Barbara Stokes Sets the Pace for Quality Mobile Housing in Alabama

Barbara is the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. The name of the organization is curious but it is really what it is about: delivery of construction service. The company occupies a rather rare niche in the construction industry. It has a special focus on construction required as disaster relief effort. Barbara Stokes is the leading light in the disaster relief construction service offered by GSH. A graduate from Mercer University, Barbara pursued studies in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She also happened to develop an interest in Manufacturing and Management among other related courses. It is from the latter courses that she seems to have found her career passion. She is the current CEO of GSH, a mobile house construction company that specializes in emergency response. Read more at Business Insider.


Barbara Stokes Education and Career Background


She attended Mercy University where she pursued studies in several science-based and art courses. Barbara Stokes has had an illustrious career spanning some of the most respected companies in the US and at international level. Before she joined GSH, she worked with Boeing, and Pisces Corporation. Barbara has a rich experience in government contracting too. GSH is an important company for the US authorities because it seeks to provide what the USA government recognizes as priority services to its citizens. Other important experiences that shape Barbara Stokes’ portfolio include the role of Administrative Assistant at Muscular Dystrophy Association. She also worked at Alabama University as a Research Assistant. Apart from her contributions at GSH as President, Barbara is an important contributor and member of the Huntsville Community. Barbara finds time to attend to her social needs too. She is a mother of three children. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


More about GSH


GSH is an American construction company that offers onsite construction of homes in Alabama. GSH specializes in mobile homes that it builds at negotiated prices. Commercial clients are also well taken care of because GSH also delivers commercial structures. The company boasts of 30 years experience in construction engineering. It has an in-house project management training program that focuses on the delivery of high-quality projects. The company offers thorough construction engineering oversight training that includes the planning, setting up the foundation, installation, and inspection of the commercial and residential buildings.


Looking to the Horizon


Barbara Stokes steers the company’s vision and mission now. Barbara and Coo Scott also announced the creation of job positions in various states recently. There are job positions within GSH in the counties of Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The job openings come courtesy of the construction deal with FEMA that is budgeted at 28.5 million dollars. According to the sources interviewed about the reaction of people to the latest move by the CEO, the company has set high expectation. The CEO is also happy to engage with the communities in the areas mentioned above.


The Many Advantages of Lime Crime Cosmetics

LimeCrime cosmetics has been on the scene for a decade, and it has helped to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. This affluent brand offers a wide variety of innovative products such as lip gloss, glitter, lipsticks, foundation, nail polish and more. Thanks to the array of vibrant colors that the company uses, this brand completely stands-out from its competitors. Founder Doe Deere, a Russian-native, has brought some much needed life back into this dynamic field of work and here is why.

Unlike other similar cosmetic companies that use a boat-load of chemicals in their products, Lime Crime’s products are 100 percent vegan. By being a vegan type of brand, the brand doesn’t believe in testing any of its products on animals. This action can’t be said for most of the field. By removing any known additives from the formulas has given the brand much more respect. It has remained true to its core beliefs. One way of doing so is that LimeCrime has completely removed all beeswax from its opaque lipsticks. Of course, this was back in 2010, but the company has continued to pull many of its products off the market until a resolution is found. Doe Deere is so committed in standing by her principles, she has also discontinued producing products that has pigment ingredients in them. Pigment ingredients such as carmine are derived from insects.

The company has stepped-up its game even more by introducing two more distinct products. These products are hair dyes and eye-shadow palettes. The hair dyes are vibrant in color, are easy to apply and are ultra-conditioning. The eye-shadow palettes come in four bronzed-finishes. There are also up to 18 shades to choose from. Overall, this article only scratches the surface, but LimeCrime will continue to bring unique products to the market in the future.

Global Giant Equities First Holdings

Around the world, there is a securities-based financial company that is expanding in the world. The French Tribune has been reporting about a financial company called Equities First Holdings and recently been focusing on their globalization. The French Tribune reported about when Equities First Holdings expanded to the UK and opened a London office. In the article, it mentioned that Equities First Holdings opened the London office in 2012 and by 2014 business was doing well. The office in London has already some notable agreements with companies like PaySafe and Angle PLC that had up to 1,500,000 shares involved. They also have other public agreement in the works as well. Equities First Holdings wants to continue to use the same investment model that has gotten them this far which includes following the organic and natural cycles of the business market. With this model, Equities First Holdings continues to push for more expansion in the future.

Equities First Holdings Info: