Sheldon Lavin: Including Work Information

Sheldon Lavin serves OSI Group as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group now is a big producer of food in the world. Under Lavin’s leadership it’s been dedicated to rational production of food. This attempt is based on the extensive background of accepting the issues and bonuses of technology that’s cutting-edge. Being in the role of an innovator in the sector of food isn’t a new difficulty for OSI.

OSI Group has gone from a butcher shop in the Chicago neighborhood to an essential supplier of chain restaurants. It then went from a main supplier of a basic carrier for McDonald’s chain restaurants. This was located in the American Midwest. It is also a worldwide conglomerate of food which has been one of the greatest impressive stories of businesses. This was since the previous century. Also, Sheldon Lavin since the middle of the 1970s, he’s been manager of that striking increase. In dusk of his work life, Lavin was guide of OSI Group. This was to acceptance of modern approaches and technologies. This is so they can move up productivity and move down the environmental footprint. This is of operations of the company. Sustainability is currently s core prisms which OSI management is making practical decisions.

As in the attitude with OSI new methods and approaches get created and suitable as the company sees the worldwide need for more food production that’s good for the environment and continual. That got both Sheldon Lavin and OSI to get many distinguished awards of sustainability. An example is the California Green Business Award. In Lavin’s eyes the awards are the excellent achievement of a career of business that’s illustrious and extensive.

Because of its extensive and powerful growth, in partnership with McDonald’s under the leadership of his. Sheldon Lavin actually became the only one controlling OSI’s interest after the final partner of Lavin had retired. This occurred in the 2000s. When Lavin was interviewed he explained they he would have went back to original finance career if OSI wouldn’t have greatly increased.

Peter Briger and His Leadership as An Example for The Future Risk-takers in Business

The world of business is full of followers, executives, start-ups and shareholders that always aspire to great business leaders who walk the talk and show actions instead of just working only through words. The real business leaders who stand out today always value action, creation, innovation and actual results. Those who win are successful because of their actions, and not just in the way they trick their shareholders by talk. In the case with the success of Peter Briger, both as a principal of Fortress Investment Group and a manager of dedicated employees, valuing actions is an important element in sustaining the success of his ventures.

Princeton Giving

The official website of Princeton University showed that Peter Briger’s recent inspiring action is through being an active donor in the business endeavors and campaigns of the institution. It’s common knowledge that start-ups and entrepreneurs need all the support, funding and backing that they need, and it’s good to know that Peter Briger has put his name and money in such support. With the Entrepreneurship Program of Princeton through the help of Peter Briger, there will be more discoveries, more talents and more innovation that would be generated. There will be more inspiration for students or the young to risk their talents, time and money in developing new ideas for already existing effective programs. Peter Briger’s support for Princeton would then enable a fund support of $100,000 to match the seed funds that would be given to the school’s alumni who would set out new ventures. Princeton prides to be a value-creating organization and school that put ideas into fruition, and with the support of people like Briger, such vision would then be easily put into action. The alumni that would be selected for the funding would also get network opportunities, other than monetary support from Princeton.

Forbes Top 400 Business Professional

Being the Principal and Co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group’s Board of Directors is serious work enough, but being acknowledged by Forbes to be part of Top 400 Business Professionals today is also a source of inspiration for people who believe in Briger. This award and recognition is indeed testament to the more than 15 dedicated years that Briger had spent for Goldman, Sachs and Co, prior to founding Fortress. Briger’s leadership roles for Asian Real Estate Private Equity business as well as the Asian Distress Debt Business could also be a fantastic source of inspiration for the next generation of risk-takers.

Barbara Stokes Sets the Pace for Quality Mobile Housing in Alabama

Barbara is the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. The name of the organization is curious but it is really what it is about: delivery of construction service. The company occupies a rather rare niche in the construction industry. It has a special focus on construction required as disaster relief effort. Barbara Stokes is the leading light in the disaster relief construction service offered by GSH. A graduate from Mercer University, Barbara pursued studies in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She also happened to develop an interest in Manufacturing and Management among other related courses. It is from the latter courses that she seems to have found her career passion. She is the current CEO of GSH, a mobile house construction company that specializes in emergency response. Read more at Business Insider.


Barbara Stokes Education and Career Background


She attended Mercy University where she pursued studies in several science-based and art courses. Barbara Stokes has had an illustrious career spanning some of the most respected companies in the US and at international level. Before she joined GSH, she worked with Boeing, and Pisces Corporation. Barbara has a rich experience in government contracting too. GSH is an important company for the US authorities because it seeks to provide what the USA government recognizes as priority services to its citizens. Other important experiences that shape Barbara Stokes’ portfolio include the role of Administrative Assistant at Muscular Dystrophy Association. She also worked at Alabama University as a Research Assistant. Apart from her contributions at GSH as President, Barbara is an important contributor and member of the Huntsville Community. Barbara finds time to attend to her social needs too. She is a mother of three children. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


More about GSH


GSH is an American construction company that offers onsite construction of homes in Alabama. GSH specializes in mobile homes that it builds at negotiated prices. Commercial clients are also well taken care of because GSH also delivers commercial structures. The company boasts of 30 years experience in construction engineering. It has an in-house project management training program that focuses on the delivery of high-quality projects. The company offers thorough construction engineering oversight training that includes the planning, setting up the foundation, installation, and inspection of the commercial and residential buildings.


Looking to the Horizon


Barbara Stokes steers the company’s vision and mission now. Barbara and Coo Scott also announced the creation of job positions in various states recently. There are job positions within GSH in the counties of Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The job openings come courtesy of the construction deal with FEMA that is budgeted at 28.5 million dollars. According to the sources interviewed about the reaction of people to the latest move by the CEO, the company has set high expectation. The CEO is also happy to engage with the communities in the areas mentioned above.