How Is Wen Different Than My Shampoo?

The only problem with our hair care regime is that most of the time we are our own worst enemy. Washing our hair, especially daily, strips it of all the built in conditioners that come with our bodies, our natural oils. Because we get our hair so “squeaky clean” our body responds by secreting more oils to our scalp. Our hair strands themselves are so dry that we have to re-moisturize them with conditioner. The end result can be a mess, damaged fragile hair and an oily scalp.

Then we jump to the styling product that coat and build up on our hair, we iron, blow dry, twist, pull, and prod these weakened strands of hair causing breakage. What is our answer to that? More conditioner. And we haven’t even talked about all the nasty chemicals!

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The answer to this dilemma is to our hair to do what it does best, if treated properly. Wen, all natural ingredients, conditioning cleanser is one of the right ways to start getting our hair back to its most natural state. It is a non-stripping cleanser that conditions the hair. No soapy bubbles, no squeaky clean, just hydrated hair with the natural oils still there and in the right amounts.

The switch over may take some time to regulate oil production. You may need to begin by cleaning your hair with Wen Hair less often than stripping shampoo and you might even experience some added oiliness for a few day. Your hair will be stronger and healthier.

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EOS – A company on the rise

EOS lip balm or “Evolution of Smooth” began taking over the lip balm world around seven years ago. When superstars such as Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera began wearing the balm, the lip serum started taking off for stratospheric height.

The company has recently hit the $250 million mark and is now the second best-selling lip balm in the United States. It is only outshone by Burt’s Bees. Blistex and Chapstick which have been around much longer are being outshone by EOS lip balm.

Consumers are buying the product quite rapidly, and sales are hitting over 1 million units per week. If the sales growth continues at this pace EOS is expected to hit $2 billion in sales by the year 2020. One of the main reasons for its stratospheric growth is that consumers cannot get enough of natural and organic products. Sanjay Mehra who is one of the partners is targeting exactly the type of natural product that consumers today are searching on Amazon for.

The three founders of the company are Sanjay Mehra, Jonathon Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Their primary goal was to see how they could change the beauty industry. As a side note, Craig Dubitsky left to start his Startup Oral Care Company before the launching of EOS. The other two founders research found that lip balm categories had not changed in over a 100 years leaving the space wide open for their innovative ideas. The two began to see that although lip balm was treated as a unisex product,, it was used mainly by women.

Mehra and Teller wanted to create a product that would enhance women’s beauty daily routines. They contacted an artist to work with different models and finally came up with the unique EOS package.

EOS’s tagline is “The lip balm that makes you smile,” and it must be working with the multi-millions in sales the balm has garnered year after year.

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Talk Fusion’s CEO Back to MarTech Advisor as a Guest Author

Bob Reina is one of the pioneers of marketing through video. He was the first man to realize the untapped potential of video marketing. Back in 2007, he started a business that has helped many businesses grow their sales and expand their profit margins. Bob recently wrote an article on the MarTech advisor about how video marketing as a trend and how it will affect businesses operations this year. The Article will be read by over a million people, and just like his previous articles, it is expected to offer positive impact.


In his article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017”, Bob says that the use of video is not just a marketing tool but also a valuable instrument for every advertiser to utilize. Information is treasured, and so is the means through which the said information is communicated. Using video creates a good impression and lasting memory in the minds of your clients. He analyzes how video marketing affected businesses in 2016 and gives insight into how it will be used in 2017 and the years to come. In his opinion, the time for making video marketing is now. Learn the techniques and styles used and take your business to a higher level.


In his Talk Fusion platform, Bob and his team of IT specialists can help promote businesses and their products through the use of engaging, memorable and involving videos. This is achieved by studying the market trends in that line of business and consumer trends.


Bob is commonly known as the CEO of the world’s first one on one video advertising medium, Talk Fusion. He is also a great philanthropist; through his organization, he has helped many homeless animals. Bob had served in Tampa Bay police department before he started Talk Fusion. He is also a great contributor of the Huffington post as well. Bob Reina promotes and strives to create a humane society by advocating against animal cruelty. In peoples’ eyes, he is not just a founder and a CEO; he is a great friend and mentor. Due to his outstanding work ethics and passion for network marketing, Bob has achieved great success in his entrepreneurial ventures.





Well Prepared Beneful Meals

Just when you thought there was no new additions to the Beneful brand, Purina is at it again. This time Purina brings you Beneful Prepared Meals. Beneful Prepared Meals vary from other offerings in the Beneful family such as the Beneful dog food products based with whole grains. Unlike the whole grain based renditions of Beneful, the Beneful Prepared Meals are cooked meals like the ones humans eat at dinner time.

Like all of Beneful’s products, the Beneful Prepared Meals are full of flavor. The delicious meal will have your dog in a state of Euphoria. In a dog’s world Beneful Prepared Meals are gourmet dishes. Though a little more expensive, the Beneful Prepared Meals are still cheap enough to fit in a typical pet owner’s budget. Usually they start at $10 on up. For pet owners looking to buy Beneful Prepared Meals in bulk, they are available on sites such as and

Also, Beneful Prepared Meals do not lack in nutrition. Beneful Prepared Meals are sure to leave your dog with a bunch of energy and overall good health. In addition, Beneful Prepared Meals come in many flavors such as chicken, turkey, and beef. These also are the most favored flavors. See how that rhymed? When it comes to ingredients, you know Beneful only uses the real deal. Beneful Prepared Meals are no exception to the rule. Beneful Prepared Meals can be found at most of the retailers other Beneful products can be found. These well known retailers include Walmart, Target, etc.

How Fabletics Thrives Selling Affordable Workout Clothing

Breaking through in the fashion industry is not an easy task. In today’s market its nearly impossible for a new brand to make an impact, but Fabletics has shattered expectations and ha grown to a $250 million business since it was created three years ago. Kate Hudson has built a business on providing affordable and high-quality workout clothing for people who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort or effectiveness.


Breaking into the industry was not easy and in order to do it, Kate Hudson had to implement new ideas in order to make it in the industry. Fablectics has applied reverse showrooming to their company’s model. Showrooming is when a customer goes and tries something on in-store and then purchase the item for a cheaper cost online. Because Fabeltics has an online store first it was able to grow relationships with its customers. Now when someone goes into one of their stores there is up to %50 chance they are already a member and if they aren’t %25 become one before leaving. Fabletics does not focus on making in-store of online purchases, to them a sale is a sale and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Using this model has allowed them to grow into the successful business that they have become.


Customers of Fabletics enjoy their high-quality clothing that rivals expensive workout brands. Their leggings have gained notoriety as being similar in quality, if not better, than leggings retailing over $80. At Fabletics you can get an entire outfit for almost have of that, making it pretty obvious why people love the clothing so much. It’s hard to find affordable clothing that is also good quality, but Fabletics offers just that. Not only have their leggings made a strong impact on customers but their shirts have been a favorite too. Customers love how soft and well fitting the shirts are.


With a wide range of styles and sizes, Fabletics has something that will fit everyone’s needs. They carry different patterns and colors, so whether you want a bold and fun pattern, or are in need of a classic color, they have options for everyone. One of the best parts is the wide selection of sizes and lengths. No longer will pants be too long or too short, because with Fabeltics you can get the perfect length for your body.


Fabletics has made an impact on the fashion industry with its business model and high-quality never-boring workout clothing.