Anil Chaturvedi: Not Many Can Be Him, Lead Like Him and Help Companies Like Him

It’s a bit justifiable to say that only few people can succeed in banking. There are many bank managers who go bankrupt or go bust in their leadership. There are bankers who get fired because of the failures that they cause in their work. It’s also hard to imagine a world where bankers cannot be affected by the volatile changes in the global economy. However, there are exceptions. We still have bankers like Anil Chaturvedi who is able to both build a reputable name, career and contribution in banking, but also has helped grow many banks and companies under his leadership.


One important aspect of the career of Mr. Chaturvedi that not many people know about is the fact that he had an impeccable educational foundation. He attended Meerut University, India, in 1971, and from there he learned every theoretical foundation for private banking, investment banking and commercial banking.


His professional pursuits have also resulted to a lot of formative changes and growth to the companies that he’s been running. After attending Delhi School of Economics, finishing his M.B.A. there, Mr. Chaturvedi held leadership positions as the Branch Manager of the State Bank of India. It was there that he found all the real-world financial situations that he could apply the formal training that he gained in his Masters. It was in the position that he was able to hone his skills in undergoing stressful administrative situations that would test his resolve.


It might be more important to note here, too, that Mr. Chaturvedi also became the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, under its Private Banking division. Being part of the economy of Switzerland means that he has the acumen and superb diverse skillset that could understand the unique financial set-up in Switzerland that’s different from his place of origin.


The main responsibilities of Mr. Chaturvedi at Hinduja Bank include facilitating cross-border alliances and networks that would build a financially healthy environment for all the parties involved, including the banks in USA, Asia and Europe. The mergers and acquisitions under the guidance of Mr. Chaturvedi have also resulted to resolving many companies’ distressed assets and sustaining their credit syndication back into the most ideal shape.

PSI-Pay Is Making Payment Seamless

PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables Affiliate

Credit cards are winning the race in Britain for consumer usage. PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables are planning to increase that usage. Now that PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables have joined forces, they offer a contactless payment technology that uses a ring or card and RFID technology to make point of sale purchases. In order to make a purchase the customer only needs to tap the ring or card on the merchant’s device. It’s a PIN free and signature free experience. The transactions are limited for security purposes. In the UK, a person can only make a single contactless purchase of up to thirty pounds. The money is still available, as each ring is connected to a card in case bigger purchases need to be made.

PSI-Pay History and Usage

PSI-Pay has been providing services locally and internationally since 2007. PSI-Pay is licensed under the European Union money regulations to allow the company to provide money electronically. PSI-Pay has been on board with Mastercard, offering prepaid cards, virtual cards, and debit cards since 2009. Contactless payments have not only hit the market by storm for the younger consumer but research has shown that consumers over sixty years old are also enjoying the new program and have already outnumbered the amount of younger users ages 18-25 years old.

Cashless Transportation Expansion In Future?

The system has become so popular, the UK Cards Association is now trying to get the public transportation services onboard. If public transportation joins the movement it could rapidly reduce the amount of time wasted standing in line for paper tickets and other old forms of payment. This system would also reduce lines in retail shops or areas where large crowds are expected. Even though a cashless society sounds inevitable at this point, cash is still a strong contender in the UK. Currently, there are about seventy billion pound notes still in circulation. The pressures of consumers and business participants will continue the push towards a completely cashless society.

PSI-Pay’s Revenue Growth

PSI-Pay has been steadily increasing in volume. In 2015 the business volume increased by 29% and income revenue was up 45%. Income revenue was up 15% the prior year. Phil Davies, PSI-Pay’s Managing Director attributes the rapid growth to the company’s promotional efforts, launching the affiliate program, new products, as well as furthering global expansion. He is very pleased with the success of the company’s payment card sponsorships they’ve received.

Talos Energy’s Dedication Pays Off

No matter what people do to make sure they’re running a business right, there will always be struggles. Talos Energy knows this and also knows how to fight all the struggles they’ve had in the past. As a company, they’ve come a long way to show people how things will improve and how things will always be better no matter the issues people face with the options they have. It’s their goal to always give everyone the options they need and they know there are things that will happen that could make or break the business. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving back and making things easier for everyone. It’s their goal to give everyone the energy they need.

