JustFab Ready to Go Public

In a recent article in the LA Times, JustFab is featured as they are a start-up doing so well that they are ready to go public. In the world of e-commerce, the fact that they are ready to make this big step shows how successful they are.

JustFab, the California-based subscription clothing service, has made a name for itself sending its now 4 million members different shoes, handbags, and clothing of their choosing. Over the years, JustFab has acquired exclusive brands like Shoe Dazzle and Fabletics. The model of the subscription based clothing service is that members are only billed for the box of goods and what they choose to keep.

Many start ups are not as popular, but Just Fab keeps gaining steam. Some start ups have laid off employees and others have reported losses or even closed their doors. JustFab reported their first major profits in the first quarter of 2016.

If Just Fab stays on this track, they could make an upwards of 650 million, which is an increase of 505 million from the previous year. Adam Goldberg, co-founder, says the company is ready to take it to the next level. Some changes include a name change to be revealed in August, and the addition of Todd Tappin, who is known for taking companies public. Goldenberg says the company is headed towards IPO status, but he won’t respond as to when.

Goldenberg tried to make himself set apart from the rest of the companies. He constantly worked towards innovating the services, bringing new brands, and upgrading the membership services. JustFab has improved the customer experience and worked hard to stay ahead of the trend.

JustFab is a subscription based clothing service where members get special access to discounts and deals. They have access to the whole clothing line and special previews. Members sign up and take a personalized survey to help the site tailor the clothes to their style.

This company allows customers to choose if they will buy items or adjust membership as needed. The wide variety of clothes and brands is what has kept JustFab ahead of the game and still growing.