Sheldon Lavin: Including Work Information

Sheldon Lavin serves OSI Group as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group now is a big producer of food in the world. Under Lavin’s leadership it’s been dedicated to rational production of food. This attempt is based on the extensive background of accepting the issues and bonuses of technology that’s cutting-edge. Being in the role of an innovator in the sector of food isn’t a new difficulty for OSI.

OSI Group has gone from a butcher shop in the Chicago neighborhood to an essential supplier of chain restaurants. It then went from a main supplier of a basic carrier for McDonald’s chain restaurants. This was located in the American Midwest. It is also a worldwide conglomerate of food which has been one of the greatest impressive stories of businesses. This was since the previous century. Also, Sheldon Lavin since the middle of the 1970s, he’s been manager of that striking increase. In dusk of his work life, Lavin was guide of OSI Group. This was to acceptance of modern approaches and technologies. This is so they can move up productivity and move down the environmental footprint. This is of operations of the company. Sustainability is currently s core prisms which OSI management is making practical decisions.

As in the attitude with OSI new methods and approaches get created and suitable as the company sees the worldwide need for more food production that’s good for the environment and continual. That got both Sheldon Lavin and OSI to get many distinguished awards of sustainability. An example is the California Green Business Award. In Lavin’s eyes the awards are the excellent achievement of a career of business that’s illustrious and extensive.

Because of its extensive and powerful growth, in partnership with McDonald’s under the leadership of his. Sheldon Lavin actually became the only one controlling OSI’s interest after the final partner of Lavin had retired. This occurred in the 2000s. When Lavin was interviewed he explained they he would have went back to original finance career if OSI wouldn’t have greatly increased.

Peter Briger, pushing Fortress Investment Group to greater heights

Fortress Investment Group LLC is on the verge of entering into corporate lending as it prepares to under SoftBank Group Corp.’s ownership. The matter is privy to a few people who said the company aims to raise around $2 billion for its initial fund dedicated to direct lending. For the firm’s fifth, flagship credit opportunities, it is targeting $5 billion, the exact figure with which it closed the fund’s most recent itineration in 2015.

Peter Briger, Fortress Investment’s co-chairman, and the principal has served the firm under several management positions. Since 2002 when he joined Fortress, he has been a member of the Management Committee. He created the Fortress credit business which he now oversees, and the firm currently has over 300 employees and focuses on distressed and illiquid credit investments as well as undervalued assets.

Besides working at Fortress, Peter Briger sat on the Princeton University Investment Company’s Board of Directors. He obtained his bachelor of arts from Princeton University and got his MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Peter, alongside two Princeton’s alumni, established a pilot funding program aimed at helping recent alumni entrepreneurs with their startup firms. Briger has also funded a Princeton professorship and serves in caliber schools.

To further his philanthropic endeavors, Peter is on the board of Tipping point which is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families. He also serves on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. Peter Briger is a Council of Foreign Relations’ member, an organization that promotes the broader understanding of issues related to foreign policy among elected officials and citizens.

Peter Briger was the co-founder of Goldman’s Special Situations Group in 1997, a group which sometimes gets the credit for being the primary driver of Goldman’s revenue in the past decade. He worked at Goldman, Sachs, & Co for 15 years and became a partner in 1996. While at Goldman, Peter was on several committees including Japan Executive Committee and the Asian Management Committee. He held various leadership positions such as being the co-head of the Asian Distressed Debt business and the Special Opportunities (Asia). Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter Briger views Bitcoin as a digital gold and a cheaper method of money transfer. During a meeting with a Wells Fargo executive, Peter added that America lacked a Bitcoin regulated Exchange as they discussed how to create the first Bitcoin controlled exchanges worldwide. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Mike Baur And Creating New Jobs In Tech Startups

For many years, Switzerland’s economy was rooted in banking and if you wanted the best paying job in that nation, you sought to become successful in investment banking. But that’s not really the case anymore as one former banker can attest to, and he’s now feeding a new entrepreneurial spirit that’s taken hold of Switzerland. That former banker is Mike Baur, the former head of commercial banking at UBS and Clariden Leu and the current President of the Swiss Startup Factory. Instead of managing financial capital for the nation’s wealthiest investors, he’s now managing human capital and helping these new entrepreneurs take their wildest ideas and put them into a real business plan that can become reality in a very short time. Baur is very picky on who he chooses to invest in, but the SSUF has already seen thousands of brand new companies take off from its portfolio.


