Former Uruguay President Blasts Venezuela’s Leader

A former president of Uruguay, Jose “Pepe” Mujica, just accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of being “crazy as a goat,” as ABC News report.
Mr. Mujica still says that he has got respect for Maduro and that Venezuelans needs to solve their own problems, yet the Uruguayan feels he still has a right to call another leader whatever he wants.

While running Uruguay, Jose Mujica was known as the poorest president in the world because of his very modest lifestyle. It is not clear how well Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan establishment live, but they certainly don’t face as much economic adversity as most Venezuelans do.

The government has become too reliant on oil exports says Danilo Diaz Granados, and these don’t produce as much income as before. Instead of facing the mistakes made, Nicolas Maduro started to blame foreigners for economic issues, especially the United States and CIA.

Most commentators like Danilo Diaz himself, however, agree that the crisis isn’t due to foreign powers but rather to another Socialist experiment that went wrong.