As long as Talos Energy keeps their goals in mind, they know they can continue offering all the best options to those who need it. They’ve always wanted people to realize they’re doing things right and they’re doing everything they can to promote positive opportunities. Unless they must work in different areas, Talos Energy will keep offering these things to those who are in need of their help.

When Talos Energy took over Stone Energy, they knew what they wanted to do. While they are still in the middle of the merger and the acquisition, they plan to keep helping Stone Energy in any way they can. They’ve spent a lot of time trying to show people things will get better no matter what. If they spend their time allowing people to see how they’ve made a difference with Stone Energy, they will show them all the options they have. It’s their goal to always give people a chance at a better future no matter what issues they have on their own.

After doing big things like becoming one of the biggest energy companies in the United States and drilling for offshore resources in Mexico, Talos Energy knows what they need to do. They spend their time trying to show people that things will keep getting better. If they know how they can help others, they’ll keep feeling good about the things they have. It’s their goal to always give back and never give in when it comes to how hard they work. They didn’t get where they are by sitting back and trying to hope for success to come to them passively without any hard work involved.

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Enhanced Athlete Helps People Reach Fitness Goals

Enhanced Athlete always works on helping athletes. They know it’s important to give athletes a chance at better performance and they do what they can to provide them with those opportunities. For Enhanced Athlete, the point of their business is giving people the ideas they can use to get better no matter what sport they enjoy doing. They’ve spent a lot of time coming up with new techniques to help others with the issues they have in their athletic journey’s and they know what to do. They also use expert techniques to come up with the ideas that allow them the chance to perform better.


When Enhanced Athlete’s sister company, Enhanced Coaching, started working to help others, they felt they were doing a great job of giving back to the community. The people they coached were grateful for the options they had from the company. They were also pleased with the results they got from the coaching experiences the company offered. It was a big part of the way they worked and it’s what helped them through all the things they wanted to accomplish. Since they knew what people were looking for, Enhanced Coaching could give it to them in any instance.


To go along with their coaching and other business opportunities, Enhanced Athlete launched Enhanced Gear. They knew there were things people could use to make their athletic experience the best it could be. By looking at all the gear they could use, Enhanced Athlete offered them the chance to try different things. They also offered them the ability to make things easier on their own. For Enhanced Athlete, the point of Enhanced Gear is giving athletes the chance to try things that will show them how to get better with the experiences they have. It will also help them increase their levels of performance.


Even though there are other differences people can use to look at their success and how far they’ve come, Enhanced Athlete makes sure they’re giving the right kind of advice. When people see how successful they can perform while using Enhanced Athlete, they’re motivated by even better results. The business has always wanted people to see that things will make sense for them and that things will get better no matter what. It’s their idea of giving back and their idea of helping people through the different options they have. Enhanced Athlete spends a lot of time learning about the right techniques to help their business.

Jason Hope Donates Half a Million Dollars to Anti Aging Research

Philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur, Jason Hope has donated half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to anti-aging medicine and technology.

Recognizing growing scientific interest in research related to the treatment of age-related disease, Hope concludes that for medical science to advance, preventative treatment must become a point of focus.

“We all want to live longer, healthier lives,” Hope says. “To achieve this, we much change our approach to medicine. It’s not only about treating disease and the effects of aging, it’s about prevention.”

It is a widely accepted fact that the state of medicine, particularly in the west, is much more oriented toward treating diseases and medical conditions after symptoms have manifested. We eat heavily processed foods, inhabit contaminated environments, and shirk the advice of health experts all in the hope that doctors will repair the damage after dangerous conditions emerge.

More and more, people are turning to health solutions outside of mainstream medicine. The long-term effects of Internet-based folk remedies are yet to be seen. But the evidence is clear that people are losing their confidence in the medical community.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona where he received his MSU and a degree in finance from the Arizona State University Carey School of Business. Through his work in business consulting, politics, and philanthropy, he has shown a dedication to a multi-faceted approach to changing the culture surrounding the way we treat aging and age-related health conditions.

The SENS Foundation became involved in anti-aging research in 2009 and quickly became an important name in the field. The foundation runs the “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research program which was previously operated by the Methuselah Foundation.

