An Interview with the Internal Medical Practitoner and Entrepreneur, Imran Haque

Imran is a medical expert in North Carolina. He holds a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo and University of Virginia. Doctor Haque did well in his training and got himself a medical license to practice medicine in North Carolina. He mainly specializes in internal medicine. He has been on the field for over 15 years. The many years have equipped him with skills and expertise to handle a variety of ailments. He also works in other hospitals such as Randolph hospital. He is a caring medical practitioner with good reviews from his patients.

Imran Haque had an interview where he talked about his work, businesses, and principles among other things. He stated that he chose to practice internal medicine because it was not available in the region. This inspired him to practice it for the benefit of his community. He attributes his successes to the qualities he has and continues to uphold. These skills include; hard work and commitment, thorough research, great organization, networking and having significant relationships with other professionals. He believes in giving the best services as expected by his profession and humanity. He further adds that he has built in him the multitasking skill to ensure he maximizes his achievements. In the interview, he advises people to treat every person equally regardless of their statuses. He says that his business has grown very well because he gives his patients the best services he can. People like his work and recommend others to him. He admires how technology has revolutionized medicine by making sure the services are even better. He says it has helped in patient care by keeping patients records and easing follow-ups.

However, his life has not been all roses; he has had his own set of failures such as the one of his textile business. He attributes this failure to having no safeguards and also his growing medical practice. He opted to focus on his medical expertise, the area he knows best. He adds that he admires the former US president for his calm nature when under pressure.