Handy Is The Company To Turn To For Assembly Services

Everyone likes to go to the store to buy products, even if the products need to be assembled, but assembling these products can really be a big pain for those who are not very good at putting things together. Everything that is purchased and has to be assembled will come with instructions, but the instructions may be foreign to those who don’t understand the assembly process. Handy is here for anyone who wants their products assembled, especially if it’s furniture. Handy even has a service that allows a customer to buy furniture, have the furniture delivered, and the furniture will also be assembled by the company.

Assembly services are one of the great services (https://www.handy.com/services) that Handy performs, on top of moving services, cleaning services, plumbing services and more. The assembly services are something that almost anyone can use, especially with the holidays coming up. Many will go out to make purchases on items at rock-bottom prices, but they have the hardest time assembling the products, which makes them put the item down and maybe never use it. Instead of worrying about putting together the item that was just purchased, have a Handy employee do it because it’s what they’re good at.

Entertainment centers are something that can make a home look absolutely beautiful, especially when a large HDTV is placed in the center of it. The problem with entertainment centers is that they may not come fully assembled and have a lot of parts and screws that need to be put together. No matter how big an assembly job is, Handy can have their professional workers do it. Any work that a Handy employee performs will have a price quote when the customer goes to make an appointment, so the customer can also make payment for the services.

Once an appointment is made, a Handy employee will be dispatched out to the home by the assigned date and time that the customer requested. Handy.com also has a policy that guarantees a customer will be satisfied with any job that a Handy employee performs, or the customer can expect to get their money back. With so many satisfied customers that have worked with the Handy company, there’s no surprise that many customers continue to repeat their service with Handy. All assembly services that are needed in a home or a business setting, Handy can take care of it.


Why You Should Ask the Experts at JHM Development

JMH Development, a sophisticated builder of sorts has been leading the industry in full-service real estate across the country. The founder and managing partner, Jason Halpern has been building his reputation as well, as the premier builder for the finest locations in the country. Working on both residential and commercial properties, Halpern has been highly regarded as the expert in his industry.


Halpern’s first love is building developments in high-end areas, only to leave these cities with the best in luxury living and business. Major cities like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach are home to many of the developments put together by Halpern and his crew. Halpern has done a fine job of selecting only the very best to help see him through each and every process, as well as to help him strategically formulate a plan for marketing and design for each property.

His construction has been promoted greatly, along with his business and design acumen, and his knowledge of these unique marketplaces is second to none. Halpern can only relate to the greatness in his field that he exemplifies, as he continues to look for new places to give the economy a boost. Choosing only the most desirable markets, Halpern has been a sought after developer for many years.


Additionally, Halpern’s development skills are focused on preservation and how he can assist in the building of new buildings by helping to restore older buildings. Using modern designs in cities that have a high-energy lifestyle, lofts are the name of the game. Brooklyn is now home to the 184 Kent development, and it’s thriving. The building was known as the home for a grocer in the early 1900’s and today it has been converted into a modern, turn-of-the-century development for individuals seeking a new home to rent in Brooklyn, New York.


While this building is featured as the first luxury rental in the Williamsburg area, there are many more buildings to come from Halpern and his teams at JMH Development. The structure, details, and the landscaping make this one of the most desirable places to live in the city of Brooklyn, and Halpern is still in the process of building more strategies for new properties. Halpern continues to dedicate himself to building the very best, and breathing life into each new project as it comes about.


Naomi Campbell: Still On Top

When thinking about the ultimate super model, it is hard to envision a better example than Naomi Campbell. For years she has been one of the most recognizable and respectable faces in the modeling industry. From here childhood in South London to walking down the runways of New York Fashion Week, Naomi Campbell has made a name for herself in the modeling world.