The goal of the SENS Foundation is to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.” Their approach focuses on repairing living cells and extracellular material. This is in direct contrast with traditional geriatric medicine which is interested only in treating the conditions that arise from the breakdown of the system over time. SENS researchers believe that by addressing aging on the cellular level, the aging process and the degeneration associated with it will become curable.

Hope told reporter Marianne Haynes, “I’m invested in SENS because I believe in their work. I understand how essential it is to the advancement of medicine. SENS has the power to redefine the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries completely.”


What are Matt Badialis Freedom Checks? Are they real?

Matt Badiali made news recently with his viral video in which he flaunts a fat check. The check is tempting for many reasons. Apart from the fact that it bears a huge sum in payment, it has some semblance with the kind of checks that are issued by the US Treasury; creating an impression that they are issued by the government of the United States. While there is an element of government involvement, it has come to emerge that the checks aren’t really from some kind of government programs such as Medicare or anything like that. However, for the Freedom checks to see the light of day, the issuer must have fulfilled some expectations as outlined in Statute 26-F. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The Genesis of the Freedom Checks

Sometime in 1987, the US Congress passed legislation that established what has now come to be known as Master Limited Partnerships. It is a program that allows some companies to operate tax-free. The companies must meet some minimum requirements though. Two major requirements must be fulfilled for a company to stand a chance of being admitted into the MLPs. Such a company must be generating 90% of its returns from oil exploration and transportation in the USA. Secondly, that such a company must issue out 90% of its profits to its shareholders. So Matt Badiali is right in several ways, that if you invest in such a company, you stand a chance of receiving a huge check. Currently, there are 568 Master Limited Partnerships companies in the USA. The rationale behind tax exemption for such companies is that it is such companies that make America energy sufficient. Matt Badiali stumbled on the facts of the checks from MLPs when he was doing projects for a big Player in the oil and gas industry. He had a chance to interact in depth with the CEOs of various oil and gas companies. So, he extracted the invaluable information about what he has come to refer to as Freedom Checks

The Value of the Checks

The Checks have been noted to have better returns than government programs such as 401(k). According to the information available regarding the checks, currently, Master Limited Companies will pay out over $ 3.6 billion dollars in dividends by the end of 2018. Given that the companies are limited in number, that’s a huge figure by any estimates. Matt Badiali calls them Freedom because with such returns Americans can get the financial freedom they so yearn for. The money paid out through the checks can also be an important economic catalyst. Check:




Mike Baur And Creating New Jobs In Tech Startups

For many years, Switzerland’s economy was rooted in banking and if you wanted the best paying job in that nation, you sought to become successful in investment banking. But that’s not really the case anymore as one former banker can attest to, and he’s now feeding a new entrepreneurial spirit that’s taken hold of Switzerland. That former banker is Mike Baur, the former head of commercial banking at UBS and Clariden Leu and the current President of the Swiss Startup Factory. Instead of managing financial capital for the nation’s wealthiest investors, he’s now managing human capital and helping these new entrepreneurs take their wildest ideas and put them into a real business plan that can become reality in a very short time. Baur is very picky on who he chooses to invest in, but the SSUF has already seen thousands of brand new companies take off from its portfolio.


Banking was said to be the beginning and final destination of Mike Baur’s life since entering into it as a teenager. He was accepted to the apprenticeship program at UBS Bank and he was told by an older manager that if he accomplished certain goals and got his education within a time frame, he would get promoted at points in that road map and reach his retirement goal at the right age. Baur loved what he heard and worked hard at his career, and even while he was only in his 20s he started seeing how that road map was working out. However, he started having a change of heart about staying at UBS sometime later, and it wasn’t long after leaving it for Clariden Leu that the bank went under. Baur worked for Clariden Leu until it was bought out by Credit Suisse, and then quit the banking career for good upon clashing with upper management.


Mike Baur looked for new business opportunities upon quitting banking, and upon noticing how many entrepreneurs were coming out of college with the knowledge to succeed but lacking the capital to do so, he decided to start the accelerator so they could get that capital quickly. In 2014, he and Max Meister teamed up with Oliver Walzer and some other investment firms to make it happen. From training conferences to live coaching and instructing its entrants on how to make investment pitches, the SSUF puts ideas to the test to see if they’re truly actionable plans. Fintech Fusion and CTI Group have also made this accelerator possible.


