The Need to Know on George Soros and The New Group he is Funding

Have you ever thought that you could make a difference in the would if you had some money? While George Soros has money and is trying to do just that. He just recently decided that he should invest $2 million for a cause and did it. What was this cause? There is a group of people who are trying to make the justice system a little better by taking someone out of it who is damaging it and this campaign is the one that George Soros donated his money to. This group is going directly against Joe Arpaio. Who is this man? He is a Sheriff in Arizona that has made a big splash in the department in a really bad way. Not only has Soros made it his goal to see that this campaign gets all the money that they need but he also has made sure to give a lot of his money to campaigns that are trying to protect the decency of law enforcement.

If ever there was someone who had wanted to make their money count in terms of spending it, George Soros would definitely fit the bill with a lot of money having been spent on the measures put into practice for justice. By the standards of this year though he has spent more of his money with this campaign than any other campaign he has funded all through the year for the race. The passion that George Soros feels in terms of the two most important types of reform is very visible in his actions and this passion has obviously been the reason for his spending so much in terms of money.

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If there has ever been an individual who could have won an award for not caring about their responsibilities or what happens to everyone around them because of their negligence, that award would go to Arpaio. His own personal problems to do with illegal immigration have cause many decisions that were bad to be made by him. These decisions have effect many different people all over. The problem is Mr. Arpaio no longer cares about his job. When it comes to being a Sheriff you not only just focus on one matter and call it a day. Your job as a Sheriff is to protect the people and make sure that everyone gets what they need. It is unfortunate when people go this way and put lives at risk and that is exactly what Arpaio has done.

The campaign that is being run to protect Arpaio is attempting the impossible of making it so that the campaign that Soros funded stops. The group that is not for Arpaio is going to stop at nothing in order to make sure that the Sheriff who has neglected his duties is not able to become Sheriff ever again. The systems that have already been put into place by the government are being corrupted at every turn by all of the things that Arpaio does and it is time to put his reign of terror to an end and put someone in who will actually protect the people, not endanger them just to fullfil a horrid agenda.

The world within Arizona is in need of a big change. The change that it needs can be fixed with one simple race and the campaign will make sure that everything goes right in order to make it happen. George Soros loves this country and wants to make sure that everyone in it stays safe and follows by the system that is put in place for a reason. He is doing a great job at making a difference in the world and while he and the campaign that George Soros funded may have a bit of time to go before they can beat Joe Arpaio, they most certainly are doing an amazing job at getting it done.

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