Banking was said to be the beginning and final destination of Mike Baur’s life since entering into it as a teenager. He was accepted to the apprenticeship program at UBS Bank and he was told by an older manager that if he accomplished certain goals and got his education within a time frame, he would get promoted at points in that road map and reach his retirement goal at the right age. Baur loved what he heard and worked hard at his career, and even while he was only in his 20s he started seeing how that road map was working out. However, he started having a change of heart about staying at UBS sometime later, and it wasn’t long after leaving it for Clariden Leu that the bank went under. Baur worked for Clariden Leu until it was bought out by Credit Suisse, and then quit the banking career for good upon clashing with upper management.


Mike Baur looked for new business opportunities upon quitting banking, and upon noticing how many entrepreneurs were coming out of college with the knowledge to succeed but lacking the capital to do so, he decided to start the accelerator so they could get that capital quickly. In 2014, he and Max Meister teamed up with Oliver Walzer and some other investment firms to make it happen. From training conferences to live coaching and instructing its entrants on how to make investment pitches, the SSUF puts ideas to the test to see if they’re truly actionable plans. Fintech Fusion and CTI Group have also made this accelerator possible.


Bob Reina: He Has It Figured Out

Bob Reina has things figured out when it comes to the business world and the great thing is the fact that he is always looking for ways to gain even more knowledge and more information on business. People know him as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a company that has earned awards for being the very best in voice, data, and chat. As a matter of fact, they won two awards in 2016 for being such a productive product. One of the awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award. Bob Reina is a firm and strong believer in the power of communication. Learn more:


This falls in line with what needs to change in the world, overall. When people chat with one another and open up their hearts and spill their guts, amazing things can come out of it. One of the worst things that can happen is for someone to live their life feeling like they can’t say anything or they have to hold in their feelings. Bob Reina does not want that for anyone out there. With his products, no matter the distance, people can chat with each other and through chatting; they come up with some tremendous solutions to the problems at hand. Learn more:


That is why Bob Reina came up with Talk Fusion when he wanted to send out a video email. Little did he know, it would grow to the point of where they also have video newsletters, video conferences, and video chats. They truly have it all in the palm of their hand, literally. These are the tools to happiness and these can also be the tools of communication. When they are used right, they can produce amazing results that really wow the people. Bob Reina is hoping to keep inspiring people and keep figuring out what they want. Learn more:


It is easy to figure out what people want when you sit down and listen to them and communicate with them. There is that word again: communicate or communication. It is a great word that can do anything for anyone.


Talk Fusion’s CEO Back to MarTech Advisor as a Guest Author

Bob Reina is one of the pioneers of marketing through video. He was the first man to realize the untapped potential of video marketing. Back in 2007, he started a business that has helped many businesses grow their sales and expand their profit margins. Bob recently wrote an article on the MarTech advisor about how video marketing as a trend and how it will affect businesses operations this year. The Article will be read by over a million people, and just like his previous articles, it is expected to offer positive impact.


In his article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017”, Bob says that the use of video is not just a marketing tool but also a valuable instrument for every advertiser to utilize. Information is treasured, and so is the means through which the said information is communicated. Using video creates a good impression and lasting memory in the minds of your clients. He analyzes how video marketing affected businesses in 2016 and gives insight into how it will be used in 2017 and the years to come. In his opinion, the time for making video marketing is now. Learn the techniques and styles used and take your business to a higher level.


In his Talk Fusion platform, Bob and his team of IT specialists can help promote businesses and their products through the use of engaging, memorable and involving videos. This is achieved by studying the market trends in that line of business and consumer trends.


Bob is commonly known as the CEO of the world’s first one on one video advertising medium, Talk Fusion. He is also a great philanthropist; through his organization, he has helped many homeless animals. Bob had served in Tampa Bay police department before he started Talk Fusion. He is also a great contributor of the Huffington post as well. Bob Reina promotes and strives to create a humane society by advocating against animal cruelty. In peoples’ eyes, he is not just a founder and a CEO; he is a great friend and mentor. Due to his outstanding work ethics and passion for network marketing, Bob has achieved great success in his entrepreneurial ventures.