Campbell was born in Streatham, South London in 1970. She is of African-Jamaican and Chinese-Jamaican ancestry. Her mother was a dancer who traveled with a dance troupe around Europe, and Naomi herself was sent to Rome to study modern dancer. In fact, Campbell danced in several music videos including artists such as Bob Marley and Culture Club. She was discovered by Synchro Model Agency talent scout Beth Boldt when she was window-shopping. From this point, her career quickly took off and she was featured on the cover of British Elle magazine.

Throughout the late 1980’s she was featured on several magazine covers and walked down the runway for top designers such as Dolce and Gabbana. She also was the first black model to be featured on the cover of French Vogue. This pushed her to the forefront of the modeling world and she had become the most in demand model in the business.

Modeling is not the only thing Campbell is known for. She is a noted philanthropist and activist. The most notable cause that Campbell is a part of is the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. She has held several benefit fashion shows to raise money for the cause. Campbell has also held fashion shows to benefit victims of worldwide disasters including Hurricane Katrina.

Today Naomi is still on top in the fashion world. She still is featured on the cover of many top fashion magazines and even has her on fragrance lines. From her distinguished career as a super model to her philanthropic efforts, Naomi is an icon that other’s can look up to. It will be interesting to see what is in store next for Naomi Campbell.

IdeaMensch Interviews John Goullet

For words of wisdom from a successful and inspiring entrepreneur, read the interview of John Goullet by IdeaMensch.

Mario founded IdeaMensch because ten years of working in advertising frustrated him so much. He saw so many good ideas get buried by inaction, he turned to the people who managed to take their good ideas and actually create news businesses with them, entrepreneurs. Therefore, IdeaMensch is dedicated to bringing everyone the collective consciousness of successful entrepreneurs, including the vision of John Goullet.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994 to provide staffing services for information technology professionals. He owned and ran it until merging it with Diversant, Inc in 2010, forming Diversant LLC. Diversant LLC is the largest IT staffing firm in the United States owned by African-Americans. Goullet serves as Chairman and Principal.

He started out as a computer consultant, then became an account executive for an IT staffing service before deciding to found his own. When he started in business, he brought his experience and market knowledge of what corporation needed to the table. He matched the skills, work styles and personalities of his consultants with the needs of his corporate clients. Info Technologies became one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

Goullet is dedicated to physical fitness. He starts every day in the gym at 6:00 a.m., working out for an hour. He arrives at the office by 8 o’clock, and stays until 6 p.m. unless he has a dinner appointment. He keeps up with the business by paying attention to what’s happening in the labor market. He remains attentive to what IT skills are growing in popularity, and lines up IT professionals who have those skills.

He sees Diversant’s future as bright bright because information technology skills are responsible for a growing amount of the country’s economic activity. The demand for competent IT personnel continues to grow.

What keeps him going is what he calls “productive paranoia.” He pictures his competition as always just behind him, nipping at his heels, ready to take advantage of any weakness.

His final advice to budding entrepreneurs is to look at what the best businesses in their industries do, and emulate those practices.

Southern Methodist University Welcomes James Dondero to Business School Executive Board

Dallas’ Southern Methodist University’s affection for businessmen dedicated to the success of their students seems to be matched only by the reciprocation of local generous donors. Recently, James Dondero–a successful Dallas resident–was chosen from among 100 candidates and graciously accepted the offer to join SMU’s Cox School of Business Executive Board.

Dondero has already shown his great appreciation for investing in students’ futures with his firm’s dedication of the school’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Endowment. This fund encourages and assists scholars in pursuing their passion for public policy.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., an SEC-registered investment adviser, was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. This enterprise offers a wide range of investment products, from high-yield bonds to real estate to distressed credit. Currently they have $18 billion in assets under management.

PR Newswire said in a statement that James Dondero, CFA, CMA, Co-Founder, and President, has 30 years of experience to leverage across the credit and equity markets. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and was awarded highest honors. He is chairman of three companies, and board member of two–including MGM Studios.