A Game Changer Is Among Us. Meet Talk Fushion

Talk Fushion, two-time award-winner for their Video Chat, is shaking up the global market once again by expanding their video and direct selling company to New Delhi, India. The great, innovative, communications company, which operates in over 140 countries has been known for being a front runner in the WebRTC video communications space. Talk Fushion has received an abundance amount of praise for developing cutting-edge products such as Video Email, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and live meetings and video chat. Talk Fusion’s Founder & CEO Bob Reina has shown great excitement in this transition to India and has stated, “This country is flooded with excited Associates and people are ready to go. They’re very energized and can’t wait to take part in Talk Fusion Instant Pay.”


Talk Fusion isn’t a rookie when it comes to game of marketing. The company has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry, and it has been growing at a very steady pace. It was created by founder, CEO, and former police officer Bob Reina. Reina was introduced to the direct selling and multi-level marketing in the 1990’s. What’s interesting is the fact that Bob had no sales experience but was able to developed a duplicate four-step system which has made him and his company very successful. What has separated Talk Fushion from all its competitors over the past ten years is its mass market appeal to consumers. Compared to other competitors, Talk Fushion actually offers an online product where people can stand out and receive results. Talk Fushion is also revolutionizing the online market by providing WebRTC (Real-Time Communications). A technology that is set to create a massive shift in the video marketing industry by powering browser-to-browser communications, eliminating the need for internal or external plugins, and making everything from file sharing to video streaming smoother, and better in quality. Learn more:

ID Life Uses Science To Create Great Products

There are companies that take what has been discovered about the world and that use that to the benefit of consumers. IDLife is a company that takes what has been discovered in the scientific world and that uses that to create nutritional products that help to support a healthy lifestyle. IDLife is a company that uses the best kinds of ingredients to put out personalized products that special and that offer consumers just what they need in their life. IDLife is a company that was created to meet the needs of those who have not found the right products for their health through other companies.

IDLife has created a Kids Shake product that is something that was made with children in mind and that has the nutrients that children need inside of it. This product was created out of nutrients that will help children to live healthy lives, and it was made in a way that makes it appealing to children. IDLife cares about the young, and they have worked hard to create a product that is appealing to children and that is customized to meet the unique needs that young people have.

IDLife has created a Post Workout product that is meant to replenish the body. This product is something that gives the body all of those things that it needs to stay healthy after exercise. This is a product that is available in two flavor options and it is something that a variety of people can find helpful in their lives. The Post Workout Jar features protein and electrolytes to help a body grow strong after a person has pushed that body and worked hard to exercise it.

The brand IDLife is one that is always putting out products that meet a need for consumers who are looking to be healthy. This brand seeks to create products that are unique and that fill a need.

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Richard Mishaan Design: Consistently One of the Best Interior Design Firms in New York for More Than Two Decades

Home décor magazines are quite popular in New York. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, people are eager to brighten up their living spaces with ideas from New York’s best interior designers. A name that has featured numerous times in such magazines is Richard Mishaan. The founder and manager of Richard Mishaan Design is considered interior design royalty in New York, and for a good reason.


Brought up in Colombia, Richard Mishaan moved to the United States in his adulthood and studied at the University of New York. He began his career working for the famed architect, Phillip Johnson. The brief experience with Mr. Johnson laid sparked his interest in design and led him on a path to become one of the most skilled and unique in New York’s interior design industry. As opposed to holding him back, his educational background in architecture gave him an edge over his peers by enabling him to see perspectives others did not. Soon after graduating with his postgraduate degree, Mishaan decided that it was time he created his artistic designs. Therefore, about two-and-a-half decades ago, he founded the firm, Richard Mishaan Design


Richard Mishaan is what many would call an interior design purist. He does not believe in boundaries when working on his projects. Consequently, a look through Richard Mishaan Design’s portfolio reveals spaces that combine modernity and antiquity in a peculiar but aesthetic and functional manner. His secret life is that he draws much of the inspiration for these designs from his own experiences. Growing up in Colombia exposed him to color and historical art. Equally, his move to New York exposed him to symmetry and modern art. Consequently, the designs he creates are merely representations of the various experiences he has had in life. Since these experiences cannot be bought or copied, Richard Mishaan Design has consistently remained at the top for the last 26 years.