Is Wen Right for Your Hair?

If you have ever suffered through a sleepless night watching  QVC infomercials, you are almost certainly familiar with Wen hair products by Chaz Dean, the deep-cleaning conditioner meant to replace your entire morning haircare routine. If you’ve seen these infomercials, you have almost certainly wondered about the efficacy of the product and how true-to life they are, or simply whether it would be appropriate for your hair type. Well, if you have fine hair like Emily McClure, her article on may help answer these questions for you!
Ms. McClure used Wen exclusively for a week and reported her results, with pictures! If you do not want to read the article, here is what she found:

When she used Wen, Ms. McClure’s hair had shine and volume comparable to a full shampoo, condition and style treatment. Not only did she notice this herself, but her hair’s shine was commented on by her friends! She even noticed that, after using Wen hair in the mornings, the shine and volume would continue into the night. These results were consistent, as long as she remembered to wash her hair in the morning, it would stay voluminous and bright throughout the day.

Wen advertises itself as being suitable for all types of hair, and this testimonial seems to back that up! The routine required by Wen might take some getting used to if you do not normally wash in the morning, but it seems to live up to its claims of being able to replace the entire daily routine that many people–men and women– go through to get their hair looking the way that they want it to. Whether your hair is fine or thick, greasy or dry, it can not hurt to give Wen a try, and doing so just may change the way you approach hair care

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IAP Continues Expansion

Ensuring the infrastructure, defense, and proper communications on Monster are in place at all times is extremely important for national and local governments, companies, and even individuals. While these are important, they are difficult to maintain on a regular basis. Those that are looking to either develop, expand, improve, or maintain their infrastructure, defense, and proper communications systems should consider outsourcing to a third-party provider.

One third-party provider that has a long and proven history of providing excellent service and top results is IAP Worldwide. IAP Worldwide is a company that has decades of experience in providing various consulting and management services to clients in a wide variety of industries. The company, which is based on Cape Canaveral, Florida, was first founded in a small office 60 years ago, but has grown tremendously. The company today employs over 2,000 people across the globe. They currently have a footprint of clients located in almost every state across the United States and 20 different countries located across the world.

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IAP has excelled in providing services to the government and individual businesses in a number of different realms. One of their focuses has been on providing services to the national government. Some of the areas that IAP Worldiwde have provided services to the government have included developing and planning airfield, hospitals, and national highway systems. They have also helped to better plan and update electrical grids and other communications systems, including both for enhancing telecommunications as well as Internet systems across the country. These services have helped to keep all citizens connected and provided with the most recent technology possible.

While IAP Worldwide already has a strong footprint across the United States and the rest of the world, it appears that they are poised for further expansion. The company recently announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies, a company that is located in Oklahoma City, OK and the acquisition of Tactical Communications and Network. These acquisitions will continue to build IAP’s footprint across the country and will give a significant boost to the company’s technology and communications divisions. The company considered both acquisitions strong strategic moves as they look to further expand to provide better service to their customers.

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All You Need to Know About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The foundation is based in New York City, and it was launched in 2005 by the lawyer. Halvorssen parents were Norwegian and Venezuelan. Thor was born and raised in a town known as Caracas and he speaks American English. His paternal grandfather was a Norwegian King during the Second World War. His mother is also a descendant of the president of Venezuela, known as Crisobal Mendoza.

Thor Halvorssen is respected for his knowledge in human rights. He has fought for the rights of people in different parts of the world, including his own country. While he was working in Venezuela as a drug czar, Thor was able to expose the corruption that was taking place in the government. However, this exposure made his father to be tortured in a prison in Caracas. A contributor for the Huffington Post, Halvorssen also lost his mother after she was shot during an anti- Hugo Chavez demonstration. One of his cousins is also serving his time in prison in Venezuela after challenging the Chavista regime.

Thor is quite different from the other individuals in the human rights docket. Most of them spend their time stereotyping their sad sack. He rarely spends his time talking about the sour world we are living in or the evils in the American hegemony. He doesn’t behave like his colleagues who pretend to hate people but love humanity.

The re-owned lawyer loves people. Most of the people he loves are the defectors, dissidents, the freedom trouble makers and those who like throwing blows to the authorities while ensuring that they fight for the tyranny.

Thor appointed Václav Havel to serve as the chairman of Human Rights Foundation up to 2011 when he died. After Havel’s death, Thor appointed Garry Kasparov from Russia. Garry is a well- known political activist and Russian chess master. Although the title is not too ceremonial, most of the individuals appointed were carried away after being beaten by the police during the protests.

In his position, Thor Halvorssen has also had a rough time. He has had his share of problems. He was once arrested and detained by the Vietnamese police when travelling to Ho Chi Minh City for an interview.

JustFab Ready to Go Public

In a recent article in the LA Times, JustFab is featured as they are a start-up doing so well that they are ready to go public. In the world of e-commerce, the fact that they are ready to make this big step shows how successful they are.