With the pioneering work of Dondero in the field of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO), Highland has been the recipient of both great recognition and formal awards in the financial arena.

Originally named the Department of Commerce in 1920, the business school has undergone two name changes. Finally, in 1978 the school’s corporate advisors suggested changing the name. The new title is in honor of Edwin L. Cox–another local businessman who had contributed greatly to the university’s success.

A respected business school in a respected university, Cox School of Business will benefit greatly from the generous contributions of time and money from yet another respected individual dedicated to improving their community. Learn more about James Dandero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

In James Dondero’s own words, “The Cox School at SMU contributes to the vibrant business community here in Dallas of which Highland is among the many beneficiaries. I am honored to assist with the…numerous initiatives currently underway.”

Education Plays A Key Role In The Philanthropic Life Of Dick DeVos

I have always followed the philanthropic work of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy since they began campaigning for education reform in Florida. At first I knew little about these two Grand Rapids, Michigan based educations reformers, but there commitment to educational opportunities being open to all has had a major impact on me as they have helped millions of children across the U.S.; I recently read an interview with Betsy DeVos with the Philanthropy Roundtable publication that explained a little of what drives the married couple to continue using their own funds to provide a better future for the next generation of Americans. Success for the couple now comes from providing the best possible educational opportunities after they were inspired to help others by trips to local schools in the Grand rapids area. Now retired, Dick DeVos and wife Betsy began working to change the education system in the U.S. when their own children were at school age and they met a number of low income families looking for the best possible future for their own children.


Dick DeVos comes from a line of philanthropists headed by his own father Richard, the former head of the AmWay Group was well known for pushing his friends and colleagues to provide support for local charitable groups. I have known of Dick DeVos for a number of years and followed him from his early days as an executive at the AmWay Group when he pushed forward the level of international trade ten fold over the course of a decade at AmWay. After exploring a career as the President of the NBA franchise of the Orlando Magic DeVos is reported by Wikipedia to have returned to AmWay to lead the group during one of its most profitable periods. One of the most impressive aspects of the life of Dick DeVos has been his devotion to charitable causes, included the many charter schools he and wife Betsy have helped establish in the state of Michigan; DeVos also looks to make sure the work he completes in education now takes on a global accent, which sees him offer scholarships to the Thunderbird School of Business to students from developing nations who show an interest in this area of learning.


Handy Has Completely Changed My Opinion About Cleaning Services

I never in a million years thought that a cleaning service would steal from me, but it happened to me. I only stuck with one cleaning service after I had moved to a different town, and they had done very well for several years. Only after hiring a new employee to their service did the incident happened, and even though the employee was fired, I fired the company from my home. I hired Handy, but I have to be honest, I was very skeptical about getting another cleaning service. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was always busy, I’d clean my home myself.

I made sure to do some reading about Handy and went through several reviews on Bigcitylittleblog.com before I decided to accept their services. I also like that I wasn’t getting different prices, which was something that I had to struggle with in the past. My former cleaning company would give me a different price almost every time they came out clean for me, even though they were cleaning the same home and the same rooms. Handy gave me a specific price for the rooms that I requested to be cleaned, and I got to pay for the services right away.

What I also like about Handy is that they are very straightforward about what it will cost for the service, and I like knowing that my cleaner will be tipped and paid very well. I crossed my fingers when the worker came to my home, and I was just hoping that the cleaning would be done properly and that no one would steal anything. I know that Handy insures my stuff in case one of their employees get itchy fingers, but I couldn’t help but to be nervous because of my past experience. I’ve now had Handy workers out to my home ten times already.

I’ve never once had a bad experience with Handy, and I take back everything that I said about cleaning services because Handy has proven me wrong. With the background checks that they give each and every employee as well as the insurance to customers for their items, I have no reason not to hire Handy for their great services. I also like that I can create an appointment from my cell phone, which makes it very easy and convenient to set up my next cleaning service, even if I leave home and forget to do it on my computer.