America and took a job Wall Street, where his continued success positions him among the top individuals on Forbes list of the wealthiest in the world.

Apart from his monetary success, few have done more than Soros to bring an end to communism around the world. Soros’ first Open Society office was established in Budapest in 1984—challenging the states’ control of information. George Soros continued to spread this concept throughout the Soviet Empire and, for his efforts, has long been revered as an advocate for pro-democracy initiatives as well as progressive and liberal domestic agendas.

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Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

George Soros – The New York Times

However, the viewers tuning into Glenn Beck’s three-part series on Soros walked away with an entirely different impression. Beck, known for his radical right-wing demagoguery, used his time and influence on Fox News to construct a false reality and galvanize support from his audience using all-to-familiar anti-Semitic tropes.

Beck suggests that Soros is not only anti-Semitic but is unrepentant of his role as a 14-year-old boy in the confiscation of Jewish property while living in Nazi-occupied Hungary. As if such accusations were not enough, Beck describes Soros as a “Puppet Master:” an evil manipulator who is seeking a global state in which he can assume complete control. To be fair, Beck is not the only conspiracy theorist making such claims. The Hungarian Right is well known for their overt anti-Semitism. However, in Hungary such positions are called what they are: anti-Semitic.

Beck presents to his followers a world in which reality is dialectically opposed to his own right-wing, conspiracy ridden, alternate reality, where old-school anti-Semitism has once again found refuge. Hannah Arendt warns that “before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality into their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such.” Airing on 9 November 2010, the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht—the massive pogrom against the Jews in Nazi Germany in 1939—Beck’s series, portraying Soros as the “Puppet Master,” does more than falsify the facts. Glenn Beck, with the media giant Fox News behind him, utilizes destructive and dehumanizing anti-Semitic rhetoric as a means with which to incite fear and evoke action.

Given the polarity between Beck and Soros, one can only hope that the American dream will continue to be defined by the likes of George Soros, and not Glen Beck.

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