Lovaganza Launches Campaign New Leading To The 2020 Celebrations

As an entertainment franchise, Lovaganza has organized events that will help to bring the world together. Following the announcement of the dates the highly anticipated 2020 celebrations will be held, Lovaganza has set on a mission to prepare for the event and create awareness across the world. The company has come up with measures that will see the world receive a message that will bring about togetherness and understanding.

Lovaganza has prepared teams that will organize the preparations before the event kicks off. However, this is not the only cause they are after since the company has also come up with plans to establish the Lovaganza Foundation in 2018. The role of the foundation will go beyond entertainment as this will focus on human rights and access to basic amenities that can eliminate suffering among human beings. Through the Lovaganza Foundation, children will be supported to access all the rights they need like education, clean water, food and medication to mention a few.

Before Lovaganza decided to push the celebrations to 2020, the company had chosen 2015 but after some considerations they decided to push the events to 2020. One of the arguments they held against choosing 2015 is that they would not have adequate time to prepare, and the kind of technology included in the event was not superior. With the event pushed to 2020, the company has sufficient time to gather all the materials that will make the presentations impressive. Additionally, they will easily manage to integrate new technology that will work to make the events memorable and unique.

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The traveling show
Before the main celebrations, there are many other events in between that will create awareness about the celebrations. The Traveling Show is one of the events that are meant to market the 2020 celebrations and offer information about what people should expect come 2020. It is a marketing effort that will see Lovaganza tour several places across the world in a bid to create awareness and share a preview of what people should expect during the main event in 2020.

In most countries, shooting of the trilogies that will be used during the Traveling Show has begun and they are hoping to compile the files before 2017, when the show should kick off. Lovaganza is committed to seeing unity and love spread across the world and this explains the reason the company has organized for an event that will feature all cultures across the world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://twitter.com/hashtag/lovaganza

Discover The Secret To Real Makeup Options With Vibrant Colors

Doe Deere
Doe Deere can be found wearing her unconventional purple or pink hair, but her mission is vibrant colors like the ones that she chooses for her successful Lime Crime cosmetic line. Her journey to success was an unusual story that was highlighted in a recent Lime Crime Galore article and she gives advise to many women that want to live out their dreams. She says that a part of being successful is finding out what you’re good at and sticking to it. Deere admits that everyone has a talent that is unique to them and should be explored.

The Birth Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere admits that her entrepreneurial spirit took shape in her hometown of Russia. She began by popularizing temporary tattoos by wearing them herself. Before long, Deere was selling them to her classmates and was comfortable with her success and began to understand the concept of having ideas and living them out. By 17, she was in New York City and still had an unusual way of thinking compared to other individuals her age. She ended up in a rock band and they were glad and valued the people that came out to support her cause. Deere says that it also helped her with her marketing skills.

After leaving the band and marrying the soloist, Deere remembered that she has always wanted to design bright colors for women to wear as makeup. However, she didn’t just want bright colors she wanted colors that would make a statement and that would give women limitless options. At that time, Lime Crime was born. She began to design her own colors and experiment with the velvetine matter case that goes on smooth and holds to perfection throughout the day.

Lime Crime comes in a variety of unique colors with superior coverage that will not require multiple applications throughout the day. You can have them shipped to your door in under a week by ordering them from their secure website or by speaking to one of their friendly representative. Each product is package with in a fun package that will help you to identify your products in your purse, drawer, or makeup bag. If you’re looking to take the future of your makeup to the next level you should try Lime Crime created and founded by the lovely and successful Doe Deere.

Jordan A. Thomas Provides Insight on the Growth of the SEC Whistleblower Program

Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC whistleblower attorney at Labaton Sucharow, LLC has seen an increase of whistleblower participants, since 2012. He provides insight on the consistent growth of the SEC Whistleblower program and its impact on recent rulings for whistleblowers. Thomas has represented and is presently representing clients who provided inside tips to the SEC for corporations’ unethical securities practices. In June, the law firm announced a client was awarded $17 million for providing valid tips of a financial institution wrongdoings. It is one of multiple whistleblowing cases the firm’s clients were awarded monetary incentives from 2012 until 2016.