Bruce Levenson’s Work As Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks And Building Philanthropic Organizations

Bruce Levenson is a prominent figure in the NBA as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks and their representative on the NBA’s Board of Governors. He owned the majority of the Atlanta Hawks’ shares after purchasing the team as part of a packaged deal in 2004. He decided to sell the team in 2015 in a Forbes reported $850 million deal to business magnate Tony Ressler, but in the midst of this sale he’s taken the team’s former insurance provider to court over failure to honor a policy. The policy allowed for former General Manager Danny Ferry to file a claim in the event of wrongful termination and Ferry’s attorneys maintain that he was eligible to receive payments from this claim. Levenson and the other former owners are in the midst of a long settlement for this situation.

Bruce Levenson is the cofounder of United Communications Group (UCG), a company he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started in a small apartment in a Washington D.C. neighborhood. Levenson loved writing and journalism growing up, and he got his bachelor’s degree in the field from Washington University and also contributed to the Washington Star newspaper on the side. He had also thought about going into law and attended American University’s law school where he got his J.D., but the success of his new company in 1977 prompted him to stay focused on journalism. UCG began publishing many industry newsletters and today is a large scale technology service company. See,

Levenson also helped build several philanthropic organizations including Hoop Dreams, “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. He’s also a member of the Holocaust Memorial Museum Board of Trustees and his mother-in-law once told her story of survival of the event when the Atlanta Hawks team visited the museum in 2014. Levenson also partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to host the Concert Against Hate in 2015.



Felipe Montoro Jens’ Strategic Push of Brazilian Multinational to the Top

The Odebrecht Group of companies is one of the three largest multinationals operating in Brazil today. Odebrecht has extensive interests in real estate, energy, defense and technology, oil and gas, sugar and ethanol, water and sewage, and infrastructure engineering and construction. The group at consists of more than eight companies with a presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Felipe Montoro Jens is serving as the CEO of Odebrecht and is also in charge of the subsidiary Odebrecht Participaes e Investimentos. He is on the board of the group and several other Odebrecht subsidiaries including Odebrecht Agroindustrial, Odebrecht Realizaes Imobilirias and Odebrecht Energy. As a financial management expert, Felipe Montoro Jens has held positions with the group in planning, corporate finance and project management in the UK, Singapore, and Brazil.

Mr. Jen’s experienced leadership at Odebrecht has guaranteed its immense success, leading to the merger of Odebrecht Group with the Mariani Group in 2002 to form Braskem on Bloomberg. At Braskem, Odebrecht nominated Felipe Montoro Jens to become an alternate board member. Braskem is a publicly listed supplier of petrochemical solutions and is one of the biggest producers of biopolymer products. Braskem serves consumers in more than 70 countries and has production facilities in Brazil, the US, Germany, and Mexico.

Felipe Montoro Jens also chairs the board at Madeira Energy and is a board member at ETH Bioenergy and Foz Do Brasil. Mr. Jen has also served as the CEO of Energipar Captação, a securities trading company founded in 1996 in Rio, Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens was a principal speaker at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Rio, Brazil. Mr. Jens graduated with an international management masters from the American Garvin School of International Management in the US. He is also a chartered financial analyst on He has previously worked for PriceWatehouseCoopers, the financial consulting multinational, Enron, an energy company and Enel Group, an energy and gas company.

Handy Is The Company To Turn To For Assembly Services

Everyone likes to go to the store to buy products, even if the products need to be assembled, but assembling these products can really be a big pain for those who are not very good at putting things together. Everything that is purchased and has to be assembled will come with instructions, but the instructions may be foreign to those who don’t understand the assembly process. Handy is here for anyone who wants their products assembled, especially if it’s furniture. Handy even has a service that allows a customer to buy furniture, have the furniture delivered, and the furniture will also be assembled by the company.

Assembly services are one of the great services ( that Handy performs, on top of moving services, cleaning services, plumbing services and more. The assembly services are something that almost anyone can use, especially with the holidays coming up. Many will go out to make purchases on items at rock-bottom prices, but they have the hardest time assembling the products, which makes them put the item down and maybe never use it. Instead of worrying about putting together the item that was just purchased, have a Handy employee do it because it’s what they’re good at.