JustFab, the California-based subscription clothing service, has made a name for itself sending its now 4 million members different shoes, handbags, and clothing of their choosing. Over the years, JustFab has acquired exclusive brands like Shoe Dazzle and Fabletics. The model of the subscription based clothing service is that members are only billed for the box of goods and what they choose to keep.

Many start ups are not as popular, but Just Fab keeps gaining steam. Some start ups have laid off employees and others have reported losses or even closed their doors. JustFab reported their first major profits in the first quarter of 2016.

If Just Fab stays on this track, they could make an upwards of 650 million, which is an increase of 505 million from the previous year. Adam Goldberg, co-founder, says the company is ready to take it to the next level. Some changes include a name change to be revealed in August, and the addition of Todd Tappin, who is known for taking companies public. Goldenberg says the company is headed towards IPO status, but he won’t respond as to when.

Goldenberg tried to make himself set apart from the rest of the companies. He constantly worked towards innovating the services, bringing new brands, and upgrading the membership services. JustFab has improved the customer experience and worked hard to stay ahead of the trend.

JustFab is a subscription based clothing service where members get special access to discounts and deals. They have access to the whole clothing line and special previews. Members sign up and take a personalized survey to help the site tailor the clothes to their style.

This company allows customers to choose if they will buy items or adjust membership as needed. The wide variety of clothes and brands is what has kept JustFab ahead of the game and still growing.

Wen by Chen Gets Good Report for All-In-One Hair Care Product

The market is literally inundated with hair care products, promising magic and beauty in moments. Now what if a reporter of a story personally evaluated one of these products? What if that individual would compile daily reports of the results, complete with pictures? This is exactly what happened when a reporter from Bustle decided to report on one of these products,

That product is the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner, promising to deliver cleaner, shiny and thicker full hair, especially designed for those with thin hair. The woman reporting the story even took pictures every day, including one before she even began using the product.

The Wen by Chaz Dean line is not unknown, it is in fact a quite famous and popular long running line of hair care and beauty products. Not unlike many of these types of products, Wen by Chaz is that combination product, a all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and in this case styling treatment.

The line of product the writer chose was called the “Fig” version, promising shine, bounce and moisture. The results were impressive, and watching (literally, via the photos) the progress and change of her hair condition was eye opening. The writer herself was obviously pleased with the results, and declared the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner to be, “…great”.

The only potential consideration was the expected issue of such soft and shiny hair holding a curl as effectively, aside from that one concern it seems this product is a winner. The only other noteworthy point from the writer’s view was that this product needed to be used appropriately, so a less motivated person might prefer a different product for daily use. That’s hardly criticism, in any event this is just another product that speaks as to why Wen by Chaz continues to find success, and brings smiles to many consumers – and some good looking hair too. Wen hair products are Sephora available and can be ordered online via Amazon.

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Investment Lessons To Consider Before Investing In Brazil by Igor Cornelsen

Investing is a long-term bid for investors which involves risks but with the probability to gain significantly. On the other hand, if you are the type of investor who want to play with the market through speculation it will be hard for you to find success. According to Igor Cornelsen, most investments are not suitable for speculation and the current perception that you can play with the stocks to gain is one Cornelsen calls “pretty ridiculous.”

Igor Cornelsen is a long term investor who plays the game of investment to make profits that last a lifetime. According to Cornelsen, investing is a career move something you should be prepared to do for many decades if you are a person looking for legitimate returns that can last. It is possible to get returns that go up to 500 percent when you are committed to playing the game for life. The stock market is not a place where you make quick cash and get away from it; it is a place where you invest your money intelligently to get returns that will shape your entire life.

The strategy is to make many small investments and not a large one. It is usually another mistake new investors make because they want to get big returns. It is a fundamental rule to refrain from committing to one particular stock. When you commit your money to many investments, you limit the extent of the losses you potentially take. Also, there is a higher chance you may get successful with some of the investments.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

This theory of investment can be applied by the Brazilian banks who are experiencing hard economic times since Dilma Rousseff started implementing her populist policies. Igor Cornelsen believes that the secret to survive in the market lies with having the knowledge about the market, and the right experience during the turbulent years. The reason private bankers have not been affected greatly by the environment is the fact that they lend to borrowers who are worthy of the credit. This strategy has helped them to streamline costs and improve a sense of security going forward.

Regarding the country’s development, this is a challenge, but it is the responsibility of the Brazilian government to make the investors feel secure and instill more market-oriented reforms. Brazil has good opportunities for investors and all the government need to do is provide the appropriate climate for investors to thrive. Before an investor considers to invest in Brazil, it is important to take note of the basics of Brazilian banking. Some of the basics include; take note of the ten major players in the banking industry, monitor the real value of the currency, and pay attention to China.

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