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In recent news, Goettl Air Conditioning proudly acknowledged the purchase of Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company located in Corona, California which has been in business for over 32 years. The merger will facilitate Goettl in the expansion of their business now to four different locations including Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and now California. The acquisition was mutually advantageous for both Goettl and Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Todd Longbrake, the owner and operator of Walton’s, mentioned in regard to the reasons he was considering integrating with Goettl, that his company had hit a stop roads and wasn’t able to transition out of it. When Goettl first reached out to Longbrake, he was hesitant to let the companies reigns out of his hands. After doing some research into the company’s reputation, he quickly realized what a fortuitous business merger this could be. The merger concluded in 2015 and two years later, now has flourished extensively in terms of growth and work opportunity. Goettl’s commitment to personal integrity in business practices resulted in the retention of the previous owner’s services, skills and trade acumen and now performs as the field supervisor and sales manager. Check out hvacrbusiness.com to see more.

There were a few functioning and advertising kinks along the way since the acquisition two years ago, but have been all resolved now and this is the reason for its announcement. Ken Goodrich, the acting president and CEO of Goettl, saw the value in Walton’s company, having had some of the same honest standards of operation and dedication to excellence in job performance. In the long run, despite the few setbacks, Mr. Goodrich acknowledged it was well worth it. As a result, Goettl within all of the branches combined, now has over 306 employees and is growing strong with the goal to spread out to northern California and then Texas. Whatever Goettl arranges to do, it always involves careful planning and the long-range goals of continued growth, striving to be one of the best in the heating and air industry. Goettl provides cost affordable maintenance packages, top-notch service equipment and highly trained HVAC servicemen with a devotion to honor and customer service satisfaction. Since their inception in 1939, this is how Goettl has always performed. Whether it’s examining a unit that’s not functioning up to performance or doing routine maintenance and upgrades, Goettl does it with optimum service. You can visit goettlshdm.com

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Ken Goodrich Lead Goettl Air Conditioning to a Major Acquisition

Goettl Air Conditioning, one of the oldest air conditioning companies in the USA, has a history of reinventing and acquiring other small businesses to remain competitive at the highest level. The company dominates most markets in the country, including in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Being a market leader, the company is not stopping anytime soon. In June this year, Goettl acquired Walton’s Heating and Air, an HVAC company based in SoCal, Southern California. The Todd Longbrake family-owned firm has struggled to break into other markets outside SoCal. With the acquisition, Goettl seeks to enlarge its client base, diversify its services, and most importantly dominate the California’s HVAC market. Walton’s, on the other hand, will benefit from Goettl’s huge client base through which it will be able to penetrate new markets.

Speaking after the acquisition, Todd Longbrake admitted that his company had stagnated. Even though he had taken long in deciding whether to or not to take the acquisition offer from Goettl, he eventually was convinced that the deal was the best option he had. Todd is now doubling up as the field supervisor and sales manager following the development.

Ken Goodrich’s Take

Ken Goodrich, Goettl’s owner, said that Walton’s Heating and Air was adapting to Goettl’s ways of operation in a satisfactorily good pace. In his assessment, the company was quickly growing to become a leader amongst other Goettl subsidiaries. He added that the process of incorporating Walton’s into his company took a couple of weeks to complete since some marketing issues needed to be addressed first.

Ken Goodrich is good at seeing opportunities and awakening sleeping giants. When others saw stagnation, Goodrich saw a good platform that would help his company grow. As such, he worked extremely hard to ensure that his company got the best deal. He also pointed out that just like Watson’s, Goettl also has a history of family ownership. This makes the two companies similar in some aspects.

Commenting on Goettl’s progress this far, Ken said that the company was laying down strategies in order to dominate the market nationwide. He revealed that before the end of next year, the company would have cemented its presence in Northern California and Texas.

About Goettl

Established in 1939, Goettl boasts a wealth of experience in providing heating services to commercial and residential places. The company is privately-held and employs more than 300 people. Goettl continues with its dedication and professionalism in offering environmental solutions for all.