Entertainment centers are something that can make a home look absolutely beautiful, especially when a large HDTV is placed in the center of it. The problem with entertainment centers is that they may not come fully assembled and have a lot of parts and screws that need to be put together. No matter how big an assembly job is, Handy can have their professional workers do it. Any work that a Handy employee performs will have a price quote when the customer goes to make an appointment, so the customer can also make payment for the services.

Once an appointment is made, a Handy employee will be dispatched out to the home by the assigned date and time that the customer requested. also has a policy that guarantees a customer will be satisfied with any job that a Handy employee performs, or the customer can expect to get their money back. With so many satisfied customers that have worked with the Handy company, there’s no surprise that many customers continue to repeat their service with Handy. All assembly services that are needed in a home or a business setting, Handy can take care of it.


Why You Should Ask the Experts at JHM Development

JMH Development, a sophisticated builder of sorts has been leading the industry in full-service real estate across the country. The founder and managing partner, Jason Halpern has been building his reputation as well, as the premier builder for the finest locations in the country. Working on both residential and commercial properties, Halpern has been highly regarded as the expert in his industry.


Halpern’s first love is building developments in high-end areas, only to leave these cities with the best in luxury living and business. Major cities like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach are home to many of the developments put together by Halpern and his crew. Halpern has done a fine job of selecting only the very best to help see him through each and every process, as well as to help him strategically formulate a plan for marketing and design for each property.

His construction has been promoted greatly, along with his business and design acumen, and his knowledge of these unique marketplaces is second to none. Halpern can only relate to the greatness in his field that he exemplifies, as he continues to look for new places to give the economy a boost. Choosing only the most desirable markets, Halpern has been a sought after developer for many years.


Additionally, Halpern’s development skills are focused on preservation and how he can assist in the building of new buildings by helping to restore older buildings. Using modern designs in cities that have a high-energy lifestyle, lofts are the name of the game. Brooklyn is now home to the 184 Kent development, and it’s thriving. The building was known as the home for a grocer in the early 1900’s and today it has been converted into a modern, turn-of-the-century development for individuals seeking a new home to rent in Brooklyn, New York.


While this building is featured as the first luxury rental in the Williamsburg area, there are many more buildings to come from Halpern and his teams at JMH Development. The structure, details, and the landscaping make this one of the most desirable places to live in the city of Brooklyn, and Halpern is still in the process of building more strategies for new properties. Halpern continues to dedicate himself to building the very best, and breathing life into each new project as it comes about.


IdeaMensch Interviews John Goullet

For words of wisdom from a successful and inspiring entrepreneur, read the interview of John Goullet by IdeaMensch.

Mario founded IdeaMensch because ten years of working in advertising frustrated him so much. He saw so many good ideas get buried by inaction, he turned to the people who managed to take their good ideas and actually create news businesses with them, entrepreneurs. Therefore, IdeaMensch is dedicated to bringing everyone the collective consciousness of successful entrepreneurs, including the vision of John Goullet.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994 to provide staffing services for information technology professionals. He owned and ran it until merging it with Diversant, Inc in 2010, forming Diversant LLC. Diversant LLC is the largest IT staffing firm in the United States owned by African-Americans. Goullet serves as Chairman and Principal.

He started out as a computer consultant, then became an account executive for an IT staffing service before deciding to found his own. When he started in business, he brought his experience and market knowledge of what corporation needed to the table. He matched the skills, work styles and personalities of his consultants with the needs of his corporate clients. Info Technologies became one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

Goullet is dedicated to physical fitness. He starts every day in the gym at 6:00 a.m., working out for an hour. He arrives at the office by 8 o’clock, and stays until 6 p.m. unless he has a dinner appointment. He keeps up with the business by paying attention to what’s happening in the labor market. He remains attentive to what IT skills are growing in popularity, and lines up IT professionals who have those skills.

He sees Diversant’s future as bright bright because information technology skills are responsible for a growing amount of the country’s economic activity. The demand for competent IT personnel continues to grow.

What keeps him going is what he calls “productive paranoia.” He pictures his competition as always just behind him, nipping at his heels, ready to take advantage of any weakness.

His final advice to budding entrepreneurs is to look at what the best businesses in their industries do, and emulate those practices.