After carefully examining the steady increase of the U.S. SEC Whistleblower Program over the last five years, Thomas says the tips provided by whistleblowers have an impact on SEC rulings. Recent rulings in 2016 are favorable for the whistleblowers who are contributing to protecting consumers and national and international economies. According to Jordan, a fiscal report to Congress revealed the Office of the Whistleblower received approximately 4,000 tips in 2015, which is a 30 percent increase since 2012. Participants in the SEC Whistleblower Program are accountants, attorneys, officers, and other internal executives. Jordan Thomas also noticed a growth in the awareness of the program in the United States and over 60 foreign countries.


Various corporations believe the whistleblower program may cause frivolous claims of misconduct against innocent entities. Provisions in the SEC program clearly encourages internal employees to report wrongdoings to their superiors before filing a tip with the commission. Employees who are fearful of losing their jobs or unwanted harassment should seek legal advice and representation of a reputable SEC Whistleblower attorney. In a National Business Ethics Survey conducted by Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative estimated 92 percent of whistleblowers report misconduct to the employers first. Most of those reporters were ignored or retaliated against.


Labaton Sucharow LLC is a recognizable law firm practicing SEC Whistleblower international and national laws with offices in Delaware and New York. To learn about the whistleblower program, visit the firm’s SEC Whistleblower Advocate website. The site is filled with informative resources pertaining to the types of protection provided to whistleblowers before actually scheduling an appointment. Jordan A. Thomas has led the SEC Whistleblower team since the program was developed in 2011. He helped with the development process of the program while serving as Assistant Director and Litigation Counsel for SEC’s Enforcement Division.

EOS: A Lip Discovery

When the colder months approach, everything tends to get raw and dry- especially your lips. To ensure that won’t happen or be too brutal in the winter, you’ll want to find a reliable lip care product that will keep your lips soft and smooth all season long. While there are many brands to choose from such as the longtime brands, Chapstick or Blistex, you might want to go a more natural route. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, is a newer lip balm that is comparable in price and contains more natural ingredients as opposed to the classic medicate lip balm.

Evolution of Smooth not only contains natural ingredients, but it is packed with essential vitamins needed to provide those soft, silky lips. EOS is dermatologist tested and recommended, gluten-free and hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for nearly everyone! You can find EOS in so many different stores. From CVS to Target, from Ebay to Ulta, EOS can be found in so many places and average only three dollars per lip balm. They come in a cute little spherical pod and in assorted colors and flavors.

Buy purchasing EOS, you are finding the sure way to avoid dry, cracked lips in the winter. It can be brutal during the cold weather and you’ll want the most reliable option for keeping your lips soft and healthy all season. Don’t waste any time, though. You should stock up and start using now to avoid any discomfort. The cold weather approaches so fast, so get your hands on your favorite EOS flavor. Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ today!






Getting Energy Efficiency Through Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the better options out there if you are looking to save money on your electricity bill every single month. Lots of people are currently finding that by switching to Gooee’s Smart lighting, they are able to have greater control over the electricity in their house and this enables them to save a ton of money over the course of time. The way that smart lighting works for you is by enabling you to control your lights even if you are far away from the house. You can do this over a smart phone device or tablet depending on what you have at the current moment. It is as simple as downloading an app and pressing a button in order to turn lights on and off in your house.

You will also find that smart lighting is able to detect the current light situation in your room so that you can save money by not having a light on that does not need to be on. This means that if a room is very well lit from a window or from another light that is in there, the light fixture that is set with smart lighting will completely turn off and will not turn on again until the room is completely dark and light is needed. This is why so many homeowners have been choosing Gooee Smart Lighting for themselves with great success and are thrilled with what this technology can do for them and for their families.