Bruce Bent And Money Market Funds

Bruce Bent II is one of the most prominent businessmen and financial gurus based in the United States. He has many years of professional experience in the world of investment and finance. Bent II has helped many businesses at various financial levels. His father was the  founder and inventor of the Money Market Fund. This has given Bent II an inside view of the financial industry.

The money market fund was also recognized to be beneficial in the industry of finance by the American Museum of Financial History in 1972. For this reason, it was adopted as a beneficial fund that will lead to its integration in the national financial history. It  introduce a discipline that would be adopted on a massive scale in the industry. The result of the money market fund has taken over the financial world to become worth more than $3.0 trillion.

Bruce Bent II  has become a great leader in the financial sector following closely in his fathers footsteps. He attended Northeastern University where he studied philosophy and eventually graduated with his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. From there he went on to help many companies and people with his creative financial techniques and solutions. Bruce Bent II has  achieved some of the best solutions in the world of business and finance.

Bruce Bent II  is now at the Double Rock Corporation where he is a top executive. In fact, he holds the postions of Vice Chairman of the board and president at Double Rock. Double Rock Corporation helps banks, broker-dealers and retail marketers with innovative solutions and qualified plans.